Things We Love: Reading Lamps!

Mom and Dad are redoing my playroom. I know what you’re thinking:. That’s so rude; They should keep it as it is forever as a shrine to their daughter. I completely agree.


library lamp
West Elm

Mom, on the other hand, does not think that she should have to spend the rest of her life with Cheerwine-resistant fabric on her couches. 

reading lamps
Alyssa Rosenheck Photography

We’re not asking you to take sides. (I know you’re on my side.) 

Urban Grace Interiors

The silver lining? I get to help with the redesign! Hooray! And I do agree that what I picked in 2003 is maybe not exactly as fabulous as it could be…

library lamp lonny

Mom has already covered the yellow walls with a soothing, pale blue, that perfect shade that you know we love. The ceiling fan is going, as the room will likely no longer be filled with sweaty teenagers. And you know we love a statement light fixture. We’ve picked a pair of gorgeous banana leaf chairs to replace the love seat, are recovering the tiny yellow, leather chairs–whose size and shape I am still crazy for–in a sweet blue pattern, and the new couch is in an extremely non-Cheerwine resistant white linen. Yes. It will be lovely. 

abstract-art reading lamps
Serena and Lily

Another thing we can agree on? Reading lamps! They are super chic on either end of a couch or over a big, cushy chair perfect for curling up with a favorite book. We just put a pair in my grandparent’s new condo, and my grandmother loves them! (Guess whose books are her favorite? :))

M. Frederick Interiors

So, no, my playroom will not be left intact to pay homage to my high school friends and all those happy memories forever. But I’m sure Mom and Dad will have lots of fun making new ones in my favorite room in the house! So what do you think? What’s the statute of limitations on keeping your kids’ rooms as they were?

We are so THRILLED by the number of beautiful homes we are going to have as a part of the Slightly South of Simple book tour for next April and May. If you might be interested in having the Slightly South of Simple tour come to your house (or town!), or would like more information, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]


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