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It is, inarguably, one of the most classic color combinations. 

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For traditional office supplies that always work their hardest, 


White Subway Tile

Susan Geier and Michael Ranson Design
It’s no surprise that we can’t get enough light, bright, beautiful white. In a kitchen or a bath, there’s simply no color that feels as clean and refreshing. We all know when using a neutral palette, it’s crucial to mix up the shades and textures to make the room feel rich and deep, not sterile.
My Home Ideas
That’s why one of our favorite looks for the kitchen or bath is the streamlined, tailored, yet slightly out-of-the-ordinary look of white subway tiles. They add pattern and interest without being so bold as to take away from the other elements in the room. For us, subway tile is the same idea as fresh, crisp linens in a bedroom or bath. 
Taste Interior
While some varieties of subway tile can, of course, be pricey, one of our favorite things about this staple is that it is readily available in budget-friendly styles as well. We think adding a gray grout, like in this kitchen, gives even a generic tile a custom look — and coordinates beautifully with gray cabinets or grey veining in classic marble.
Cottage – Gardens
It really can’t be said enough: Lighting makes a space. The right lighting on this tile makes it sparkle and shine.
Kathy Manzella Designer
The many elements in this room are a feast for the eyes. (No pun intended!) A simple, clean backsplash ties it all together without feeling overwhelming.
Kathy Manzella Designer
We know we’re talking about tile here, but isn’t that range just to die for? Wow! And the open shelving here makes the space seem big and open.
Things That Inspire
Subway tile is perfect for a bathroom, and the gray grout not only customizes the look but is also much easier to keep clean than white! The whole point of a shower like this is to relax — not be scrubbing grout stains with a toothbrush!
Kyle Dillon Architecture
In a bath like this, subway tile is a great way to make an area fade into the background a bit while other elements like the marble bath and mosaic tiles shine in the forefront.
We love it on the walls, ceilings and floors.  
What a dreamy bath! That classic black and white tile combined with rich white marble and crisp subway tile is hands-down one of our favorite combinations for a timeless bath. Here’s wishing you a weekend full of bubble baths (and bubbly!) in a tub just this fabulous!


MondayMusings:Historic Shore Decor


If you follow our blog, you might know that we have been on the hunt for a beach house the past couple of months. As it turns out, it hasn’t been as easy as we thought! On the bright side, we have a new potential contender. The best part? It’s a historic home! We know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but we are huge fans of the charm that accompanies a place with a little age on it. (And those little plaques on the front doors!) Mixing coastal style with classic charm can be tricky, but we think we’re up to the challenge! This living room has loads of inspiration.

The house has an entrance “parlor.” If you’re picturing velvet-covered Victorian furniture, you’re right on the money. Pull down the sheers and bring on the light! This round table has a welcoming appeal and the upholstered furniture is much more the look we’re trying to achieve. Plus, a classic chandelier combines the old with the new.
Liz Williams Designer

Sitting porch? Yes, please! Coffee and crosswords are even better with a water view.

Anne Decker Architect
If there’s one drawback to a home that hasn’t been renovated since the ’60s it’s — you guessed it — the kitchen. But, we figure we can grin, bear it, and count our blessings that it wasn’t last renovated in 1907! 
Elle Deocr
Mom wants a bull in the kitchen. I’m on board.
A formal dining room is great in a formal house, but we’re wanting fresh off the grill, (and out of the ocean!) lots of friends, and no dress code. This farm table, chairs and these great light fixtures are a fabulous combo.

This art is coastal, chic and just a touch refined.
pretty stuff
A built-in china cabinet doesn’t have to display the good stuff. We much prefer the eclectic coastal look of this set up.
Jason Bell Design via House Beautiful
An antique french bed painted white is light enough to be beachy but still fits the age of the home.
One of the most important considerations I always have is where my desk is going to go! One of the winning points in our latest obsession is that it has a perfect spot for a desk in the corner of my bedroom, in a window overlooking the water. Just think of all the blogging I could do! 🙂
We love a look like this for baby Will’s room. It’s masculine, Hemingway-esque and could carry him for years. His new baby hammock would look great in there for now. Yes, baby hammock. Sometimes there comes a point in life when you and your husband look at each realize it at the same time: No matter what that d*&! sleep book says he’s never, ever going to sleep in that crib.
Phoebe Howard Design
We just love twin beds. They probably aren’t the most practical for guests — but we love the sailboats over the headboard!

Life of Polarn Per
Bathrooms can be tricky when you’re looking to maintain a level of certain historical integrity and make it look up to date. Mosaic tile and pedestal sinks are such a classic choice.
So what do you think? Are you more of a new house person or do you like a bit of a fixer upper?
Happy Monday, friends!


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