Things We Love: Balloon Vases

We love any sort of artful contrast in a room, and balloon vases are a perfect way to achieve that balance between playful and elegant. Their delicate arches and generally less-than-perfectly-clear colors give them an antique feel that can spice up any surface — plus, they’re great filled with flowers or all on their own. Palm fronds, fun branches or even beautiful, sophisticated lilies and hydrangeas give these balloon vases a totally different look in every room. Personally, we’ve always loved them best in a beach house but were pleasantly surprised at how fabulous they look in even the most formal spaces pictured below. We hope you enjoy these images as much as we did!

Southern Living

Peter Dunham Design

Phoebe Howard Design
Robert A.M. Stern

Phoebe Howard Design

Traditional Home

Thomas Pheasant Design

William Hodgins Design

Jessica Helgerson Design

Elle Interior

Things We Love: Porch Swings

House Beautiful

There are some days that are made for porch sitting. Whether the weather is beautiful or, like here, it’s pouring rain, there is nothing better than a warm cup of tea, a good book and a comfy porch swing to enjoy them in. Toss in a few coordinating pillows and some snazzy furniture, and you’ve got an outdoor space perfect for resting, daydreaming, or reading poetry and pretending you’re Allie from The Notebook… (Maybe that’s just me!)

My husband suggested that today’s post be entitled: Things We Love: Roofs that Don’t Leak. On that note, I’m going to go chat with the roofer about our (not-so-fun) rainy-day surprise! Whether it’s raining or shining where you are, we hope these images make your evening a little brighter!

A Life’s Design

Haskell Harris

J Savage Gibson for Coastal Living

John O’Hagan Photography

Country Living

Don Freeman via House Beautiful

Atlanta House and Home

Things We Love: Bamboo Chandeliers

Massucco Warner Miller Interior

In doing a little research for the perfect chandelier for my kitchen, we came across more than a few fabulous options. But the hands-down winner for style: bamboo, bamboo, bamboo. So, yes, maybe it’s a theme with us here lately, but nothing makes a ceiling pop more than an uber-chic bamboo chandelier. And, somehow, whether you have a formal space or a more casual one, these lovely lights seem to make the right statement. Versatility is the best, especially if you might be moving soon. Trust me on this one…

The Bamboo Chandelier from Gump’s is a great find and comes in a fun green. The Meurice 30 Light Chandelier is another favorite that proves, yet again, something we all know by now: that Jonathan Adler knows what he’s doing! If you’re looking for something a little more budget friendly, the Tropically Modern Bamboo Chandelier is cute as a button.

We hope you enjoy these gorgeous photos as much as we did!

Lonny Magazine
Fashion designer Keni Valenti’s Miami Beach Home as photographed for Elle Decor

Jill Johnson Design

Amanda Nesbit
Jill Johnson

House Beautiful


House Beautiful


Things We Love: Seashells

In general, we’re big fans of any way that we can bring the outdoors in. Beach house or not, seashells can add a punch to any decor. From the den to the bath to that fabulous outdoor space, we love the way that these designers incorporated the shore into every room.

The shell centerpiece in this room, designed by Mary MacDonald becomes a beautiful focal point.

A single shell makes a perfect centerpiece in this outdoor space, designed by Robert A.M. Stern and featured in Architectural Digest.

Designer Seth Anderson uses coral in this tone-on-tone room, also featured in Architectural Digest.

Designer Annette Hannon uses shells to set this table setting apart. This photo is from Home and Design Magazine.

Phoebe Howard uses starfish and coral to add dimension and flair to the built-ins in this dining room.

Peter Vitale photographed this great use of seashells for Veranda.

This outdoor area screams for shells, and designer Michael Ruegamer delivers. This space was photographed for Architectural Digest.

Paolo Moschino uses a shell for a soap dish in this bathroom, featured in House Beautiful.

Rich fabrics, luxurious stone and gilded accessories contrast the shells in this room impeccably. We love Joan Bobbit’s unexpected use of these elements together, as photographed for Southern Accents.

Okay, so ideally we would all comb the beach and find exactly the perfect shell. Realistically, though, that is nearly impossible. Buying them might be a little like cheating, but sometimes there’s no other option. We like this Pink Murex Seashell, Large Conus Litteratus Seashell and White Coral.  If you’re in the market for starfish, this Package of 30 Real Starfish is a bargain and as real as if you found each one yourself!

Things We Love: Hats

We love a perfectly put together room as much as the next person, but there is something so charming about a special touch that makes it look lived in. Hats can be such an attractive — and functional — addition to the decor of any room.

Sarah Richardson, for example, in her country home, featured on her HGTV show Sarah’s house, uses hats to frame this beautiful space. Plus, if you’re running out to work in the garden, you can easily grab a hat to shade your face.


These hats and straw bags, photographed by William Waldron for Country Living, add a welcoming touch to the area outside this back door.
Things We Love hats

For a rustic, manly touch in this decor, pictured in House Beautiful, hats add the perfect dimension.Who needs a painting or poster when you can decorate with hats? Marina Faust photographed these hats for Architectural Digest

Want to create your own hat display? We love this floppy hat with chinguard,beach sun floppy hat, Cecil Straw Lifeguard Beach Hat and Linen Cloche Flip Bucket Hat. Plus, any of these fabulous hats are perfect for an afternoon of gardening or a day at the beach!

hats southern accents

One well-placed hat in this beautiful room featured in Southern Accents gives this bedroom the perfect finishing touch.

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