Drake Design Associates
We’re in the short rows here on the renovation of the Beaufort house and frantically prepping for a July 5 party. (Yikes!)
Paul Davis Design
The rain isn’t helping the outside painting much, but you know the old saying… Some days, though, don’t you wish you could control the weather for a couple of hours?
Alexa Hampton’s Hampton’s House via Architectural Digest
At any rate, we hope to have a few things planted in the yard to increase the curb appeal. 
Highstreet Market
As of this moment, the only thing we’ve purchased is the weeping rosemary that will hang out from underneath the brand-new fence and trail down front of the raised concrete that encloses the yard.

Home Bunch

It’s simple, fragrant and keeps the mosquitoes away! 

Loi Thai – Tone on Tone Antiques Garden

My sweet grandmother (Mom’s mom) bought us the most gorgeous urns to go on the front porch, and we can’t wait to plant them!

Atlanta Homes Magazine

We haven’t totally decided what to plant yet, and are between just simple flowers and a tiny shrub with a flower border like this.
Annie Brahler – Eurotrash Designer’s Home
It’s amazing how a single plant can add so much height! And we love this contrast with the stark white front, which is basically what we’ll be working with.
Pamela Pierce Design via Veranda
Overall, we like the idea of having a the yard look clean, fresh and uncluttered like this.
classy in the city
Plus, neither of us has much of a green thumb, so it’s probably best not to have too many complicated things to keep alive!
Elizabeth Kimberly Design
We love the symmetry of a pair of planted urns and the finished touch they add to any front porch. What plants do you keep on your front porch?


Raising the Bar

Harry Braswell, Inc.
Accessorizing the kitchen can be so much fun!
Amy Aidinis Hisch Design
Lighting, vases, baskets, bowls, china…
Pricey Pads
It all comes together to create the perfect feel for the heart of the home.
Kitchens by Deane
When it comes to accessorizing, barstools are one element that have the potential to make a huge statement.
Kitchens by Deane
Modern and sleek, these stools create stunning contrast in the bar.
We love the look of lucite, especially under a smaller bar, because it blends right in, almost fading away to create continuity.
Caden Design Group
Traditional stools are always a great choice,
Lynne Scalo Design
but we’re partial to something a little funkier — like these chrome and lucite seats.

Papyrus Home Designs
A shot of industrial chic is always cool, especially when paired with the perfect pendant.

Kay Douglass Design

A two-sided bar is super fab, and luscious white leather ups the ante. 
1st Dibs
We’re busy finding the perfect stool for the Beaufort house. If money were no object, we choose you, one-of-a-kind, 1st Dibs pieces, for your incredible blend of metal, cloth and lucite.
Happy Monday, friends! We hope it’s a great start to the week!


Monday Musings: Coastal Living

Today we thought we’d give you a little sneak peak into what the Beaufort living room is going to look like. We found this great photo and used it as somewhat of an inspiration for the feel of the living room. 
This isn’t everything, of course, but here are a few items we’ve been working on that we think are going to be absolutely essential in the room!
This Currey & Company driftwood chandelier is HUGE, and is going to be that perfect, chic yet down-to-earth element that the room needs.
Kerry Steele artwork artwork
This gorgeous painting by the majorly talented Kerry Steele will adorn the mantle. We love how it’s contemporary yet coastal.


We adore this custom sofa’s legs. We got the inspiration from one one of Phoebe Howard’s rooms! 
Ryan Studio Fretwork pillow
These fun pillows from Ryan Studio — in other colors — are going on the sofa.
This glamorous Regina Andrew shell…


And these whimsical, fun Studio A candlesticks…
Are going to look great on this Currey & Company coffee table!
Two small, upholstered club chairs…
In this fabric…


With this Regina Andrew Le Chic table in between will provide comfy, cozy seating — and a place for that all-important cocktail!
We’re getting so excited to see pieces start rolling in. We’re hoping that the house progress is coming just as well when we go check it out next weekend.
We hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Monday Musings: Insanity Part 2!

So, last Monday we told you all about the house we bought in Beaufort, NC, and showed you the downstairs that needed just a hint of work… Now it’s time for the upstairs!

The stairs need a few coats of paint and a little sisal. This staircase is going to be expanded to include the current attic (phase 2 renovations!) — future playroom/third floor bedrooms — and access to the widow’s walk.

This is one of the upstairs bedrooms, with the stairwell to the top porch. We’re going to cut a doorway, make a hall and convert this into a beautiful master bath!
This is the old bathroom, which will soon be ripped out — including the walls — to form a part of little Will’s new bedroom.
Upstairs guest room.
This very attractive “office” will the be the second half of little Will’s bedroom, complete with a pair of snazzy, nautical, built-in twin beds.
The old “Carolina room” (Florida room in North Carolina, perhaps?) will be a snazzy new upstairs bathroom, complete with washer and dryer. And don’t worry: All the wrong-sized windows will be replaced!
Here’s the upstairs master! We love how light and bright it is.
Here’s the best part!
The view from the widow’s walk is truly spectacular.
More from the widow’s walk…We can’t wait until next week to show you a little bit of progress. The tear out has officially begun!

We hope you all have a great start to the week. Thanks for visiting us!


Of Mice and… Sink Holes

So, first the mice. Will is now eight months and one week old, and, needless to say, he has a lot of stuff. Loveys, blankets, stuffed animals, toys, books… We’re up to our ears in baby gear. But, as of yet, I haven’t quite been able to figure out what is going to become his special, favorite, have-to-drive-three-hours-back-to-the-hotel-because-we-accidentally-left-it toy. Now I know. Sweet, sweet Mon from Splendid Willow sent him the most precious little mice from her fabulous store. I am not just saying this. Those guys have not left his hands. They’ve napped with him, eaten with him, ridden in the car with them, and, yes, been in the sand with him.
Ahhhh! Sand nose dive!
Sweet, sweet mice.
Man is this guy glad to be in bed and away from those little hands… His brother (and his pants) were unavailable for photo as they were having a bath 🙂
This isn’t a live shot, but this is his brother. Hehehe. I would want to hold onto him all the time too!
 So we came home from a lovely weekend with Mom and Dad at the beach to find… 
 What?!!! A sinkhole!
 Yup. Here it is.
 Will was trying to see how deep it was with his rake. It didn’t reach, so we’re thinking about 8 or 9 feet. Isn’t that wild? We have it covered with an upside-down wheelbarrow for now until we can get it under control. Home ownership, huh?
House Beautiful

No sinkholes in this beautiful place setting from Phoebe Howard. A little inspiration for your Monday!
How was your weekend?


Segreto Finishes

If there’s anything we love, it’s a gorgeous coffee table book. So we were so excited to find designer and decorative painter Leslie Sinclair’s new book, Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors. Through her work, Leslie proves that fine finishing can transform a room.
 The designer stumbled upon this paneled look on a trip to France.
The gorgeous finish on these cabinets is sealed so it is more durable than paint. That’s always good in a space where things tend to get a little messy!
The plaster finish on the walls and cabinets is finished to enhance the old world charm of the room.
 The stencil inside these coffers was created using brown paint and a tea stain.
The finish on these cabinets beautifully complements the 17th century stone countertops.
Simple plaster with no other finishes can be so starkly lovely.
The metallic stenciling over the plaster here dresses up the look. We’re loving having Leslie’s inspiration for our Monday morning. 
Segreto is available on Leslie’s website or on Amazon if you want to delve deeper!

Happy Memorial Day, friends! We feel so blessed today remembering all of those who lost their lives fighting for this wonderful place we call home. Thank you to everyone who serves our country!


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