The Nature of Home: Creating Timeless Houses

Jeffrey Duncan Architect entrance

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My 92-year-old grandmother started aerobics yesterday. Yes. Started. In the thirty-three years I’ve known her, she hasn’t been much for exercise, but September is a really good time to start something new if you’re going to. And there’s no time like the present.

Jeffrey Duncan Architect entrance

One of our Design Chic favorites, architect Jeffrey Dungan, decided to start something new too–and we couldn’t be more excited!

Jeffrey Duncan Architect kitchen

His new book, The Nature of Home: Creating Timeless Houses, released on September 4, and, in our opinion, it’s one of the best of the year so far!

Jeffrey Duncan Architect bedroom

A little more about the book: Architect Jeffrey Dungan is recognized for his clean and modern approach to traditional homes. His fresh take on architecture is rooted in the beauty of materials rendered in their natural state. Dungan’s projects poetically embrace clean lines and natural elements, to reveal a timeless home that can be enjoyed by future generations to come. Layered in between are thematic essays and more than 240 images that showcase Dungan’s approach to architecture and the importance of elements and materials that honors THE NATURE OF HOME.

Jeffrey Duncan Architect home

When it comes to home, this timeless approach couldn’t be more important. Because while, sure, home is a canvas that is always evolving, it’s the basis of it, the roots, the things that stay the same in the meantime that create those true and lasting memories, that feeling when you pull in the driveway, when you walk in the front door

Jeffrey Duncan Architect home

No one does home quite as well as Jeffrey Dungan

The Nature of Home, in 240 captivating photos, and a series of fascinating, well written essays, proves that once and for all!

Make sure to pick up your copy of The Nature of Home from your local bookstore, Amazon or wherever books are sold!


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In Good Taste: Paul Bates Architects

Paul Bates entrance

So, yesterday was the big day. 

Paul Bates living room

Well, I guess maybe not the big day. We didn’t get married or have a baby or move or publish a new book or anything. 

Paul Bates living room

But we bought school supplies, and, in our family, that’s a big, huge deal, a fresh start, a new beginning. 

Paul Bates kitchens

In buying school supplies, the details are everything. And what you pick is the foundation for the entire year. 

Paul Bates kitchens

In that way, buying school supplies is a whole lot like architecture

Paul Bates kitchens

The plan is the start, the foundation for all the good to come. 

Paul Bates kitchens

And the details are everything. 

Paul Bates kitchens

As you can tell from these fabulous photos, from the traditional to the very modern, Paul Bates Architects know all about the importance of details. 

Paul Bates kitchens

Their good taste, evident in each one of these stunning houses, truly speaks for itself. 

Paul Bates dining room

From blonde wood beams that pair perfectly with steel windows, 

Paul Bates family room

To library paneling so beautifully executed it speaks volumes of its own, 

Paul Bates living room

Each architectural detail breathes life into the space. 

Paul Bates porch

Indoors and out, good taste abounds. And, like back to school shopping, every space feels like a new beginning. 

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The Secret to Southern Charm

  If you’re planning your Summer vacation, make sure to grab a copy of  THE SECRET TO SOUTHERN CHARM , one of Southern Living‘s best beach reads, to slip in your tote.


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In Good Taste: Brian Brady Design

If, for you, relaxation is all about a water view, then this is the room for you. Interiors as soothing and spectacular as the exteriors make this space feel like and instant vacation. 

But we’re learning that when you’re in a space by Brian Brady Design, every day suddenly feels like a holiday. 

Chic yet comfortable living spaces seem to be a hallmark of this designer and architect.

And there is no doubt that his work is in good taste. 

Architectural details abound in these perfectly curated homes, and the art hanging on the walls is just a beautiful as the touches that make these spaces so unique.

Mixed in with his classical architecture and classic interiors are moments of the unexpected. It is those moments that make these spaces unforgettable.

Leather is a chic staple but can tend to look heavy. These chairs incorporate this favorite in a way that takes up very little visual space.

White and bright is the mainstay of this kitchen, but these unique pendants give the eye an immediate place to go.

This lovely master bedroom incorporates classic blue and white in a way that is soothing, spa like and classic.

A master bedroom sitting room is a luxury not to be squandered. We can’t think of a better place to ease into the day!

When it comes to design, the outside is just as important as the inside. The slate walk is a welcoming touch on this stunning cedar shake cottage.

The only thing better than a gorgeous house is a gorgeous poolhouse! We’d love lounging by this one all summer long!

Nothing says “summer” quite like a fresh coat of white paint. It’s a welcome addition all year long. We are absolutely loving the good taste of this fabulous designer. What about you?

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