Raising the Bar

Harry Braswell, Inc.
Accessorizing the kitchen can be so much fun!
Amy Aidinis Hisch Design
Lighting, vases, baskets, bowls, china…
Pricey Pads
It all comes together to create the perfect feel for the heart of the home.
Kitchens by Deane
When it comes to accessorizing, barstools are one element that have the potential to make a huge statement.
Kitchens by Deane
Modern and sleek, these stools create stunning contrast in the bar.
We love the look of lucite, especially under a smaller bar, because it blends right in, almost fading away to create continuity.
Caden Design Group
Traditional stools are always a great choice,
Lynne Scalo Design
but we’re partial to something a little funkier — like these chrome and lucite seats.

Papyrus Home Designs
A shot of industrial chic is always cool, especially when paired with the perfect pendant.

Kay Douglass Design

A two-sided bar is super fab, and luscious white leather ups the ante. 
1st Dibs
We’re busy finding the perfect stool for the Beaufort house. If money were no object, we choose you, one-of-a-kind, 1st Dibs pieces, for your incredible blend of metal, cloth and lucite.
Happy Monday, friends! We hope it’s a great start to the week!


In Good Taste: Kay Douglass

When we saw this gorgeous driftwood ball, an earthy yet sophisticated statement maker, we knew we had found the inspiration for our Beaufort living room.
But Kay Douglass’s beautiful choices go far beyond driftwood.
Her use of wood ceilings, even in super-sleek kitchens like this one, is a defining, ultra-charming factor in many of her designs.
From blue and white with a twist,
to bright and modern orange and lacquer,
to fabulous abstract focal points,
Kay Douglass’s laid-back but sophisticated style always makes a statement.
Whether neutral and earthy
or bright and sophisticated, Kay Douglass’s designs are always in good taste.

We’re remembering all of those who lost their lives eleven years ago today and all the men and women who have continued to fight for our freedom and safety ever since. God bless the USA!


Things We Love: Painted Paneling

Dresser Homes
Nothing adds that infusion of laid-back, casual style like painted paneling.
Heather Bullard Photography
It is that spot of well-worn, “Oh, I’ve been here before” wisdom that can define an old home and make a new one feel seasoned.
Jessica Glynn Photography
It’s that touch of dimension and texture that makes a plain, white wall feel anything but boring.
Gianetti Home
It’s a simple way to give an infusion of style to those small spaces without making them seem overwhelming.
Matthew Sapera Design
Of course, we probably don’t even need to tell you that we love it most in a beach house.
Coastal Living
Even if you don’t have one of those great, old cottages with original, breathable tongue and groove, it makes it feel that way.
Kay Douglass Design Atlanta Homes Magazine
I’ve just realized that this post is supposed to be on painted paneling in general… It seems we might have a penchant for white. What a surprise!
White painted paneling is such a pretty contrast to a dark table and floors. 
Tracery Interiors
Plus, it just makes everything feel light, open and airy.
And, when you get right down to it, we can’t really think of a better way to feel!
Oh my goodness… Is it Thursday already? Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?!


Things We Love: Oars

It’s always fun to find unique ways to spice up your decor. And, while you might think of oars as just what you use to paddle a boat, they can also be a whimsical way to add interest to any space.

These two beautiful water views are accented by the oars leaned casually in the corner. The first photo was featured in Coastal Living and the second is designer Lynn Morgan’s river view as photographed for New York Spaces.

Anything three-dimensional on a wall is instantly eye catching. In this seaside home, featured in Coastal Living, designer Kay Douglass ditches the typical painting or mirror that would hang over the couch in favor of oars.

This outdoor shower, pictured in Coastal Living gets not only a dimensional kick but also a punch of color from oars.

Also in Coastal Living, these beachcombers can be ready for a paddle at a moment’s notice and give their porch a punch of color with this red oar.

Oars are also the perfect thing to hang in difficult-to-decorate spaces. In the first room, featured in Veranda, designer Kay Hutchinson creates a focal point by hanging oars above the doorway. The home of American painter John Dowd, as pictured in Elle Decor, also has an oar hanging in the stairwell.

If you think an oar could be just the thing to spice up your space, we love this Caviness Basswood Oar.

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