A Stunning Staircase for Every Space

Phoebe Howard Design


In many homes, the stairs are the very first thing you see when you walk in the door. 

J.K. Kling


Whether they are simple or ornate, bare or expertly covered, the stairs can set the tone for the experience people will have when they walk through the door. 

Orrick & Company


In that way, the stairs become the perfect place to create a stunning vignette, a shining moment, that helps define the way the home looks, and even more importantly, the way it feels. We love how the curve in this stunning staircase seems to fit this table. It’s the perfect welcome. 

Peter Pennoyer Architect


This absolutely breathtaking architecture takes the staircase to a whole new level. This isn’t a staircase that makes a statement upon entrance, it’s a staircase that is a defining part of the home’s entire scheme. 

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


But as much as we love stairs, residential elevators are pretty cool too, such a luxury for hauling groceries and luggage and, of course, a necessity for many. With a chic carpet and a fun light fixture, they can be fabulous looking too!

Chango and Co


Speaking of lighting, picking the right fixtures is a must for us in the stairwell. Not only is it crucial for lighting the path but it also helps create a chic design scheme in what could be a plain, boring spot.

Threshold Design


From shiplap and classic details that feel perfect for a coastal home,

Simon Upton via Architectural Digest


To more modern touches that further a mood, 

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


To even a gorgeous spiral staircase that not only serves a purpose but also accessorizes a space, 

New England Home Magazine


The staircase is so much more than just a utilitarian feature in a home. 

Tom Scheerer


With the right attention, it can become another one of a home’s shining moments.

What is your favorite way to decorate a staircase?

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Slightly South of Simple/The Secret to Southern Charm

In Good Taste: Brian Brady Design

If, for you, relaxation is all about a water view, then this is the room for you. Interiors as soothing and spectacular as the exteriors make this space feel like and instant vacation. 

But we’re learning that when you’re in a space by Brian Brady Design, every day suddenly feels like a holiday. 

Chic yet comfortable living spaces seem to be a hallmark of this designer and architect.

And there is no doubt that his work is in good taste. 

Architectural details abound in these perfectly curated homes, and the art hanging on the walls is just a beautiful as the touches that make these spaces so unique.

Mixed in with his classical architecture and classic interiors are moments of the unexpected. It is those moments that make these spaces unforgettable.

Leather is a chic staple but can tend to look heavy. These chairs incorporate this favorite in a way that takes up very little visual space.

White and bright is the mainstay of this kitchen, but these unique pendants give the eye an immediate place to go.

This lovely master bedroom incorporates classic blue and white in a way that is soothing, spa like and classic.

A master bedroom sitting room is a luxury not to be squandered. We can’t think of a better place to ease into the day!

When it comes to design, the outside is just as important as the inside. The slate walk is a welcoming touch on this stunning cedar shake cottage.

The only thing better than a gorgeous house is a gorgeous poolhouse! We’d love lounging by this one all summer long!

Nothing says “summer” quite like a fresh coat of white paint. It’s a welcome addition all year long. We are absolutely loving the good taste of this fabulous designer. What about you?

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In Good Taste: Marshall Watson Interiors

Marshall Watson Interiors entrance with flowers
Photographer: Alise O’Brien


 Pinterest-worthy. That’s what we’d say about Marshall Watson Interior Design

Marshall Watson Interiors dining table
Photographer: Alise O’Brien


With all the choices of things to pin out there these days, that’s a pretty high compliment. 

Marshall Watson Interiors poolside
Photographer: Alise O’Brien


But these gorgeous rooms and outdoor spaces by these user-talented designers are ones we want to remember, take inspiration from and come back to again and again. 

Marshall Watson Interiors porch
Photographer: Geno Perches


If we weren’t already having Spring fever (which we are, big time…) then this porch would certainly inspire it. From the lush landscape to the beautiful touches, every element is utter perfection.

Marshall Watson Interiors dining room
Photographer: Geno Perches


These banana leaf chairs are some of our favorites! In fact, we have them in the Beaufort playroom!

Marshall Watson Interiors dining table on the porch
Photographer: David Duncan Livingston


Dining al fresco has never looked so good. Sunflowers add a cheerful burst of color.

Marshall Watson Interiors living room
Photographer: David Duncan Livingston


Dark furniture and warm tones make this light-filled room feel super cozy.

Marshall Watson Interiors bedroom
Photographer: David Duncan Livingston


Just… wow. Does it get more breathtaking?

Marshall Watson Interiors living room
Photographer: David Duncan Livingston


You know we love designers who are versatile, and the eclectic range of looks here is phenomenal! 

Marshall Watson Interiors living room
Photographer: Luke White


Soft colors and comfortable textures combine here to create a room that is both comfortable and chic.

Marshall Watson Interiors living room
Photographer: Luke White


We just love the feel of this beautiful home!

Marshall Watson Interiors dining room
Photographer: Luke White


This is the kind of space where we would like to be dining tonight–or any night. A beautiful vision, perfectly conceived… Well, we’d say that’s what Marshall Watson Interiors is all about! 

For more work from this fabulous designer, you don’t want to miss his new book,  The Art of Elegance: Classic Interiors, available now!

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Charming Riverside House in Georgia

Riverside house

With the Slightly South of Simple book tour only weeks away, we have Georgia on the brain! SSoS is set in the fictional town of Peachtree Bluff, but this Riverside house in Georgia is completely real–and totally charming! 

dine in kitchen

Packed with cozy style and adorable features, this kitchen looks like the perfect place to enjoy hot, sweet cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven with someone you love.

dining room

This exposed ceiling makes an incredible architectural feature–and creates the feeling of so much more space in a room. What a great hack for low ceilings!

living room

Everything about this room calls for curling up by the fire and enjoying a good book. With the weather this week, that might be something we could all use a little more of!

dining room with wood beams

Another incredible ceiling that totally defines this room. We love when the decor simply serves to intensify the charm of the architectural details of the house. This whole room has a casual-yet-elegant feel. 

family room with turtle shells

Wood paneling adds instant character–and a game table infuses a room with a feeling of fun and relaxation.

bedroom with four poster bed

We love rooms that don’t take themselves too seriously.

twin beds in guest room

Both of these bedrooms are comfortable, eclectic and totally in keeping with the tone of the house. 

seagrass bed

Natural fibers work in any home, really. But, for a river or beach house they are a necessity!

patio with fire pit

Cozy fire pits like these are where memories are made. Simply add good friends and great conversation!

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In Good Taste: James F. Carter Architect, Birmingham, Ala

shiplap hallway - James F. Carter Architect

From charming cottages and cozy cabins to grand estates and gorgeous outdoor spaces James F. Carter adds the perfect architectural details to every space he designs. We are always in awe of talent, but that awe is doubled when it is so incredibly versatile. You’ll want to savor every fabulous detail in this architect’s arsenal.  

shiplap beach house- James F. Carter Architect


kitchen with wooden stools - James F. Carter Architect



blue and white bunkbeds - James F. Carter Architect


blue and white bunkbeds - James F. Carter Architect


white kitchen - James F. Carter Architect


cabin - James F. Carter Architect


dining room with wood beams - James F. Carter Architect


cabin bedroom with raw wood ceiling - James F. Carter Architect


White Georgian House with dormers - James F. Carter Architect


Stables with cupula - James F. Carter Architect


stable - James F. Carter Architect


garden with pool - James F. Carter Architect

We don’t think we could pick a favorite space. Which is yours? Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!


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A House in the Country


It’s one of the vacation home dreams, isn’t it? A quiet getaway on the outskirts of town? Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder’s breathtaking A House in the Country brings that dream to life.


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