View From the Top

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi
We’ve always thought looking out the window to a beautiful ocean scene is an absolute dream. But looking out your window and seeing giraffes? That is quite possibly one of the coolest views we can imagine. 
little red moleskine
So maybe we can’t all live in an African safari, 
DeCesare Design Group
but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring an element of one of our favorite animals into our view.
Design Traveller
Or, perhaps, in to view us.
Domino Magazine
From a child’s nursery, 
Elegant Abode
to an elegant living room, 
there doesn’t seem to be a single room where a little long neck looks out of place.
Jonathan Adler

Lonny Magazine
A small accessory,
Kips Bay Showhouse 2011
a grand statement piece,
lovely uma wall stickers
a wall mural, 
tiny white daisies
a place to hang your purse. Is there anything a giraffe can’t do? We just got a 5-foot stuffed one for the baby’s nursery, and he is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Well, until the baby comes, of course. Fourteen weeks and counting! Thanks for stopping by today!


It’s a Boy!!

Birch and Lily
The popular opinion, in this case, was correct, and baby Harvey is a baby Will! We found out on Friday and all involved have been in full-on baby boy shopping mode ever since. We now have less than five months to pull it all together, after all. Good thing someone told me it can take up to a couple of months for a crib to come in! We hope you enjoy the inspiration photos, even if you aren’t planning a nursery of your own.
House and Home
I’m a big fan of animal skin and animal print rugs, so I’m pretty sure there will be something of that nature over the main rug. This hyde is pretty, but I’m afraid it could be a little too scratchy for when he’s crawling around.

Paul Costello Photography
So something animal-inspired like this could work. Mom has been dying to order a blabla mobile similar to the one over this crib — but in grays and baby blues — from the day she found out she was having a grandchild. I made her hold off just in case it was a girl!

This is my favorite choice for the nursery animal skin. It’s soft and fluffy and looks like a wonderful place for a little boy to crawl around, assuming, of course, it’s vacuumed religiously.
Kreative Kottage
I love the stark, modern look and clean lines of the drawings over this crib. We’re thinking of doing Picasso prints like the dog, squirrel and camel in baby Will’s bathroom.
1st Option
Love this rocking horse!

Isn’t this elephant laundry basket so cute? I think if I had had one of these growing up I might have actually gotten the clothes in the hamper. Well, maybe…
Pottery Barn Kids

The nautical look of this room is, to me, perfect for a beach house nursery.

Tom Felecia Design

This nursery is so whimsical and fun. Rosie Pope, the pregnancy concierge on Pregnant in Heels says babies needs lots of color and whimsy to keep them interested. Tom Felecia definitely pulls that off. By the way, if you haven’t watched Pregnant in Heels, you should. It’s endlessly entertaining — even if you aren’t pregnant!


This room is so soft and elegant, and I love the light fixture hanging overhead!

Birch and Lily
This adorable nursery has elements of modern and traditional, which is something we hope to achieve in our nursery as well.
Enjoy your Monday, blog friends. As always, thanks for stopping by!


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Talk about your wonderful surprises! Mom and I love the inspired artwork of the very talented Kendall Boggs and follow her blog. On a whim, Mom, who never wins anything, entered a drawing for one of Kendall’s paintings and, miracle of miracles, won! It was fate. First of all, the painting she won was named “The Elizabeth,” which is her name, after all. Secondly, it is as if Kendall literally painted the gorgeous dress for the room that is currently my favorite guest room (check out below), and, if things go like I think, will soon be our little girl nursery. If it is, there will certainly be another Kendall gracing the walls, perhaps “The Brooke,” which you have to check out at

I wish I had known about these darling 4×4 dresses when I got married. What an amazing bridesmaid’s gift for $40 or a wonderful grouping for any room. They’re also available on Kendall’s site, and she can do any color. 
Okay. So here’s the room. As you can see, where there once was a sunburst mirror is now Mom’s new win. I feel a little guilty for taking it, but, seriously, isn’t it perfect? If that bed is soon replaced by a crib, I think two side by side are a must.

