Things We Love: Circles in Decor




Maybe it’s because they symbolize wholeness and completion (Isn’t that, after all, what we’re all striving for in our homes?) but we think circles in design are a a beautiful thing. 
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle
This decorative mirrored panel is such a light-filled alternative to glass-front cabinets for anyone who wants a kitchen style a little less ordinary — or for anyone who can’t keep their cabinets organized enough for glass fronts…
Eric Henderson Design
The sides of these chairs have such an openness about them.
Brendan Kwinter-Schwartz Design
LOVE this light fixture!
Kathleen Hay Designs
A mirror does look a little snazzier when it gets all dolled up.
Kathleen Hay Designs
The repetition of the circles in the chairs and over the mantle gives this room a sense of balance and completion. The whole thing is so soothing and uncluttered.
If you’re going to see the back or sides of a chair it’s so nice when they’re pretty!
Annie Selke Designer
This pair of coffee tables is a great concept. It really connects the seating areas.
Domino Magazine
This sideboard is such a fabulous focal point!
Herlong Architects
What do you think about circles in design? Do you have any in your home? 
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In Good Taste: Herlong Architects

Today we’re featuring the amazing work of the very talented Herlong Architects. I think you’ll agree that everything they do is in good taste.

Gorgeous, gorgeous great room. Don’t you love the detail on those mirrored cabinets?
If there’s one thing Herlong Architects never neglects, it’s the ceiling. 
Another fabulous ceiling.
Um, at the risk of sounding repetitive, don’t you just love that ceiling? We’re really into the cabinet color too.
These light fixtures are AMAZING! 
Check out those fans on the ceiling. I don’t know whose idea that was, but it’s so smart, in addition to be aesthetically appealing.
It can be tough to keep a hallway this long from looking bo-ring! Herlong Architects makes it look like a breeze.
Like being on a vintage yacht. So beautiful.
Let’s see. Love the: floors, runner, ceiling, paneling, blue color… It’s kind of hard to pick out anything about this space that we don’t like!
Ahhhh, white marble. Is there anything more classic? 
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Things We Love: Barrel Ceilings

Lee Ledbetter Architect
Nothing adds drama and glamour to a room like an extraordinarily tall ceiling. 


Things We Love: Blue Ceilings

Sophie Munro Photographer via Coastal Living

 The lovely and talented Sarah Richardson says that she hates white ceilings and does most anything to avoid them. Well, that’s not good news for my house because, in general, the ceilings are white, white, white. While creating a playroom for our new baby boy, though, we’re taking Sarah’s advice into consideration and going with a blue ceiling. Now to find that perfect shade… We’re crossing our fingers that these beautiful photos will get us started. Hope you enjoy!

Conceptual Kitchen and Millwork
We love this gray/blue shade, but every time we’ve attempted this one it comes out looking way too blue. Anyone know of a perfect grue? Yup. That’s gray and blue mashed together. Kind of like Brangelina. It also means “to shudder” if you’re studying for the SAT. We, thank heaven, are not.

Design Traveller


Ruthie Sommers Design

LOVE the striped walls, which is giving me another playroom idea… 

This Photographer’s Life

Herlong Architects

Isn’t this ceiling beautiful?

Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss

Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss
A tour guide in Charleston told me that painting your porch ceiling blue keeps the bugs away. Ours was blue in our old house in New Bern, and I actually think it helped!
Herlong Architects
Or maybe it was the ceiling fans that kept the bugs away. Either way, only steps from the river we had very little insect traffic.
This Photographer’s Life 

Country Living Magazine

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday and are getting back into the swing of things. It will be summer before we know it!


Things We Love: Sailboats

Lisa Creegan

The hottest part of the summer is over (well, theoretically…) here in N.C., which means that it is the perfect time to start sailing! But even if you don’t know your port from your starboard, you can still give your home a little nautical touch. We love decorating with sailboats, especially in a house near the water. Even if you don’t live by the sea, a sailboat can be the perfect masculine touch for a room and adds fantastic three-dimensional punch to a wall or mantle. We think these designers would agree!

Lisa Creegan
                            Interior of one of The Cottages at Cabot Cove.
Susan Lovelace

Phoebe Howard

Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat

Phoebe Howard Design
Herlong Architects
Design Chic

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