Fire Pits for Year-Round Patios



 The leaves are falling… The pumpkins and mums are everywhere… The nights are getting cooler (and darker!)… We think it’s safe to say that fall is firmly here and winter is right around the corner.



But that’s no reason to pack it up and head indoors. Especially if you have a fabulous water view! And adorable outdoor furniture!


Things We Love: Patios

Crisp Architects

Vicki Archer Design and Carla Coulson Photography

Marguerite Rodgers Design

Tim Clarke Design


Fieldstone Hill Design

All the Kings Houses

Linda L. Floyd Interior Design



In Good Taste: Suellen Gregory Design


In Good Taste: Ginger Barber Designs

Neutral palettes are the cornerstone of Ginger Barber’s designs, which is perhaps one of the reasons her aesthetic appeals to us so much.

Her ability to make a room look well-thought yet casual, elegant yet comfortable is one of our favorite things.
Cozy niches and a love of the uncomplicated are common themes of Barber’s design.
A collection of botanical prints always looks so sophisticated. What we love most is that, depending on the choice of plant, they can be very feminine, quite masculine or somewhere in between.
The hints of darkness in Barber’s designs anchor her neutral palette.
All in all, we think it’s safe to say that this is one designer whose work is in such good taste.

We think aged furniture makes a space feel so cozy and inviting.

Barber told House Beautiful that she associated woven things with comfort, which is perhaps why beautiful baskets and unexpected natural pieces so often grace her designs.
Ginger Barber’s motto is “keep it simple.”
And, really, we couldn’t agree more.


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