Things We Love: Copper!

glass and copper pendants in kitchen


Happy Thursday, friends! We hope that you’re having a wonder week!  From cooking to gutters to a yummy Moscow Mule, copper is one of our favorite, fabulous versatile metals. We’ve never seen the metal used for pendants, but we absolutely love it!

copper in kitchen
Terra Cotta Properties – Red Papaya Blog

If a whole pendant is too much, we adore the look of a copper and glass pendant. These light each work surface beautifully.


 A splash of copper on a gorgeous range can absolutely make a kitchen.

Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors

Those copper lanterns on either side of the stove are amazing! Such a great touch!

Fox Group Construction


 Copper pots and pans are not only great for cooking but also like jewelry for the kitchen! We’d hang them out in the open too!

copper Moscow mules
Shop Terrain


Yummy, yummy! Perfect for that Moscow Mule — or whatever this delicious mint and blueberry concoction is.

copper pots and pans


Copper cookware shines gloriously

Austin Patterson Disston


against white paint.  Copper gleams against a pretty painted wood backsplash.

Karr Bick

 And, of course, makes a splash against plain white subway tile.

Shop Terrain


 Copper flatware is such a cool alternative to plain stainless. It sets a gorgeous table!

Terra Cotta Properties – Red Papaya Blog


 This copper fixture casts the right light on an office.

Studio McGee



 But, my oh my, if we’re going to choose one copper piece that we would want in our homes, it would be a giant copper tub in the bathroom! Perfect for keeping bath water toasty warm for long winter soaking. All that’s missing is a good book!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. We hope you have a great start to the week!

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Setting the Christmas Table

Photo: Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny


Good morning, lovely readers! Can you believe how incredibly close we are getting to Christmas? Is it beginning to look like it at your house?

Beaufort Dining Room – Smith Cameron Photography


This is our holiday table, all set and ready, with Christmas ornaments at every place. (If you peek into the bookcase, you’ll see our favorite Christmas decoration: A felt nativity from Wisteria that is too sweet for words!)

Suzanne Kasler via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Do you set your table the same way every year? Is it a bit of a tradition?


Or do you come up with something new and different every year?

Suzanne Rheinstein Design


Do you fill your table with delicious treats, buffet-style, so that all your guests can mix and mingle?

One Kings Lane


Or do you set each place full of good things for guests to enjoy? Do you go all out with the Christmas accessories and decor?

One Kings Lane


Or do you keep the table simple and beautiful, suitable for any season?

One Kings Lane


The perfect flourish in a napkin makes each guest feel special. We love a sprig of something fresh at each plate.

We hope that our favorite holiday tables have given you a bit of inspiration for your own. Thanks so much for making us a part of your day!

Hanging the Garland!

One Kings Lane

Oh, the garland! It’s one of the best parts of Christmas, really. Not only because it looks so beautiful but also because it smells so very delicious. No matter how nice a Christmas tree candle we get, nothing smells like the real thing. (Although, well, some of them smell pretty great.)

One Kings Lane

Looking at all these beauties we can’t help but be reminded of last Christmas when our fabulous friend Laura Trevey from Bright, Bold, Beautiful came with our Lowe’s Home Improvement and gave the outside of our house a lot of Christmas love. That, of course, included lots of garland! Looking at the pictures now makes me wish that we had all these fabulous decorations again this year! But it’s somehow less work when you have a crew of seven orchestrating the whole thing…

One Kings Lane

I think my love for garland must be a genetic trait, inherited from Mom. who spends every weekend after Thanksgiving decking my childhood halls. (Take a peek at her holiday decor from years past!) 

Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

We’re generally of the “less is more” camp, but, when it comes to garland, we’re of the “more is more” mindset!

Felt Ball Garland

We have a driftwood tree in the corner of our living room that I am so in love with. (Maybe because it’s cute, maybe because it doesn’t shed everywhere…) Our sweet friends at Minted sent us one of these charming felt garlands last year, and it is the perfect finishing touch to that little tree, decked out completely in coastal ornaments. 

Pommed Garland

Last year was the first year that we didn’t hang garland over my portrait that graces Mom and Dad’s dining room.

Jill Sharp Brinson via Atlanta Homes & LIfestyles

Mom and I are real night owls, so we’re usually decorating at like 2 am when we’re together. So we went into the dining room, to hang the garland and turned the portrait light on. When we did, the bulb blew in a big, loud burst.


New England Home Magazine

As Mom attempted to change it, it broke off in the socket. I, being terribly industrious–and having a YouTube app–retrieved a potato and untwisted the broken part. I know. It was impressive.

