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We always associate pendant lights with the kitchen. But these versatile, stylish lights are a perfect fit for so many places in the home. They add a nautical touch — and tons of interest — to this dining room.  

Butler Armsden Architects


In this kitchen, they have made the best use of every bit of space — right down to these pretty pendants illuminating the island and bar. We love how the pendants bring a touch of green over into the kitchen space. 


Gift Card Giveway!

 Today’s the big day, everyone! One of our very lucky friends is going to win a $100 gift card for the fixture of their choice at the fabulous Rejuvenation. 

 We wish we could show you the gorgeously rejuvenated hallway and adjacent rooms where we hung our precious fixture. Only, you know when nine months of a renovation have gone off without a hitch, that happens to be the exact time that: Things. Fall. Apart. In the grand scheme, it isn’t that serious, but the tile in the bathroom was wrong. (On so, so many levels!) So the entire suite had to be put on hold because the tear-out created dust, dust, dust. And, as we all know, dust and art don’t mix well. And… the electricity was off so that no one got electrocuted during sconce installation.

At any rate, finished space or no, we adore the fixture there. It’s the perfect mix of old-world feel with a modern twist — and just a touch of black! The brushed nickel top blends beautifully with the bathroom fixtures. And, don’t worry, when the doors are replaced and the second-floor porch finished, we will have corresponding knobs! 

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That’s it. Easiest 100 bucks we’ve ever made!
If you want more chances or to see some other variations of this cool pendant, visit our blog friends:

                                                                              Calling It Home 

 So, here’s what we’d do with ours… You know, if we were eligible. We love these galvanized planters. So chic!
 There’s no such thing as enough when it comes to coffee table books.
 The ’70s have never been cooler.
 We love the yacht feel of this lamp!

 This end table would spruce any look.
 Love. Love. Love.

An essential for those hand-crafted summer cocktails. Don’t forget to enter, and good luck, everyone! Gift card or no, we hope each of your days is a winner!

**NOTE: We accidentally deleted the first 100 comments on here, but no worries! We have all your entries saved in our email 🙂 Sorry… Multitasking and comments don’t mix!


One Light, Four Ways

 We are so excited this week because we have the awesome opportunity to work with Rejuvenation and three fabulous bloggers to design a pendant light and then use it in a room we are working on! The even better news? Next Monday, when we reveal the design of our light, we are also giving away a $100 Rejuvenation gift card for YOU to use on anything your little heart desires! Yay! If you aren’t familiar with Rejuvenation, they are the lighting arm of the Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn family, and are stuffed to the gills with incredible lighting!

 We have this tricky little hallway in the Beaufort house that we need the perfect fixture for… So this couldn’t have come at a better time!
 Just to orient you to the space, the hall is in between the upstairs (soon-to-be) master bath…
 And the upstairs master bedroom. The entire area is that great spatial white color that we are so excited about, so we’ve narrowed our pendant colors down to something in the chrome, aluminum, stainless family, glass, frosted glass or maybe some sort of cool lantern look that will go with the age of the house.
It’s all ready and waiting for just the right light. We’re pretty excited about the reveal because this hallway is very important. It leads to the second-floor porch, so it’s sure to get tons of traffic. We’re hoping by next week the cardboard will the gone, the pictures will be hung, and, most important, we’ll have a chic centerpiece in the form of the perfect light. So, what would your vision for this space be? Something shiny? A dull steel? Glass? So many great options!
Here are the other blog friends we’re working with on this fun One Light, Four Ways project:
Calling It Home 
We’re betting their spaces look a little better in the “before” photos… But, the good news it, that means we’ll have something even more surprising to reveal! 
We are all four using the Baltimore Pendant and designing it in a way that looks good in our space. Here are a few options that we think are great! But there are so, so many great looks it’s hard to choose just one!
We shouldn’t even tell you guys this because we’re creating competition for ourselves, but, since we’re friends, we felt obligated to let you know that Rejuvenation is giving away this gorgeous Blenko lamp on April 30. All you have to do is Like them on Facebook. This lamp is the PERFECT blue for the Beaufort house, and, you might like to know, retails for a mere $590. (See what good friends we are?) We’d say to let us know if you win, but we’re pretty much planning on being the lucky ones. We think we’ll use it in the living room 🙂

Traditional Home
Here a few beautiful hallways for your viewing pleasure!
Structures Building Group
We hope ours is looking as spruced and fabulous as these soon!
Opal Design Group
Australian Decor

Tim Barber Ltd


Thanks for visiting us today, and don’t forget to check back next Monday for our $100 gift card giveaway! We know we could use some amazing lighting from Rejuvenation! Wishing you a Monday that is bright, bright, bright!

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Beaufort House Update: Seeing the Light

Hi, friends! We hope you all had a wonderful Monday. We didn’t get to Beaufort this week, so not much to report, but, the good news is, that means double progress for next week! One of the first things we need to pick for the house is the light fixtures, and we have a few things that we’re considering. 
For the kitchen, these clean, simple, white pendants with silver on the inside are one of our possible picks.
But we also are partial to sleek, chrome fixtures like these, especially since we’re thinking of using this kind of bar stool. 
Another cool pendant choice for the kitchen. This one is a little more rustic.
These are so gorgeous! Which would you pick for your kitchen?
We’re pretty set on this driftwood sphere for the living room. It adds that rustic, beachy touch while still being fabulous.
We are thinking of this oyster shell fixture for the dining room. The intricate detail of it is amazing.
This gorgeous shell chandelier is one of our favorite choices for the entrance hall. 
Aren’t these great for the downstairs master? A splash of gold is always fun! 
Thanks for stopping by and following our progress.


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