New Year’s Organization, Take 3!

Mark Sikes (magazines)
In case you didn’t have enough organization yesterday or the day before, we have a few more inspiration photos for keeping all those shelves, cabinets and drawers in tip top 2013 shape!

This is always my aspiration for my office. Here’s the thing: If they wouldn’t keep sending me more bills and mail after I got it all filed away, then my desk would always be perfectly neat and tidy. Geez.

Better Homes and Gardens
We have organizational goals, sure, but I can’t ever foresee a time when my wrapping paper will be gorgeously displayed like this. I’m not thrilled about it being shoved in a chest drawer in my entrance hall, but I think neat rows are all I can strive for!
Better Homes and Gardens
We are drowning in children’s books, but it isn’t practical to keep them all hidden behind cabinets — too hard to grab when the little squirmer will stay still for two minutes. This is cute, organized and super practical for toddlerhood!
Chandra Beck
Ok. Now it’s time for some opinions. We keep our shoes in the shoe boxes in the shoe shelves in our closets. But when we see photos like this it makes us want to ditch them. What do you think? Boxes or no?
Kate Morgan
Sigh… We’ve dealt with plain, dry cleaners, wire hangers for years, but there’s no denying that all those wood ones make quite the impression.
Better Homes and Gardens
Double sigh. So lovely.
Lonny Magazine
We’re in heaven. Our hands-down favorite organizational tool is the natural fiber basket. So gorgeous!
Better Homes and Gardens
We can only imagine how easy Christmas wrapping could be next year in a space like this…
Pulp Design Studio
This is a hair more realistic for us!
Country Living Magazine
Oh, wow! I’ve been trying to talk Will into a garden shed lately. If the inside could be this organized I think I might win my case…
Marianne Simon
This makes us want to become hard-core gardeners.

La Dolce Vita

This is what we need. A plan. It all seems so easy right here in black and white. (And green.) 
We hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Day and are feeling super inspired for whatever you are going to do this year — or, better yet, super relaxed that you’re where you want to be already! Thanks for reading today. Stop by tomorrow. We might put up a few pics of our organizational progress!


Kitchen Organization

Peter Callahan
When it comes to fabulous organization a la New Year’s Resolutions, it all starts in the heart of the home.
Jacque Lyn Clark
Now that the kitchen in the Beaufort house is getting actual sheetrock this week (Woo Hoo!!) we’re starting to think about how we’re going to keep it sparkling and organized. Opening cabinets and seeing fabulous baskets make us so happy!
The Social Home
Mom was doing a little Etsy research — they have everything on there, don’t they? — and, while I recently purchased a gaggle of cute chalkboard labels on there for my house, Mom found these for Beaufort. They are the same beautiful blue as the paint and the font is great! 

The Social Home
Opening a cabinet that looks like that makes the entire day feel better. It’s like a giant yoga breath!
A Humble Magic
For my pantry and cabinets at home, I decided to go with hermetically sealed jar after jar after jar. You can really put anything in a jar. Rice, flour, sugar, seaweed, Amy’s organic bunnies, teething biscuits… It’s kind of awesome. I got mine from The Container Store — Love that place!
I’m a huge tea drinker, so I’ve been trying to come up with solutions for all those little packages. I found a pretty tea box that now lives in one of my drawers, but, in the spirit of all that matching glass, I’m switching to loose leaf teas. They feel so elegant! Kind of like a great wine…
We didn’t decide to go with open shelving for the Beaufort house, but that doesn’t mean that the interior shelving can’t look as fantastic as if it were on display all the time.
A Well Traveled Woman
Even mismatched sets look orderly when they’re in neat rows.
Better Homes and Gardens
This is such a fantastic, space-saving idea for silverware. Plus, you can just grab the handle without getting the silverware all germy.
Amy Vermillion pinterest
Dream. Pantry. Nothing else to say.
Jenny Steffans Blog
Those little hooks are so fantastic! No more digging around in the drawers for measuring cups…
Habersham Blog
There’s nothing like a built-in silverware drawer. 
Glass canisters are such a clean, classic look. Plus, having all the staples right there on the counter is so easy.
Ginger Sorbara
This gorgeous open shelving proves that everything doesn’t have to match to look organized.
Martha Stewart
This is so creative! I’m not sure that we would ever eat that many apples or potatoes, but it sure does look nice. We’re getting so excited for how neat and tidy we’re going to be in the new year. How about you?

Our Kitchen Organizing!

Happy 2013, friends! We are so incredibly humbled by your visits, comments and kindness all year round. This year we hope that you keep all your resolutions and that all your dreams come true!


