InGoodTaste:ClassicCasualHome(Take Two!)

*For some reason the pictures went away on the first post, so we’re relaunching!
We are so thrilled to have Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home with us today, sharing some of her good taste. Mary Ann is a fabulous designer — and e-designer! — whose work inspires us every day. Whether it’s pictures of a fabulous remodel or a summer guacamole recipe, Classic Casual Home is chock full of yummy ideas. Thanks so much for being with us today, Mary Ann!

Thanks so much, Beth and Kristy, for having me over for your series 
“In Good Taste.”
Design Chic’s extraordinarily good taste is something I marvel at every day, don’t you?!
To me, good taste in interior design includes:
•  Comfort
  •  Restraint
      •  Personality
                  •  Attention to Detail
Below are examples of these principles that are used by
  friends of mine with good taste.
Donna’s uncluttered style (above) and artwork depicting where she was married 
show restraint and personality.
With artwork and worn leather chairs, Mercedes and Mark deliver a relaxed and 
charming beach house environment.  I like the wood siding treatment on the walls.
Debbie is an expert at the details…like wainscoting, window design and a textured stone table.
Comfortable dining chairs and minimal accessories make this room by Abby tasteful.
This image is from her Wolf-Rizor Interiors‘ portfolio.  Love the beamed ceiling.

Clair’s kitchen shows her design personality with artwork painted by her and and
here straw hat collection.
The attention to detail with the nail head trim is great, too.
Beautiful artwork and an antique book collection make Kathryn’s home 
uniquely personal.

Netta and her husband are art collectors and give their interiors a unique personality.

Janice and Billy show an attention to detail with the arched kitchen pantry doors, carved handles 
and interior leaded glass window.
  Mary Lynn, a friend of a good friend, designed 

this comfortable but edited bathroom.  The photo is from her portfolio of m. elle design. 

Claire achieves a personal style with antique store finds 
and fresh fabrics in her daughter’s room.

Aren’t I lucky to have so many friends with good great taste?
Thanks for having me over, Beth and Kristy.  Keep up your wonderful work!

Thanks again, Mary Ann! Still a couple days left to enter our dress giveaway… 
Hope you’re all having a great day!


Things We Love: Hermes Blankets

A throw for reading.
Reynolds Still
An extra cover for chilly nights.
An amazing living room accent.
Erica George Dines Photographer
Anywhere, any time, any place, we love an Hermes blanket.
Tommy Smythe Design
As the ultimate room accessory, it makes a subtle statement like no other.
Courtney Cox’s House
You might say it’s the Birkin of interior design.
M. Elle Design
They’re all fabulous, but, hands down, the orange is our favorite. 

It’s so classic Hermes. 

Veranda Magazine
But we’d take any color, really.
Simply. Stunning. I can just see this blanket draped over the arm of my couch… With a little spit up running down the side… Maybe it would be better to wait a few years after all! 
Halfway to the weekend! Any exciting plans?


Things We Love: Chaise Lounges

Dominique Vorillon Photographer via Coastal Living

I don’t know if it’s because we’re wearing our Spanx as tight as they used to wear their corsets, but we are as crazy about chaise lounges (or fainting couches…) as those 19th-century women were. Even if you don’t expressly need a place to lounge because your undergarments are restricting the flow of oxygen to your brain, there is no better place to relax than a couch built for one — or two if you’re in a snuggly mood.

This oceanfront living room is a beyond amazing place to curl up and watch late-night movies with the sound of the ocean in the background. We just might want to turn those chairs the other way to admire the view…


James Michael Howard

Jill Johnson Designer’s Beach House

Giraffe print is fabulous in any room, but we especially like it in a nursery because, as the baby grows and the room transitions, the print doesn’t have to change one bit.

M. Elle Design

Isn’t everything better when it’s tufted?

Womack Interiors

Robert Passal Interiors

Rinfret, Ltd

A chaise in the bathroom is so glamorous. Wouldn’t you want to spend more time lounging in your bathroom if it looked like that?

Attic Mag

We love the juxtaposition of the starfish with the french frame. It’s so fun for a coastal home!

Candace Bushnell’s Living Room

I am unbelievably jealous of Candace Bushnell’s pink chaise lounge and now devastated that the one I picked for my office is white. What a great place to peruse a great novel… Sex and the City, anyone?

Design Chic

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