Striking Stripes in Interiors and Fashion

white stripes
Wave Avenue

Red and white stripes…

white stripe

Catherine Gratwicke Photography white Peppermint candy …

white stripes
The Fuller View

On the floor …

Alexandre Herchovitch

Wear out the door !

Illesteva Leonard II

Striped glasses for having it made in the shade.

Elizabeth Bologino Design

 in the kitchen — and on the couch!

white stripe
Catherine Gratwicke Photography

Bow-and-knot … Bowl-and-white . On-top-of-polka-dots!

Paul Davis Design

 And the most unexpected kind — in materials of shiniest shine.

color stripes this is glamourous
This is Glamorous

We just love big, bold, luscious stripes… Fashion, interior design, glamorous silk and gray .

color stripes bethesda style
Bethesda Style

For long, warm, sunny days lounging by the seashore and getting your toes in the sand, they fit the bill almost as breezily as the wind.

color stripemark sike home via hb
Mark D. Sikes Design

 And there’s nothing like sthen for wiping those sandy feet in style. Wishing you a stripes-and-barefoot kind of weekend! (With a little sun and sand!)

Thanks for kicking off your long Easter weekend with us! If you have Monday off, we hope you’re doing something extra fun and relaxing, surrounded by people you love — and hordes of chocolate eggs, of course.

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