A Room with a View!

Eric Piasecki Photographer

Upscale furnishings are nice and beautiful accessories can brighten a space, but, if you ask us our idea of the ultimate in luxury…

Dungan and Nequette Architects

Yards of glass, something gorgeous right beyond… A room with a view, of course!

Tucker and Marks

This living room is beautiful, but what lies beyond? Nothing short of inspirational!

LDa Architecture

There’s nothing more gorgeous than a rocky coastline.

Tobi Tobin via Lonny

And waking up in this bedroom would be nothing short of an all-the-time vacation. We love this bedding too!

Milieu Magazine

Could there be a better place for daydreaming than this gorgeous hammock?

Cullman & Kravis

We consider the porch to be one of the most important rooms in the house. When it has a view like this from all sides we can’t imagine that we’d ever want to be anywhere else! Completely outside or just a little bit covered? The choice is yours. This is porch living at its finest!

LDa Architects

Sitting on this porch watching the boats go by might be even better than actually being on the boat!

Jean Allsopp Photographer

Talk about a bedroom with a view! This is waking up in nature at its finest!


We’d like to go here right this minute.

Jean Allsopp Photographer

Or maybe here! We simply adore the beach and this turquoise water only adds to the allure.

Tracery Interiors

Then again, there is something nice about catching a few rays in the privacy of your own backyard.

Robin Kramer Garden Design

This backyard might be the ultimate in summer luxury. We love every last bit! 

Dear Carolina, women's fiction, fiction, beach reads

And once you’ve found your ideal summer spot, you must find your perfect beach read! If you haven’t read Dear Carolina, I’d be so flattered if it found its way into your beach bag. And, if you have, I’d be so flattered if you’d take a moment to review it on Amazon

Wherever you are today, whether it’s in a room with a view or one with no view at all, we hope these gorgeous spaces bring a little bit of summertime to you!


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