Things We Love: Stacked Kitchen Cabinets

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We don’t know about you, but whenever we start thinking about kitchen decorating ideas, it’s those kitchen cabinets that are always at the forefront of our mind.

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Maybe it’s because cabinets take up the majority of the square footage of the kitchen, but we think they are on of the elements that, if not implemented properly can really ruin the look of a beautiful remodel.


House Tour: Farmhouse Restoration

     If you follow our blog, you know we are restoring a home in Beaufort, NC. It is our love of historic homes that makes us so excited about this Southern Living Ideahouse. A far departure from the usual, brand new construction we see in ideahouses, this was a renovation of the historic kind. Did we mention it’s a farmhouse? Is there anything better than that? It’s modern yet classic, clean and streamlined yet undeniably charming. It combines the best of both worlds, a perfect representation of the new old house. We hope you enjoy touring this beautiful home as much as we did!

Doesn’t this make you want to ditch city life a la Green Acres? We hope your Wednesday is full of fresh air, sunshine and plenty of green! Thanks for sharing part of your day with us!

Source: Southern Living


Monday Musing: Honed Marble

Peacock Kitchens
We’re finally only weeks away from finishing the Beaufort house. 
de Giulio Kitchens
So, it was time to pick kitchen countertops!
CJB Design
If you’ve ever been to a stoneyard, you know that slab after slab after slab of stone can get a little overwhelming.
Pacific Peninsula Group
Fortunately, we only had to look at one.
O’Brien Harris Design
When it comes to a clean, classic elegance that never gets old, white marble is the way to go.
Susan Gilmore Photography
While the shiny stuff can stain, stain, stain, a honed surface can be sealed to prevent those red wine spills and grape juice rings from becoming a part of your kitchen history.
St. Charles of New York
Lines and etches can still happen, but they’re less obvious.
Design Friend
Plus, it’s an old house. 
Cote de Texas
A well-worn, oft-used countertop fits right in.
Phoebe Howard Design
We went with a clean, straight edge like this.
Lauren Nelson Design
A rounded, ogee edge like this is sophisticated and chic.
Kate Davidson Design
But for that laid back feel we were striving for, we think something more casual was perfect.
Loi Thai – Tone on Tone Antiques 
It’s no coincidence that Mom’s design style obsession, Loi Thai, has honed marble in his fabulous kitchen…
Tina – The Enchanted Home
The lovely and talented Tina from the Enchanted Home has marble in her kitchen too.

                                                                  Windsor Smith Design

Do we get a marble farm sink too? A girl can dream… 
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In Good Taste: Grant K. Gibson

This is one of those rooms that serves so many purposes. With the banquette and table it can be used for lounging, dining — even napping! It’s just one of the gorgeous spaces from the designer whose work Elle Decor called “eclectic, livable and easy on the eyes.” We think it’s safe to say that Grant K. Gibson’s work is in good taste.
A small secretary is perhaps one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. It can be used for storage, for writing, for reading, for paying bills… I have one set up with stationery, so I’m always ready to write a thank-you note at a moment’s notice! (I said I’m ready. I didn’t say I actually always did it in a timely fashion….) We love a piece like this in a guest room.
 Natural-fiber carpet is so fabulous. It is both casual and sophisticated and blends beautifully with almost any color scheme.
From the floors to the ceilings nothing in this kitchen was left out.
We wish we were brave enough to convert a few hardwoods to statement-making, bold patterns like this. They add instant energy! And who couldn’t use a little more of that?
Accessorizing the bathroom is easy with 3-d rounds like these. We’re partial to sponges as well — as long as they’re sustainably harvested, of course.
Even in a light and neutral space, having an amazing, dark wood antique grounds and centers the space, giving it so much depth.
Flowers floating in a fabulous soaking tub? That’s good taste if we’ve ever seen it!
Yellow is such a sunny addition to a kitchen. It’s the right shade for the buzzing vibration and constant activity of the heart of the home. Floors like these must be taken care of! 
Pink! It’s for so much more than just little girls’ rooms! It’s almost as relaxing as that perfect spa blue, but so unexpected.
We hope your day is filled with wonderfully unexpected moments of the very best kind!

House Tours: The New “Old” House

It’s the best of both worlds: the new “old” home, with the charm of a structure that has stood for centuries and the efficiency and customizability of a home built especially for its family.

Jeff and Lisa Martin’s home in Atlanta’s Buckhead area is such a fabulous example of the new old home, built for maximum light, comfort and, most important for a family with three sons, functionality.
That functionality paired gorgeous design makes this the kind of house that any family would be proud to call home.
Designer Beth Webb, architect Peter Block, builders Shaba Derazi and Jim Meathe of Y.M. Derazi Custom Homes and landscape architect John Howard were the dream team that helped bring the Martin family’s vision to life.
The fact that all of the major rooms in the house have windows on at least two sides is one of our favorite features. The light is so lovely!
Lime-washed oak floors and plaster walls add the lived-in feel of a home that has stood the test of time.

Webb’s neutral but textured palette is warm, inviting and stunning — even in the bathrooms!
Dream closet comes to mind…
Dining al fresco has never looked so good!

Outdoor living rooms are always some of our favorite rooms. This fabulous fireplace makes it perfect for year-round use.
What a beautiful place! What would you rather have: An old house or a new “old” home? 
Happy Wednesday!

Source: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Things We Love: Pocket Doors

Nicety Live Journal
If there’s any room divider that we love, it’s the pocket door.
Nancy Fishelson Design Nantucket Cottage

Reminiscent of an era gone by, the pocket door adds that cozy, cottage feel to any home.

Either fully opened and tucked away for later use, 
Or slightly open so the beautiful details add to the room.
Studio Annetta Blog
Pocket doors are a great way to add interest to a room, 
inspired charm
Or close off a space while keeping an open feeling.
They are the perfect place to add a splash of accent, like a bold color.
Delight by Design
This mirrored design is so pretty we might want to keep it open all the time!
This open-weave design adds privacy while maintaining the space’s airy feel.

loulou pear

These great black doors really set off the room. 
The pocket doors at the Beaufort house are one of our favorite features. We’re working on sanding them back to the original wood for that coastal feel. We’re heading down there today, so we hope we have a long-overdue update soon!

Thanks for stopping by today. We hope you all have a wonderful afternoon!


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