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We love starting off our Tuesday with good taste. We know you agree! And, today, we have the pleasure of sharing the gorgeously good taste of Julie Hillman

ingt jullie hillman

This designer’s modern eclectic style is eye-catching and super chic, combining antique and modern pieces to suit the needs of every client. 


Monday Musing: Honed Marble

Peacock Kitchens
We’re finally only weeks away from finishing the Beaufort house. 
de Giulio Kitchens
So, it was time to pick kitchen countertops!
CJB Design
If you’ve ever been to a stoneyard, you know that slab after slab after slab of stone can get a little overwhelming.
Pacific Peninsula Group
Fortunately, we only had to look at one.
O’Brien Harris Design
When it comes to a clean, classic elegance that never gets old, white marble is the way to go.
Susan Gilmore Photography
While the shiny stuff can stain, stain, stain, a honed surface can be sealed to prevent those red wine spills and grape juice rings from becoming a part of your kitchen history.
St. Charles of New York
Lines and etches can still happen, but they’re less obvious.
Design Friend
Plus, it’s an old house. 
Cote de Texas
A well-worn, oft-used countertop fits right in.
Phoebe Howard Design
We went with a clean, straight edge like this.
Lauren Nelson Design
A rounded, ogee edge like this is sophisticated and chic.
Kate Davidson Design
But for that laid back feel we were striving for, we think something more casual was perfect.
Loi Thai – Tone on Tone Antiques 
It’s no coincidence that Mom’s design style obsession, Loi Thai, has honed marble in his fabulous kitchen…
Tina – The Enchanted Home
The lovely and talented Tina from the Enchanted Home has marble in her kitchen too.

                                                                  Windsor Smith Design

Do we get a marble farm sink too? A girl can dream… 
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