Three Elements of a Perfect Spring Porch with Zillow

We’re so excited to have Tali Wee from Zillow with us today, discussing how to make your Spring porch really shine! If you’re looking for outdoor inspiration, look no further!

 3 Elements of a Perfect Spring Porch

By Tali Wee of Zillow

As spring sunlight begins to brighten homes, residents are drawn to the outdoors. Spruce up the porch to create an ideal transition from beautiful countryside to chic abode.

Porches, decks and sunrooms are multipurpose – welcoming residents home, entertaining guests, enhancing curb appeal and providing the perfect reading nooks full of natural light. Porches staged with the following three characteristics suit any homeowner’s style and appeal to most house hunters on the market.

1. Highlight the Natural Scenery

Begin by creating a layout focused on natural surroundings, such as water views or expansive sunroom windows. Arrange the furniture in the direction of the natural focal point.

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Tabletop Tuesday: Perfect Porches

If you’re like us, your porch is one of your favorite rooms. Because some are big, some are small and they receive various amounts of exposure to the elements, designing these spaces can be a little trickier than decorating the average room. Fortunately, Paula S. Wallace has written Perfect Porches to provide a little inspiration whether you want your outdoor room to be casual, formal, modern or traditional. And, as is the reason we love books so much, even if you don’t use a lick of advice in the book, it is a great way to accessorize one of the indoor living areas in your house. Thanks to The Post and Courier and The Constant for this peek inside the pages. Enjoy!

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