Three Elements of a Perfect Spring Porch with Zillow

We’re so excited to have Tali Wee from Zillow with us today, discussing how to make your Spring porch really shine! If you’re looking for outdoor inspiration, look no further!

 3 Elements of a Perfect Spring Porch

By Tali Wee of Zillow

As spring sunlight begins to brighten homes, residents are drawn to the outdoors. Spruce up the porch to create an ideal transition from beautiful countryside to chic abode.

Porches, decks and sunrooms are multipurpose – welcoming residents home, entertaining guests, enhancing curb appeal and providing the perfect reading nooks full of natural light. Porches staged with the following three characteristics suit any homeowner’s style and appeal to most house hunters on the market.

1. Highlight the Natural Scenery

Begin by creating a layout focused on natural surroundings, such as water views or expansive sunroom windows. Arrange the furniture in the direction of the natural focal point.

Thistlewood Farms





When it comes to classic, New England style, Patrick Ahearn Architecture and Interiors has it all wrapped up. So we weren’t a bit surprised to hear that they had been inducted into the 2013 New England Home Hall of Fame. In fact, if we were going to close our eyes as tight as we could and imagine what our dream New England home would look like, we’d be pretty thrilled if we opened our eyes to this!

Classic architecture and the judicious use of seaside touches (chic, not kitschy) are only a couple of the reasons that we think this firm’s choices are in such good taste.
 Neutral palettes with a splash of color are our favorite for coastal decor. (And anywhere else, really!) The soothing decor creates instant relaxation and doesn’t take away from the vibrant landscape outside the window. Check out the fantastic architectural details in the archways. It’s those little touches that take a home to the next level.

 Family dinners, dinner parties, laughing over drinks with friends… We think the dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house for creating memories that last a lifetime. A large farmhouse table creates the ideal atmosphere for sharing a good meal–and an open floor plan ensures that the cook doesn’t get left out!

1One of our favorite things about Patrick Ahearn’s seaside designs is that they always, without fail, place a premium on the crux of any good seaside home: the view! We are such huge fans of multiple seating areas, especially for parties. We’re sure this house entertains in style!

1 triple windows patrick aheThose open windows make even doing the dinner dishes seem more like a prize than a chore. The mix of counter surfaces here makes for a classically unique kitchen. And we just adore those baskets above the fridge and the back splash. It’s those little touches that make these elegant and beautiful homes feel relaxed and livable.

Lounging by this pool wouldn’t be too shabby either… This is the absolute chicest pool house! We could definitely lounge away an afternoon relaxing by this pool.
1 window box patrid
On the exterior, as with the interior, it’s that attention to detail that separates an Ahearn home from the pack. The charming window boxes, pergola and picket fence create a homey feeling in a stunning, sprawling setting.
Cedar shakes by the seashore. Say that three times fast! Obviously, this is a gorgeous home in any material, but we think that cedar shakes can make any home more fabulous!
 Don’t crisp, clean landscaping and interiors make everything better? It would be such a treat to drive up this perfectly manicured lawn everyday. (Although we have doubts about our abilities to stay within those perfect brick lines…) We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s good taste and wish you a wonderful day!


In Good Taste: Ginger Barber Designs

Neutral palettes are the cornerstone of Ginger Barber’s designs, which is perhaps one of the reasons her aesthetic appeals to us so much.

Her ability to make a room look well-thought yet casual, elegant yet comfortable is one of our favorite things.
Cozy niches and a love of the uncomplicated are common themes of Barber’s design.
A collection of botanical prints always looks so sophisticated. What we love most is that, depending on the choice of plant, they can be very feminine, quite masculine or somewhere in between.
The hints of darkness in Barber’s designs anchor her neutral palette.
All in all, we think it’s safe to say that this is one designer whose work is in such good taste.

We think aged furniture makes a space feel so cozy and inviting.

Barber told House Beautiful that she associated woven things with comfort, which is perhaps why beautiful baskets and unexpected natural pieces so often grace her designs.
Ginger Barber’s motto is “keep it simple.”
And, really, we couldn’t agree more.


In Good Taste: Tracery Interiors

A light, crisp, beachy feel for a light, crisp, beachy day! Open yet warm, modern yet refined, we think these pictures from Tracery Interiors offer plenty of inspiration for any home. We hope you’ll agree that all of their picks are in good taste.
Happy, happy Monday, friends! We hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!


Things We Love: Porch Swings

House Beautiful

There are some days that are made for porch sitting. Whether the weather is beautiful or, like here, it’s pouring rain, there is nothing better than a warm cup of tea, a good book and a comfy porch swing to enjoy them in. Toss in a few coordinating pillows and some snazzy furniture, and you’ve got an outdoor space perfect for resting, daydreaming, or reading poetry and pretending you’re Allie from The Notebook… (Maybe that’s just me!)

My husband suggested that today’s post be entitled: Things We Love: Roofs that Don’t Leak. On that note, I’m going to go chat with the roofer about our (not-so-fun) rainy-day surprise! Whether it’s raining or shining where you are, we hope these images make your evening a little brighter!

A Life’s Design

Haskell Harris

J Savage Gibson for Coastal Living

John O’Hagan Photography

Country Living

Don Freeman via House Beautiful

Atlanta House and Home

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