We have Boston on the brain today, and we’re sure all of you do, as well. We are thinking of all the marathoners, families and Bostonians who were affected by the bombing and hope that all is well with all of you!
On a brighter Boston note, there are so many beautiful things in that great city.
Faneuil Hall… Boston Common… And, of course, the gorgeous work of Gerald Pomeroy Design Group.
One of the things we love most about these interiors is the collected look of the rooms, as if each piece was purchased over time and landed organically in just the right spot.
And that’s what we’re all trying to achieve in our homes, right?
A mix of antique and new, 
And always full of light,

Gerald Pomeroy Design is marked by beautiful details that stand the test of time.

The layered look of Gerald Pomeroy Design,

Where the eye is continuously drawn to something new, is one of the reasons we think this designer’s work is in good taste.
Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday! Thanks, as always for visiting us.

In Good Taste: Richard Hallberg Design

Like great writers, musicians, composers and artists, so many great designers have such a flair that their work is immediately identifiable. Richard Hallberg is one of those rare designers whose work varies to suit the needs of a client but still maintains that signature flair that is all his own. Looking at these fabulous photos, we think you’ll agree that Richard Hallberg’s work is in good taste.

We hope you all have a wonderful afternoon. Thanks for stopping by!


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Design Chic

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