Shop Terrain

Well, it was impressive until I stepped off the ladder, the ladder crashed into the buffet, the buffet cabinet flew open and about twenty salad plates went crashing to the ground in a spectacular mixture of sound and broken porcelain.

Shop Terrain

At that point, I would have quit. But Mom is very stubborn determined. She decided that she would persevere. So she tried to put a new bulb in the light, it nearly electrocuted her, and, as I caught her as she fell backward off the stool, the switch for the light broke into three pieces and fell. The pieces weighed practically nothing yet somehow caused a chain reaction that knocked all the candles out of the candelabra. They broke. And the entire portrait itself, which, with the frame, must way at least fifty pounds, came toppling down as well, in the final flourish.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Anyone looking through the window would have been certain we had been drinking, as funny as we found this. Had the portrait been of a dead relative and not the living me, I would have assumed the thing was haunted. Needless to say, we won’t be hanging garland on the portrait this year. But everything else? It will be covered in green for sure. 

Are you a fan of garland? Where do you hang it?

Things We Love! Segreto Vignettes!


We are excited every morning to wake up with all of your, our fabulous readers, and share something amazing. But today we are especially excited because our lovely, wonderful, insanely talented friend, Leslie Sinclair, has done it again! You savored Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors, you devoured Segreto Style, and now you are going to be positively drooling over Segreto Vignettes!


Setting the Table

One Kings Lane

Setting the table was my first chore.


Things We Love: Pea Gravel

Howard Design Studio


Mom and I have both always loved infomercials. I know. They’re worse than reality TV. But it’s not like you set out to watch an infomercial. It’s something that just sort of happens. Not so much anymore, but, back in the days before DVR and OnDemand, we’d be up late, and one would just come on. And then we’d get sucked in, and, before we knew it, we were pulling out our credit card  (Well, Mom’s credit card. I was a child.) and ordering Yoga Booty Ballet because the next fifty callers got a free set of resistance bands.

garden pea gravel
Hollander Designs



We already had three sets of resistance bands, but it’s something in that guy’s voice and all those women who went from a size 14 to a size 2 in three weeks and their asthma went away and they met the love of their life and won the lottery… 

Suzanne Kasler via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


So we ordered Yoga Booty Ballet. And Billy Blank’s Tae Bo. And this cool thing you used to sort cans in the fridge. And something I can’t remember the name of that involved step aerobics. (Mom is really good at step aerobics. She was a preschool mom in the early 90’s so, you know…)

pea gravel robert coultier connecticu c &G
Robert Couturier  via CTC&G


But there was this one infomercial I always used to see that intrigued me. It was for these detoxifying foot pads. You’d put them on when you slept and they would pull all the toxins and heavy metals out of your body and when you woke up the foot pads were black with all of the gross stuff pulled out of your body!

pea gravel
Hollander Design


Now, Mom still has a Tony Little Gazelle in the garage, but she made fun of me for thinking these things would work. So I never got them. 

pea gravel
Stroudwater Design Group via Dering Hall


Yesterday, I was in TJ Maxx trying to be patient while Will examined two dozen lunch boxes when I saw them. Those foot pads! And they were $4.99, so I bought them, despite the lack of a free set if I ordered in the next eight minutes. And I woke up this morning and they were black just like on the infomercial, and I am quite sure that my insides are squeaky clean and toxin and heavy metal free just like that happy girl on TV all those years ago!


So, sure, yeah, it’s probably just some sort of reaction with the heat in my body that turns that little pad black. But it makes you feel so accomplished. I mean, for every win–like the foot pad and Billy Blanks–there’s a thigh master and a can sorter that cans don’t actually fit in. But that’s half the fun. And this is why we love infomercials. 

Patrick Ahearn Architect


Something we love that’s a little less risky? Pea gravel. We installed it in our backyard in Beaufort, and it has been a miracle for controlling moisture and keeping those pesky mosquitoes away.

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


Plus, it’s so pretty, which, frankly, was our initial appeal. The lack of Zika was just a happy side effect. So, no, it’s not great for heels. But in flats or flip flops, gravel makes the most satisfying crunch underneath your feet.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


And it’s such a beautiful juxtaposition with surrounding grass.


So, no, you probably won’t get a free gift with purchase with your pea gravel. But, on the very bright side, it’s also probably not going to end up unused in your garage. Speaking of, I’m off to unearth those Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs I haven’t seen since college. They were great. And I’m having the strangest urge to hunt down this Fluidity Barre system that I used to see all the time… Although, it’s way less fun to order informercial products now that I have to use my own credit card!

Wishing you a wonderful day, chic friends!


Thanks so much for stopping by today! We always love it when you do!

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