This is one of those rooms that totally came together on a whim. We had just had it painted a pale, pale, pale pink when I found this fabric and fell in love. Of course, the room had to be repainted, but I think the change was worth it. To me, these curtains totally make it. Plus, my sister-in-law bought this glider, and she didn’t love it, but we did. I think it’s going to get a lot of use in a few months!
Then, I had this rug made for another room in the house, and my brilliant husband suggested that it would be perfect in this room. Exhausted, irritable and wanting everything done “now” (or, as Will says when he jokingly mocks me “now right now!”) I complained the entire time that we were just going to have to move all the furniture again to get this rug out when it looked awful. Much to my surprise (and his delight!) I think it’s absolutely perfect, and, while it’s nice in a guest room, will be phenomenal for a girl nursery as well.

 This mirrored chest, which I think is great in here, was another random buy with no real spot in mind…

As was this armoire, which Will and I couldn’t stop thinking about after we saw it at one of our favorite antique stores. We had it pinned for another spot entirely, but it seemed so at home in this space. As you can imagine, it took quite a few men to get it up the stairs!

Now with Kendall’s painting — which we think was made for the room — in place, I think what was sort of a random grouping of things looks like we had a plan all along! As a side note, when Mom took the painting to the framer, a woman in the shop loved it so much, she bought one as well!

This bathroom, which I love, love used to be a lovely pea green laundry room, which you can check out a few pictures below.

Both the vanity and the stool are both great antique store finds. The vanity had been painted, obviously, and the stool has beautiful detailed, iron legs. It’s deceptive because it looks small, but it’s so heavy! I think with a few tweaks to the pictures and accessories, this little vanity is going to be just right for a little girl.

Plus, as an added bonus, both the sconces and the chandelier in this room came with the palest pink crystals that, interspersed with the current clear crystals, would be quite sweet, I think. 

And I must have been thinking baby when I got this rug because, instead of buying actual sheepskin, which I knew would be trashed in no time, I bought this ecofo rug that feels amazing, looks like the real deal, is totally eco-friendly, and, best of all, can be thrown in the washing machine whenever it gets little footprints on it!

This is what the “bathroom” looked like when we went to look at the house the first time. Ahhh, memories…

We thought it was such a tiny space that the bathroom was going to feel tiny, but, somehow, being in there now feels spacious and welcoming.

And the bedroom. There’s a time and place for red, but I can’t imagine getting a good night’s rest in here. 

Certainly, I love the new ones more, but, up close and on a light colored wall, the original curtains were quite pretty.

We wanted to end this Wednesday on some beautiful images, so, for your viewing pleasure, here is “The Ally“…

And “The Brooke,” both serious contenders for baby girl Harvey’s walls. If only there were “the Kristy,” (that’s my name!) the decision would be so easy… Have a wonderful evening, everyone!


Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Happy Monday, Everyone! As promised, (but a little later than I had hoped!) here are the pictures from what will potentially become the baby boy nursery. I decided to start with the boy because the popular sentiment is that this little one will be wearing blue. Obviously, most everything will have to be changed, but the paint color makes it a pretty easy choice for a boy nursery. Check out the gorgeous tulips by the bed. My sweet friend Jen sent me a ton of them last week! (I will apologize in advance for the quality of these photos. Will has our good camera at work and my photography skills really need a great camera!) 

My husband accuses me of going to great lengths to get to have new curtains made, but I think these would be quite cute in a little boy’s bedroom. They have great fringe down the side, but you can’t see it in these pics. We got them in January, so, even I, whose favorite pastime is getting new drapes, really don’t want to have to change them so soon!

For fun, here’s what this room looked like when we came to look at the house. I will have to admit that, of all the rooms in the house, this one was a very easy fix. Isn’t it amazing what a little paint can do? And, in my defense, wouldn’t you have changed the curtains immediately too?

Here is future little boy bathroom. It would need some more masculine hand towels and some
adorable new babyish pictures. I have an artist friend who is going to whip up something great for the new baby’s suite, pink or blue. For the boy, we’re thinking some classic Beatrix Potter. Is there anything cuter than Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck?

Do we think this light fixture is too prissy for a boy’s bathroom? I bought it at an antique auction for $30 a couple of years ago and was so excited to finally find a spot for it when we moved into this house. It didn’t even have to be rewired!
It’s hard to get a good shot of the shower curtain around the bathtub, but this was the best I could do! I love this one, but I think it’s kind of girly, so I’d probably have a new one made.

Again, here’s what the bathroom used to look like. You can’t see in this picture, but we changed the fixtures and had to redo a lot of the plumbing and electric in here. Everyone, my husband included wanted to rip the whole thing out and start again, making it more modern looking with a huge shower, etc. But you can’t buy bathtubs like the oversized, deep, cast iron in here anymore, and I love the old-fashioned look of black and white tile, especially the kind on the floor. The house was built in 1930, after all. From the pictures above, you can see I won, and we got to keep a bit of the look of the original room. I’m very glad now. It would have been hard to bathe a baby in a walk-in shower!

