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Artichokes and Hydrangeas

 As noisy as the internet has become these days, it’s always a breath of fresh air to come across a blog that is a quiet spot of inspiration.

Pansies and the Spring Table

 Beautiful photos and even better ideas have kept us glued to our screen and coming back daily to Stone Gable.

Farmhouse Kitchen

From gardening to recipes, tabletop decor to DIY, and, of course, photographing her own lovely home, Yvonne’s blog offers up inspiration every day. Is there anything better than a farmhouse sink full of fresh white flowers? (Well, maybe the smells that are always coming out of Yvonne’s fabulous kitchen!)

Vintage Summer Bench

 We are so enamored of her American farmhouse lifestyle, and Yvonne is one of those women that embraces every aspect of her idyllic world. We feel lucky that she takes the time to share her pink peonies and vintage summer benches with us!

Summer Porch Plantings

 From tutorials and how-to articles on refreshing your home and garden for every season, 

The Potting Table

 To tips for organizing everything from your monthly bills to your potting table,


To her so delicious and so lovely desserts that we wish we could reach through the computer screen and taste, 

Key Lime Mini Desserts

 Yvonne is always serving up something amazing at Stone Gable!

Caprese Tower

 We especially love hearing what’s fresh on her farm and how she’s utilizing it. 

Pansy Shortbread Cookies

From salads to shortbread cookies to organizational strategies that make life a little simpler, we are always finding something delicious at Stone Gable! If you don’t already, make a point to stop by! 

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Things We Love: Concrete Sinks

Joseph Dirand Architect

Abaton Architecture
It doesn’t sound altogether glamorous, does it?

Generally reserved for driveways and sidewalks, we don’t think of it as something that could be fabulous indoors.

Taverne Agency
But we are loving the look of concrete sinks.

A cast concrete basin is chicly modern without being too sparse.

Stellan Herner Photography
The imperfect finish of a concrete sink gives a look of age while still being interesting.

m.elle design
A concrete sink pairs beautifully with wood for a rustic, outdoorsy feel.

Some are super smooth, but we think we prefer the texture of this more unfinished concrete.

Skona Hem
One of our favorite things about concrete sinks is their fabulous range of earth tones. 
Carrie Shuller
From tans to grays to shades of white, finding the perfect color is easy.
Cote Sud
And, while we love a down-to-earth look, a concrete sink can be the ideal piece in a more glamorous bath as well.
A concrete sink is great against any wall, but we like it most against four walls of concrete. The feeling is streamlined, simple, sublime…
What’s better than a concrete sink? A concrete farmhouse sink. What a fabulous look!
Would you use a concrete sink in your home?
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House Tour:Belk Farm

Do you ever just have one of those days? I mean, of course you do. Well, WE had one of those days yesterday in a big way. It started with a rather large check being sent to the wrong address and being deposited by some random stranger and ended with… Deleting the last 100 comments on our blog. That’s sad because we love y’all and all your sweet words make our day! Fortunately, we did realize that they are all in our email so your giveaway entries are saved! Shew! But, if you haven’t entered to win $100 REJUVENATION GIFT CARD, don’t forget to do it! (Click here for rules.)
On to the real news of the day… This awesome Belk Farm tour. 
My hubby Will sent this to me via Garden and Gun, and I totally fell in love.
We love the simplicity of this kitchen. The open shelves, the simple, white china…

The island that can easily seat a large family for casual dining.
But, then again, what’s a farmhouse without a farm table? We think the tolix barstools and chairs add continuity here.
This simple flax bedding is perfect for the farm. No muss, no fuss and looks even better with a hint of a wrinkle.
No farmhouse would be complete without a few animals. These goats are adorable! Plus, we love the idea of a bunch of little ones brushing their teeth side-by-side before running to play in the great outdoors.
The crispness of these white towels against the rustic dark of the wood is truly one of those pleasures in life that take your breath away with their utter simplicity.
We’re sure we’ve mentioned how much we’d like to have our very own chicken coop. Plus, you can’t get up with the rooster if you can’t hear it crow!
This is so picturesque. Talk about the perfect place to watch your corn pop up in rows!
What a magnificent view! Add a cup of hot tea, a good friend and some sweet little ones splashing around and this is the perfect day. Oh, goodness. Give us the simple life…
What’s your idea of the perfect retreat?

Source: Garden and Gun

House Tour: Farmhouse Restoration

     If you follow our blog, you know we are restoring a home in Beaufort, NC. It is our love of historic homes that makes us so excited about this Southern Living Ideahouse. A far departure from the usual, brand new construction we see in ideahouses, this was a renovation of the historic kind. Did we mention it’s a farmhouse? Is there anything better than that? It’s modern yet classic, clean and streamlined yet undeniably charming. It combines the best of both worlds, a perfect representation of the new old house. We hope you enjoy touring this beautiful home as much as we did!

Doesn’t this make you want to ditch city life a la Green Acres? We hope your Wednesday is full of fresh air, sunshine and plenty of green! Thanks for sharing part of your day with us!

Source: Southern Living


In Good Taste: Windsor Smith Design

Windsor Smith says her design style is influenced by a desire to have “a life filled with color, texture, style and purpose.”
A quick glance around any of her jaw-dropping rooms would show that she has succeeded in sharing that dream with her lucky clients.
A mix of old and new.

The strictly artistic blended with the highly functional…
define an aesthetic that is chic, eclectic, and, most of all, livable.
Windsor Smith strives to create spaces that accommodate her clients’ lives.
We’re pretty sure we could truly live in any of these spaces.
Stunning spaces that don’t feel like a museum?
Fabulous style that isn’t afraid to get it’s hands dirty?
Now, that’s in good taste.


The Best of 2012

best posts of 2012
Maybe we’re a week late, but we thought we’d take a moment to revisit some of our most-pinned Pinterest images from 2012. If they were great once, we thought it might be fun to see them all in the same place, all over again! We hope you enjoy!
Fittingly, some of our most popular pictures of 2012, were on white clapboard houses in the year when we bought our own white clapboard house in Beaufort!
best posts of 2012


Along that same vein, all of you were just as taken as we were with these adorable cozy cottages. It’s like Hansel and Gretel — without the witch.


best posts of 2012


It’s no surprise that burlap drapes were a hit. Doesn’t this look like the most inviting spot to get a little work done?
best posts of 2012


A perfect spread for a perfect meal. The botanical prints are the icing on the cake!


best posts of 2012
Who wouldn’t love a clean and simple butler’s pantry like this one?
best posts of 2012
Or a sparkling, elegant butler’s pantry like this?


Hands down, these out-of-this-world farmhouse sinks were a Design Chic favorite of 2012.
A farmhouse sink is so incredibly charming!


Eat-in kitchens are a great way for the family to get together.
We love the jar of starfish on the table in this eat-in kitchen.
A beautiful coffered ceiling makes such a statement!
The detail in this coffered ceiling is amazing!
We don’t know if our laundry rooms could EVER be this organized… But we’re working on it!
Historic shore decor can take many different forms.
We just love them all!
We hope our new living room feels a little something like this!
We think Joy Tribout has great taste and all of you agreed!
There’s no better way to spend a day than with a little beach house dreaming
So, there it is, the year’s most-pinned pictures in a nutshell. If you’re new to the blog, that was sort of like watching the highlight reel from the past season. Thanks to all our readers, old and new, for making 2012 so much fun. We hope that 2013 will be just as beautiful! 


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