Monday Musings: Restoration Hardware

 Has the big, fat Spring Restoration Hardware sourcebook landed on your doorstep yet? It was a total surprise for us, but we had so much fun looking at it we sort of felt like we were flipping through our much-anticipated September Vogue. The theme “big style, small spaces” was so cool, and we couldn’t agree more that, yes, the world is getting smaller. How else could we be talking to you super fun people all over the world right now? 
 The Paris pied-a-terre was our favorite, but that’s really just because we’re so partial to French furniture. It was glamorous without feeling too formal or stuffy. It felt like the perfect weekend jaunt… Supposing, of course that we lived close enough to Paris to dash off to it every now and then.
 These rope fixtures are on the top of our favorites list. They’d be great in a beach house, but I don’t think they’re necessarily nautical. I sort of want one in my kitchen. It has a French Country feel to me.
 I don’t think this massive tufted couch really goes along with the “small spaces” category, but isn’t it fabulous? No one would be fighting over who got the chaise! These bird cage chandeliers are also a cool concept, but I’m not sure either of us have the right spot for one. Pretty to look at, though!
 We are huge fans of French furniture, but sometimes it’s just too much. We like the feel of this furniture because it has those great lines but still feels casual enough for every day living. This line could slip right into a sunroom or vacation home no problem.
 Our favorite thing about the Restoration Hardware books was that there were so many things that were just super cool. We love elements in a room that are unexpected, and we think these resin antlers would be such a fabulous contrast hanging right over that french piece above.
 Will and I are wanting to spruce up our patio now that it’s getting warm, and this picture was such an inspiration. We want to have somewhere comfortable and cozy where all our friends can gather for drinks and chat. This fire pit is so sleek and modern. Super stylish!
I saw these trunks in a Restoration Hardware store the other day, and I really wanted to buy one. The polished aluminum feels new, modern and fresh in contrast to the leather and wood accents. So fun! 
We adore all the vintage farm tables. These chairs are great too. We’ll take it all! 
We hope you all have a wonderful day with some extra time to flip through your new sourcebook!

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When One Door Closes…

Petite Trianon, Palace of Versailles
If the door is the little black dress, the hardware is the perfect accessory to make it pop. 
Petite Trianon, Palace of  Versailles
So, yes, hardware as lovely as that found at the Palace of Versailles may be hard to come by, 
Chic Little Blog

but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t all find something extraordinary to make our doors into something special.

Elizabeth Kimberly Design
Lions have always been one of our favorites for adding pizazz, 
but these snakes might just have become one of our new obsessions. They aren’t just for Cleopatra, you know.

Hotel Particulier, Paris
Those French really do know their knobs. These bow handles are simply divine, like the perfect Christmas wreath all year round.
Life of Polarn Per
Although we must admit that sometimes bigger is better, or, as Tony Duquette would say, more is more…
Belle Francaise Interiors
the perfect design in something a little smaller is sometimes even sweeter.
We hope you all have an amazing weekend!


Things We Love: Mannequins

Made by Girl
We love unique, three-dimensional accessories that really make a room pop. If you’re looking to add interest and height to a small, awkward corner or other space that seems to “need” something that you can’t quite place, mannequins can be an unexpected option. We like them best in the bedroom because they double as a great place to hang necklaces, scarves or your party dress for tomorrow night. Just make sure you don’t wake up in the middle of the night thinking there’s someone lurking in your room! 

Restoration Hardware


Miki Duisterhof Photographer via Country Living

Joseph de Leo Photographer via Country Living

Desire to Inspire

fashion leader

Does anyone else watch Bethenny Ever After? She just received one of these adorable iron mannequins for her birthday that is now in her bedroom. We love the iron ones because they are interesting all on their own, even if you don’t dress them up!


Kelly McGuill Galleries/ Heath Robbins Photography

Kelly McGuill Galleries/Webb Chappel Photography

my ideal home

Piet Boon

Love the hat on this one!

Vain and Vapid
vt wonen

Stella Nicolaisen Photographer

Happy Monday, friends! We hope you all have a wonderful week.


Things We Love: Antlers

Designer Timothy Corrigan
It’s the seasonal event that many women dread: your husband comes home from a long, cold day of  hunting with… a deer head. And, as if the subconscious Bambi comparisons aren’t bad enough, he wants to hang it in — yup, you guessed it — the family room. Thankfully, these designers prove that those antlers, far from being a woodsy, “man cave” (or back of the closet) accessory, can add a masculine touch to any room in your house. Want the look without all the tears? Antique shops are brimming with antlers of all kinds these days.

We love how Timothy Corrigan used antlers to spice up this huge space with its lofty ceilings. Sometimes one dimensional art can get a little, well, flat. This room definitely makes a statement.
Designer Kathleen Rivers
Kathleen Rivers seamlessly combines the rustic with the elegant to create a room that anyone would love. That antler light fixture is so very fabulous.
The Steward
Now that is a man cave. And a gorgeous one at that. This is how I picture the hunter’s house in “The Most Dangerous Game,” boldly displaying a collection of his conquests from all over the world. Did you ever read that story?
Ralph Lauren Store
Nobody does the great outdoors better than Ralph… or the great indoors, judging from his gorgeous stores in NYC.
Riverhills Showhouse
Incredibly tall ceilings like this is where those deer really shine.
Restoration Hardware
We just adore Restoration Hardware’s new look. Don’t you?
Jeffrey Bilhuber Design
A gorgeous spot by Jeffrey Bilhuber. Even with all those skulls there’s a sort of softness to the room from the color palette and that plush rug on the floor.
Everything Fabulous
I know I may have mentioned this once or twice or a hundred times, but there is nothing better than a room full of books. And this simple pair of antlers as a centerpiece is perfection. Thanks for sharing Everything Fabulous, because that’s just what everything in this room is.
Super cool space from Decorpad. I don’t know who works at this desk, but I bet they do something really creative.
Thom Filicia
This is the ultimate chic cabin by Thom Filicia. From the looks of those oars, it seems a mounted fish might be joining the other animals soon.
Polly Wreford Photography
Those heads are more versatile than we even knew. What a great way to celebrate! Hope you’re celebrating this Monday too!

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