Mission Organization: 2013

Bijou Kaleidoscope
It’s that time of the year again… Time to start thinking about who we’re going to be in 2013! 
A Well Traveled Woman
We’ve already started on this year’s resolution: Become organization queens! 
Organization Household Tips
Is there anything like the feeling of opening a cabinet and seeing it looking perfectly, neatly organized?
Martha Stewart
So far, I’ve come a long way toward getting my pantry and cabinets obsessively organized. Matching baskets… rows of matching glass jars… Pretty labels… You get the idea. 
Martha Stewart
But, honestly, I’m just not sure that there’s any hope of getting things this gorgeous.
Brabourne Farm
We just adore the idea of getting our sheets tied with beautiful ribbon into neat bundles. But, honestly, a good portion of the time I’m just shooting for getting them off of my laundry room floor! 
Martha Stewart
It’s always good to have something to shoot for, though, right? I mean, if Martha can do it…
Alexandra Golovanoff
The bathroom is one of my major pitfalls because it seems like so often I’m in a hurry trying to get ready in the mornings. (That’s just me though, right? 🙂 )Maybe it’s the one-year-old frantically signing “strawberries” and pulling on my leg!
Paul Moon Architect
So, this year is going to be just as much about creating systems to keep it all organized as it is about getting it that way. 
South Shore Decorating
After all, we don’t want to be back to this same resolution in 2014! Have we mentioned our complete obsession with everything glass? It looks so clean and streamlined, no matter what’s inside.
Leslie Sachs
Another thing that makes everything feel clean and finished? Flowers! They’re like the period at the end of the sentence.
Steve Gianetti Architect
So, what’s your resolution? Do you have any great systems for keeping your closets glass-front worthy?
Check back for the rest of the week to see more great, home-sprucing inspiration!


Bread Boards

Good morning, everyone! We hope you all had a fun, relaxing weekend and are recharged and reenergized for a great week. One of the things that we find can always make our week go better is a sparkling clean, well-appointed and uber-organized kitchen. We’re needing a little nudge to get the hearts of our homes in tip-top shape this Monday morning…
And we have bread boards on the brain!
Even in the most modern kitchen, a touch of the antique can be a welcome addition, adding a homey feel and lived-in quality. For the ultimate in that authentic feel — and practicality — a wooden bread board is essential for every well-stocked kitchen.
Cote de Texas
If you’re like us, you get sick of stashing all of your kitchen essentials every time you use them. A gorgeous wooden bread board is one of those kitchen necessities that you can use, clean and display on the counter instead of clogging that precious cabinet space.
When it comes to cutting boards, the wooden variety has gotten a bad rap. Bacteria, dull knives, blah, blah, blah. Though the words “kitchen utensil” and “family heirloom” aren’t generally interchangeable, a great wooden cutting board, when well maintained, is something that can be used year after year after year. Plus, who couldn’t use a little less plastic in his or her life?
John Merkl Photography
Not only do wooden bread boards look fabulous lying around the kitchen or hanging up, but they also make entertaining a breeze. Who wants to spend all that time preparing a gorgeous cheese tray just to have to move it and rearrange on another serving dish? We love the earthy quality of food served directly from a wooden board.
Polly Wreford Photography
And let’s not forget that they are amazingly useful for those domestic goddess moments when we are inspired to actually knead our own dough… So, yes, those moments are rare. But it’s good to be prepared all the same.
The Marion House Book
A touch of wood absolutely pops against the backdrop of a crisp, white stone. We love having wooden boards of all sizes on hand for every moment, whether we’re slicing a lemon for a little tea or preparing a huge batch of pizza dough.
We are adamant about every room having a little hint of dark — preferably wood — to ground the space. An antique bread board is the ideal way to do that and is a spectacular complement to a rich wood floor.
Bread boards simply belong in a kitchen like this. The aged stone, the reclaimed wood…. We would be immediately transported to Tuscany in this kitchen, even if we were still right here in North Carolina!
Whether you’re low on storage space or looking to add texture to the kitchen, filling a basket with bread boards is such an ingenious idea!
The textures and colors in this kitchen make it feel fresh, clean, rich and well lived all at the same time. What an amazing combination!
Happy Monday, everyone. To all our friends still recovering from Sandy, we’re thinking of you and wishing you and your families well!


Culinary Climbing

Francoise Bollack Architect
Ladders used to be reserved for the library, for reaching literature on the highest shelf.
Gluckstein Design
It works so well in the den, why not take the same philosophy and apply it to your culinary classics?
Peter Pennoyer Architect 

Who hasn’t wished for an extra step up when trying to snag spices from the highest shelf?

Tracery Design
Or retrieve the roasting pan put away only for special occasions. 

The Enchanted Home

Whether you’re just looking to add a rich design element to the heart of the home,

Chateau and Bungalow
or have enough china to require a home of its own,
are so happy
we think a ladder in the kitchen is a charming and welcome touch.
Martha Stewart Magazine
We hope you all had a magnificent Monday and wish you a wonderful week to come!


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