Birch and Lily
We’re hoping to transform my blue guest room (if, of course, it’s a boy) into something sweet and perfectly suited for a baby. Maybe something a little like this nursery from Birch and Lily


Creating the Perfect Gender Neutral Nurseries

neutral nurseries

Mom and I have had the chance to decorate bedrooms, bathrooms, dens, foyers, living rooms, dining rooms, sunrooms and kitchens in our own homes — with, admittedly, help from the pros when need be! But the one room we’ve never had a chance to daydream into reality is a beautiful nursery… until now! We thought it was time to share with all of our blog-following friends that my husband Will and I are expecting our first little one in September. These gender neutral nurseries certainly have us inspired!


neutral nurseries with chandelier
Chicsack Nursery

This post also comes with an apology. The past couple of months we might have been a little less than punctual with our posts, especially on the writing end, because, contrary to my visions of myself as a glowing, downward facing dogging pregnant person, I woke up at about four weeks with “morning” sickness and have been waiting for it to dissipate ever since… I think we all have to tell ourselves that we are going to be those glowing mothers with the inner calm to get pregnant in the first place! Sort of like how we tell ourselves that our child won’t throw spaghetti on the white couch like our friends’ children, even though, deep down, we know there’s at least a crayon wall mural in our futures.

nursery with perfect decor
Amy D. Morris Design

For the first several weeks, Will and I told ourselves and each other that we were going to let the sex of this little one be a surprise and have a gorgeous, gender-neutral nursery like one of these. Now, though, with the date of that magical ultrasound where they ask the inevitable question, “Do you want to know what it is?” looming only a couple of weeks away, we’ve lost all self control and just have to know!
nursery with gallery wall of pictures
Christina Murphy Interiors

The mother in me doesn’t care at all whether this baby is a boy or girl, but the decorator sort of does. Neutral is, of course, one of our all-time favorite color palettes, but when you start shopping all that pink and blue can be quite seductive…


gender neutral nurseries
Cottage Living

Plus, in our house, we have one bedroom and bath that already lends itself very well to a boy, while another seems to be more girlish. I’m going to take pics sometime this week and let all of you see if you agree.

gender neutral nurseries

This picture may be partially to thank for me realizing I was expecting in the first place. We posted it, and, while musing how precious it was, I realized I hadn’t been feeling well lately…. Six positive pregnancy tests later…


neutral nurseries
Gina Kates Designer

Pink or blue, there are definitely Moroccan poufs in this nursery’s future.


nursery in gray and yellow
gender neutral nurseries
Tom Felicia Designer


canopy crib
Urban Grace

Love the canopy!


nursery for twins
Stately Homes by the Sea Designer Showhouse


all white nursery
Simon Bevan Photography

Okay, so we promise that Design Chic isn’t going to turn into a baby blog. But can you humor us for a few more days while we let you know what we’re thinking for nurseries? We hope so! We need feedback from all of our stylish friends!

Happy Monday, everyone. We hope it’s an amazing week!


Tents and Teepees

Francois Halard Photography

Grown-up or child, we all need a little bit of space that is all ours. Last week, I was looking for the perfect gift for my nephew’s two-year-old birthday. I wanted to give him a cute tent to put in the yard, but Mom suggested a teepee instead. What a perfect gift! He loves it, learned a great, new, easy-to-pronounce vocabulary word, and, most important, it looks adorable in the house but can go outside at any time. Definitely a winning combination.  These teepees are not only the perfect place for a child’s imagination to run wild, but also add a whimsical design touch to the room (or yard). We hope you love them as much as we do!

Castles, Crowns and Cottages

Birch and Lily

Crush Cul de Sac

This is definitely a tent suited for both playtime and cocktail hour. How fun that everyone in the family can fit inside!

Design Traveller
Design Traveller
This is such an adorable way to priss up the teepee idea a bit. I think I just saw it in Restoration Hardware baby… 
Design Traveller
ish and chi

Design is Mine

The ultimate slumber party!

ish and chi

Check out the gingerella picture and compare it to this one. It’s the same room all grown up, right? That chair is too distinctive to be a coincidence!
Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope it’s beautiful where you are!


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