Monday Musings: Tardy Tree Trimming

December 12, i.e. 13 days ’til Christmas. By this point, my Christmas decorations have normally been up for two weeks. Baby Will and I were out of town at Mom and Dad’s all week last week, though, which put us a little behind. Fortunately, someone is prepared for Santa’s arrival. Please check out the comparison here.
        Mom’s Living Room:

Stockings hung beautifully in a row, waiting patiently for candy.

Greenery and berries lovingly cut and arranged. 
Christmas tree up, lights and ornaments in place. Presents beautifully wrapped and organized under the tree.
My Living Room: 
  So, no, I may not have decorated my mantle, switched out my candlesticks or done holiday flowers. But please notice the trio of feather trees in the right hand corner.

This window is the spot where my Christmas tree should be. On the bright side, most of my presents are purchased, wrapped and ready to go once the tree arrives.

 Again, no signs that the holidays are here. All I can say is thank heaven we’re having Christmas at Mom and Dad’s house.

Mom’s Library:

She has feather trees too. Somehow hers look a little more festive…
           I am in love with the birds, feathers and gold hydrangeas. 

My Library:
Yup. Not a stitch of Christmas. If it wasn’t for my new little angel napping in the corner right now (In his stroller, by the way, which is the only place he will currently consent to napping.) the reindeer might just keep flying right over our house.
I was going to take pictures of the front of our houses too but was afraid you would judge me. But I guess, in the interest of full disclosure, I should just say it: Not only do I not have Christmas decorations up, but the pumpkins and now very dead mums are still out. Shameful.
By tonight, seriously, this place is going to be a winter wonderland… Stay tuned…


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Southern Accents

If you’re like us, you’ve thrown out the last of the turkey, ditched the fall colors, and it’s time to move on. Although we can’t believe it, it’s that time again already: time for Christmas decorations! It seems like some people love this yearly tradition of hauling the holiday paraphernalia out of the attic and filling the house with that fresh pine smell — and some people dread it for eleven months. We’re the former, but, no matter which side of the fence you’re on, we hope these pictures provide you with a little holiday inspiration. And, after it’s all said and done, there’s nothing better than snuggling up by newly decorated mantle (complete with fire) with a steaming cup of cocoa and admiring your handy work. Happy Monday, and, I guess since the radio stations are pumping the Christmas music already, it’s safe to say it: Happy Holidays!

Southern Accents Tria Giovan Photography

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