Bathroom Organizing in the New Year

bathroom organizing
Jackson & Leroy


Happy New Year, sweet friends!  Bathrooms are perhaps the most utilitarian rooms in the house
bathroom organizing
Geizler Architects


But that doesn’t mean they can’t also be the most beautiful
bathroom organizing
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Jeff Herr Photography


After all, the room we spend a good portion of the moments right before waking and sleeping should be somewhere we feel relaxed, invigorated and totally calm.

bathroom organizing
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles – Jean Allsopp Photography


We’ll admit that we can get pretty excited over any element in the bathroom.

bathroom organizing
Robin Burnett Design Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Sinks that look as much like jewelry as somewhere to wash your hands are always welcome in one of our rooms.

bathroom organzing
Sam Allen Interiors


And — it is the new year after all — if it is gorgeously, fantastically organized then we really can’t stop dreaming of it!

bathroom organizing
Sage Design


(See all those glass canisters… That’s what we’re talking about!)

bathroom organizing
Ayssa Rosenheck Photograph


When space allows, decorative details that make the bath feel as accessorized and beautiful as the rest of the house are a must! This beautiful lamp and silver tray are inspiring us!

bathroom organizing
Domino – Melanie Acevedo Photography


Speaking of… Of all the elements that combine to make a gorgeous bathroom, the bathtub is by far our favorite!

bathroom organizing
Alyssa Rosenheck Photography


Tub or no tub, big bath or tiny, one, simple thing that we can all do to make our baths feel light, luscious and beautifully designed is keep a tiny (or big!) vase full of fresh stems right on the vanity. 

What a wonderful way to start the day!
Wishing you a day full of beautiful things!

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Spring Cleaning and Organizing your Home

Spring cleaning and organizing
Sage Design

Good morning, chic readers! ‘Tis the season for… spring cleaning, of course! It may not technically be spring yet, but, we don’t know about you, but we like to be ready when spring is ready to make its arrival, as if tossing old shoes and organizing our sock drawers can usher it in a little faster. Plus, once spring arrives, who wants to be cooped up inside cleaning? Not us!

Spring cleaning and organizing
Studio Dearborn


If you’re like us, the kitchen is not only the heart of the home. It’s also the place where everything seems to get dumped throughout the day! Sometimes it feels like the electronics are taking over! Docking Drawer charging and powering outlets in the kitchen are probably the most brilliant invention since the smart phone. Now we can charge all those devices without having an ounce of counter clutter. 

Spring cleaning and organizing
Betty Lou Phillips


We all know there’s never enough drawer space. There just isn’t. Fortunately, there are so many pretty ways to display all the attractive and practical things that live in the kitchen. 

Spring Cleaning and Organizing
Deane, Inc


If the kitchen is the winner of where everything gets dumped, the office is a very close runner up. 

spring cleaning and organizing
Studio Dearborn


Fortunately, there’s a Docking Drawer for the office too. It’s great for smaller electronics but also perfect for putting your laptop in the drawer for the night. For us, it’s out of sight out of mind… and if it isn’t out of sight then we’re on it!

Spring cleaning and organizing
Rockwood Cabinetry Photography


So, Docking Drawers for electronics are awesome. But Docking Drawers for the bathroom? A whole new level. The tangle of cords and jumble of the hairdryer, flat iron and curling iron is the bane of my existence.  This solution is totally practical. (And gets bonus points for being pretty!)

Spring Cleaning and Organizing
Architectural Digest


Whether you have tons of space in the bathroom, 

Spring cleaning and organizing
Sam Allen Interiors


Or a smaller nook to work with, there’s plenty of space for a Docking Drawer!

Spring Cleaning and Organizing


Now that the cords and counter clutter problems are solved, there’s plenty of room for dreaming. Coffee in the bathroom, anyone? This morning kitchen is too beautiful for words–and how great to have that first cup without even walking to the kitchen?

Spring Cleaning and Organizing


We don’t know about you, but, for us, stacks of white, neatly folded towels are one of the simplest ways to add instant clutter-free appeal to the bathroom. 

Spring Cleaning and organizing
Studio McGee


If you’re lucky to have space for a big laundry room, you’re lucky enough. Making the best possible use of the space by hiding everything behind beautiful cabinetry is a bonus!

Spring Cleaning and Organizing
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

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And, of course, we’re spring cleaning our closets. They are our spring cleaning Everest… Packing for the five week The Secret to Southern Charm tour was a good start because it got me in the paring mood. (If you aren’t going to wear it in five weeks when are you really going to wear it?) What’s first on your spring cleaning list? 

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!

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Organizing Ideas, Valentine’s Day Shopping and More!

organizing ideas
Tony Vu Photography

Simple Organizing Ideas for Your Linens

one kings lane

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Ways to Create an Organized Bath

One Kings Lane


Happy first real week of 2016, everyone! We don’t know about you, but, for us, this is when the resolution stuff really starts. We’re just getting back home tonight from being gone since the 21st or so. And the startling realization that we have cars full of so much stuff that we may be trying to put it away until next New Year’s is not a good way to start the year on an organized note… 

Closet Organization Challenge!


Happy March, everyone! We are so hoping that March is going to bring us a little sunshine and warm weather! We hope you had a fabulous weekend and are staying warm. We’re excited because our fabulous friend Leslie from Segreto Secrets invited us to take part in a fun closet makeover challenge! Needless to say, this one in the corner is a doozy of a “before.” It came complete with a charming accordion door and quite a bit of water damage!


Making a little progress… 


Design Chic

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