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 It’s great for summer, of course, but yellow is one of our favorite hues for every season! It really is the happiest color! Wouldn’t you just feel so fresh and vibrant walking into this front door every day?

Allison Ramsey Architect

 A yellow cottage in just the right shade is so charming — especially when it’s complete with a white picket fence!


Living in Lemon

Tucker and Marks

Sweet knuckleheads
Fetching Reveries

Cindy Smith


Artistic Color

This is Glamorous

Burst of Vibrance

Lucie Ombre

Classy in the City

Karen Appleton

The Love Shop


Fashionable Friday: Loving Yellow

classy in the city

Breakfast at Yurmans

The Fuller View

Zsa Zsa Bellagio

Zsa Zsa Bellagio

zsa zsa bellagio

Reasons to Breathe

Louis Vuitton

classy in the city

Jenny Gr


                     Wishing you a bright and sunny weekend!


In Good Taste: Steven Sills Design

When Architectural Digest describes your work as “a lucid synthesis of opulence, rigor and surprise,” you know you’re on the right track. (Well, let’s face it, when Architectural Digest describes your work at all things are looking up!)
Maybe it’s because we like a little opulence in an otherwise down-to-earth scheme….
Or perhaps it’s that we’re the kind of girls who like surprises.
But we find ourselves quite taken with the work of Steven Sills Design.
Maybe it’s because we wish we’d thought of double tubs in a living room like bath.
Or we wish we were bathing with a view.
Perhaps we just think we could use a few more whimsical roosters in our lives.
But we think it’s safe to say that Steven Sills’ work is in very good taste.
This kitchen has it all. It’s a little bit rustic, a little bit glamorous, a touch country, and still feels like one cohesive, delicious eating spot.
That splash of yellow is a perfect way to add life to an earthy, neutral scheme without detracting from the amazing art.
This just reminded me of how I’ve pined for yellow living room draperies for years. Perhaps it’s time for some to appear… Let’s hope my husband likes surprises as much as the designers at Steven Sills!
We hope your day is full of surprises of the very best kind!


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