A New View

New England Home
A child’s bedroom, a room with a view, a ship’s hull, perhaps? Wherever there is a round window, a new perspective is sure to follow.  Decorative or plain, paned or not, we think each of these round windows makes quite the statement.
Vintage Home

Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss

Randall Powers Design

Birch and Lily


Design Traveller

Diamond Baratta Design

Frank Roop Design

Lisa Vandenburgh Ltd

McGill Design Group

Life of Polarn Per
We would like to send a big “thank you” to all the men and women around the world who fight for our freedom–especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice–and the families who support them. We are remembering and celebrating you today! Now, the view from my round window is telling me the ocean is calm and the beach is beautiful. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Lean on me…

A mirror leaned up against a wall can serve a variety of wonderful purposes: it makes a room look bigger, doesn’t create any extra holes in the plaster, and, best of all, makes you look thinner! We love these examples of how a leaning mirror can be oh-so-chic and might even implement the suggestion ourselves to make it seem like those holiday pounds never happened… Happy Monday!


Inspired Design

M. Group Design

Bits of Lovely

Kemble Interiors

Dave Coote Interiors
hopscotch and grace

Frank Roop Design
Paul Corrie Design

Design Chic

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Design Chic

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