Monday Musings: Restoration Hardware

 Has the big, fat Spring Restoration Hardware sourcebook landed on your doorstep yet? It was a total surprise for us, but we had so much fun looking at it we sort of felt like we were flipping through our much-anticipated September Vogue. The theme “big style, small spaces” was so cool, and we couldn’t agree more that, yes, the world is getting smaller. How else could we be talking to you super fun people all over the world right now? 
 The Paris pied-a-terre was our favorite, but that’s really just because we’re so partial to French furniture. It was glamorous without feeling too formal or stuffy. It felt like the perfect weekend jaunt… Supposing, of course that we lived close enough to Paris to dash off to it every now and then.
 These rope fixtures are on the top of our favorites list. They’d be great in a beach house, but I don’t think they’re necessarily nautical. I sort of want one in my kitchen. It has a French Country feel to me.
 I don’t think this massive tufted couch really goes along with the “small spaces” category, but isn’t it fabulous? No one would be fighting over who got the chaise! These bird cage chandeliers are also a cool concept, but I’m not sure either of us have the right spot for one. Pretty to look at, though!
 We are huge fans of French furniture, but sometimes it’s just too much. We like the feel of this furniture because it has those great lines but still feels casual enough for every day living. This line could slip right into a sunroom or vacation home no problem.
 Our favorite thing about the Restoration Hardware books was that there were so many things that were just super cool. We love elements in a room that are unexpected, and we think these resin antlers would be such a fabulous contrast hanging right over that french piece above.
 Will and I are wanting to spruce up our patio now that it’s getting warm, and this picture was such an inspiration. We want to have somewhere comfortable and cozy where all our friends can gather for drinks and chat. This fire pit is so sleek and modern. Super stylish!
I saw these trunks in a Restoration Hardware store the other day, and I really wanted to buy one. The polished aluminum feels new, modern and fresh in contrast to the leather and wood accents. So fun! 
We adore all the vintage farm tables. These chairs are great too. We’ll take it all! 
We hope you all have a wonderful day with some extra time to flip through your new sourcebook!

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Things We Love: French Chairs

The perfect test score. The ultimate birthday. The number of blog posts we’ve done! One hundred really is a great number. Thanks to our “virtual friends” from all over the world for being so wonderful and supportive. We are inspired every day by your ingenious ideas, witty remarks and — most importantly — gorgeous taste. Here’s to 100 more!

To mark this milestone, we decided to carry on our “Things We Love” category with the thing that, perhaps, we love the most: French chairs. Any room, any style, any time, they just work. This room from Design Traveller is an example of juxtaposition at its finest. Distressed pieces and gilded pieces blend together seamlessly to create not just a look, but, what we believe is the ultimate goal in any room: a feel.
These two classic bathrooms, the top from My Ideal Home and the bottom from Designer Amy D. Morris, are places we’d like to linger.

What a sweet, perfect, divine nursery from Decorpad — especially if the sex of the baby is a surprise. It is so simple, but the chandelier and the bergere chair add a touch of elegance.

Neutral colors with a splash of yellow, like these rooms from Sue Burgess Interiors are one of our favorite combinations…

As is the French/rattan combo, like this from Robin Bell Interiors.

French chairs for lounging and a mirrored vanity? I’m so redoing my bathroom…

This big, roomy chair from Dream a Little Dream, looks a bit comfier than the one I’m sitting in right now… And the view out the window makes it seem like this desk is the perfect place to work a little or — well — dream a little dream!

No one does French more masterfully than Charles Faudree. Case in point.

Upholstered French chairs in the dining room feel so cozy and comfortable to me. Wood can be beautiful, but sometimes it looks harsh — and, after a five-course meal, can cause serious back pain! This set from Everything Fabulous is so inviting.

When I see a gorgeous antique pair like these from Living Inside I always wonder who was sitting in them several centuries ago. Was Marie Antoinette lounging in her crinoline in a chair like this one? Who knows.

Books, flowers, a French chair… It’s almost too good, Ryan Korban.

One of our favorite things about French chairs is that, contrary to popular belief, they don’t have to be fussy. This hot pink fabric and imperfect paint from Polly Wreford Photography is so casually chic without being overdone at all.

Thanks again for all your support, and we’d like to apologize for a few technical difficulties that put us a little behind this week. We’re back in action!

Things We Love: Settees

Amie Corley Design
Casual or formal, gilded or whitewashed, upholstered or cane. When it comes to settees, we aren’t particular. In any room, nook or cranny, from the oversized to the teeny tiny, it seems that there is a perfect settee for every spot.

We are obsessed with everything that Amie Corley Design has done in this first space: the alligator, the flokati, the coral, the books, the lucite, and, of course, the settee complete with those super-fun pillows. An area that many might have ignored becomes a gorgeous sitting area with a few fabulous touches.
Hopscotch and Grace
A splash of hot pink and flowers adds whimsy to this traditional frame. Thanks to Hopscotch and Grace for the photo!
James Michael Howard
Love the weathered paint, the starburst mirror, and, of course, James Michael Howard for putting it all together.
Design Addict Mom
Isn’t this painting, from Design Addict Mom, awesome?
The Townhouse
Virginia MacDonald Photography
This photo by Virginia MacDonald proves that, when it comes to settees, the old can be reinvented in unexpected ways. What a fun way to recycle!
Vintage Home
A more casual look from Vintage Home
Traditional Home

And a much more formal one from Traditional Home.

The Decorista
This chic look from The Decorista is perhaps our favorite. The flax color is calming and complements the details of the wood perfectly.

Everything Fabulous
Fabulous cane backing from Everything Fabulous.

Victoria Neale Interiors

I sometimes think of settees as being a little stuffy, but this one, from Victoria Neale Interiors, looks like you could just plop down and take a nap.
Happy 2011, everyone! We hope the first Monday of the New Year is a great one!

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