Things We Love: Sailor’s Knot

S.R.Gambrel Design
Make a bight and fold it into two loops… 
Coco Pearl
Who knew that those few words could be the start of some really great home decorating ideas?
Eric Piasecki Photography
One of the best parts of any beach house is what lies outside the door: great adventure on the water!
1st Option
Usually when we think of bringing the outdoors in for coastal decorating style, we think of coral, shells, sea glass…
Martha Stewart Magazine
But for coastal themed decor that’s truly a reminder of all the sea has to offer, a sailor’s knot looks great anywhere!
Ken Gemes Interiors
In regard to nautical rope decor, it can become all too easy to get a little kitschy. 
But a simple doorstop…
our future house
Or a unique vase filler…
The Design Files
Is an ideal way to incorporate nautical accents into home decor without…
A Beach Cottage
Going overboard! (Hehe.)
Canadian House and Home
Even if you don’t know your port from your starboard, you can still look like a sailing pro. All it takes is a little imagination and a simple piece of rope.
We’re dreaming of warmer weather on this second day of spring… Hope the day is beautiful where you are!


Staid Symmetry

Stephen Knollenburg

Dice. Stilettos. Desserts. Some things in life are simply better in pairs.

Thomas O’Brien Interiors

We aren’t sticklers for symmetry. But when the right pair of sofas…

Suzanne Kasler Design
Or sister staircases…

Or matching mirrors comes together, it’s magic!
Ken Gemes Interiors

There’s something about symmetry that automatically makes a room look tailored and clutter free.

Summerour and Associates
Perhaps it’s the clutter that sometimes comes along with the joy and celebration (and gift wrapping!) of the holidays, or, more likely, the baby paraphernalia now gracing every room, but we are loving the predictability and cleanliness or every item having a mate.
Phoebe Howard Design

If you can find chairs as gorgeous as these, you simply must take two.

And a walk through the garden becomes much more relaxing when everything is in its place.
Symmetry at its finest. There are so many ways to go with architecture, but, for us, perfect symmetry is–well–perfect.


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