In Good Taste: Candace Barnes

We wanted to share the fabulous designs of Candace Barnes this morning — a little good taste for your Tuesday!

We hope you’re all having a wonderful week! 


Things We Love: Birdhouses

When it comes to making your house feel like a home, the outdoor spaces are often just as important as the indoor ones. A charming garden, veranda or patio can become one of your favorite “rooms.” And few things complete the look of a garden more than the perfect birdhouse. Not only does a birdhouse add a cozy design element to your yard but it also makes your feathered friends feel as at home as you do. Here are a few of the birdhouses that we think add a little something special to these spaces:

“Thanks to Little Emma English Home for sharing! “

“From designer Jared Paul featured in Atlanta Home and Lifestyles”

“Designed by Phillip Watson and photographed for Southern Accents”

“From At Home in Arkansas”

“Thanks to Willowbrook Park!”

If you’re looking for a birdhouse to spice up your yard, we love this Heartwood Copper Songbird Birdhouse, Oct-Avian Bird House and Butterfly Bell House. You’ll have bird’s nests in no time!

Things We Love: Oars

It’s always fun to find unique ways to spice up your decor. And, while you might think of oars as just what you use to paddle a boat, they can also be a whimsical way to add interest to any space.

These two beautiful water views are accented by the oars leaned casually in the corner. The first photo was featured in Coastal Living and the second is designer Lynn Morgan’s river view as photographed for New York Spaces.

Anything three-dimensional on a wall is instantly eye catching. In this seaside home, featured in Coastal Living, designer Kay Douglass ditches the typical painting or mirror that would hang over the couch in favor of oars.

This outdoor shower, pictured in Coastal Living gets not only a dimensional kick but also a punch of color from oars.

Also in Coastal Living, these beachcombers can be ready for a paddle at a moment’s notice and give their porch a punch of color with this red oar.

Oars are also the perfect thing to hang in difficult-to-decorate spaces. In the first room, featured in Veranda, designer Kay Hutchinson creates a focal point by hanging oars above the doorway. The home of American painter John Dowd, as pictured in Elle Decor, also has an oar hanging in the stairwell.

If you think an oar could be just the thing to spice up your space, we love this Caviness Basswood Oar.

Things We Love: Seashells

In general, we’re big fans of any way that we can bring the outdoors in. Beach house or not, seashells can add a punch to any decor. From the den to the bath to that fabulous outdoor space, we love the way that these designers incorporated the shore into every room.

The shell centerpiece in this room, designed by Mary MacDonald becomes a beautiful focal point.

A single shell makes a perfect centerpiece in this outdoor space, designed by Robert A.M. Stern and featured in Architectural Digest.

Designer Seth Anderson uses coral in this tone-on-tone room, also featured in Architectural Digest.

Designer Annette Hannon uses shells to set this table setting apart. This photo is from Home and Design Magazine.

Phoebe Howard uses starfish and coral to add dimension and flair to the built-ins in this dining room.

Peter Vitale photographed this great use of seashells for Veranda.

This outdoor area screams for shells, and designer Michael Ruegamer delivers. This space was photographed for Architectural Digest.

Paolo Moschino uses a shell for a soap dish in this bathroom, featured in House Beautiful.

Rich fabrics, luxurious stone and gilded accessories contrast the shells in this room impeccably. We love Joan Bobbit’s unexpected use of these elements together, as photographed for Southern Accents.

Okay, so ideally we would all comb the beach and find exactly the perfect shell. Realistically, though, that is nearly impossible. Buying them might be a little like cheating, but sometimes there’s no other option. We like this Pink Murex Seashell, Large Conus Litteratus Seashell and White Coral.  If you’re in the market for starfish, this Package of 30 Real Starfish is a bargain and as real as if you found each one yourself!

Things We Love: Picture Galleries

picture gallery

Whether we’re displaying family photos, architectural, botanical or any other kind of print, we can’t get enough of picture galleries. Not only do they really define a space but they also add interest to any room. Looking to create a fabulous artistic touch on a budget? Find great, inexpensive frames and fill them with the picture of your choice.

In this gorgeous foyer, Charles Faudree, as featured in Veranda, displays prints in wooden, matted frames, similar to these Fetco Matted Wood Wall Frames.

The bedroom is our favorite place to display cherished family memories. The room below, featured in Architectural Digest, designed by Elissa Cullman utilizes black-and-white photos to individualize the space. These Malden Linear Wooden Frames can give you a similar look in your bedroom.

Picture Gallery
picture gallery

Nina Griscom’s daughter Lily’s bedroom gets a touch of chid-like elegance from these animal prints, showcased in frames similar to these Collage PhotoMat Frames.
picture gallery

In this bedroom, Phoebe Howard uses a picture gallery over the bedside table to create a complement to this beyond fabulous canopy bed. We love these Fetco Two-Tone Frames that are beautiful as well as eco-friendly!

 Picture Gallery
Designer Mariette Hines Gomez, as featured in Architectural Digest, creates a focal point in this hallway by filling the space with prints in frames like these Malden Manhattan Wall Frames.

picture Gallery

This handsome, tented men’s dressing room, designed by Mario Buretto, gains quite a bit of interest from these classic Vanity Fair prints. (The prints are, by the way, readily available on eBay.) Frame them in these Espresso Frames to give a similar masculine look.

Tabletop Tuesday: Charles Faudree Interiors

Charles Faudree Interiors

If I (Kristy) had my way, I would live in a house made completely of books. Seriously. That’s how much I love them. While my husband complains that we already do, and there is not an ounce of space for any more in our house, Mom (Beth) seriously indulges my book habit. She recently bought me Charles Faudree Interiors and I am obsessed. Not only is he the cutest man ever with the cutest dog ever — check out his picture below — but his taste is also beyond inspired. The pictures below are of a Jamaican house featured in the book, but these particular photos graced the pages of Veranda. Maybe it’s because it’s summer, and I have the beach on the brain, but I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be right now than this Bambu Villa.

Charles Faudree--Veranda

Charles Faudree 2

Blue and white…. Is there anything more classic?

Charles Faudree

We have decided that this could be one of our favorite rooms of all time. We can’t get enough coral, and check out the pink leopard print lamp shades!

Charles Faudree

These are the coolest twin beds we’ve ever seen. If you really pay attention, this room is tiny. But Faudree makes the best possible use of every square inch of space. The result? Fabulous!

This shell mirror makes such a grand statement without being overly fussy. It’s the perfect touch!

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