Things We Love: Streamlined and Chic

Studio McGee


In the post-Marie Kondo world, everything has changed. 



If tidying up is life changing, so is streamlining. Studio McGee has mastered the perfectly finished but never overdone look in this stunning California home.



Sure, some stuff brings us joy. But do you know what brings us more joy? Clean countertops!



And getting rid of the waffle iron that I was certain would make me the world’s coolest mom. You know the kind. It had all the plates so I could make ghost waffles or Christmas tree waffles or heart waffles or Mickey Mouse waffles or whatever. You know who doesn’t make great waffles? Me. Do you know who does? Nature’s Path. 



I tend to be a food hoarder. I don’t know why. I blame it on not having a Whole Foods close by and getting there three hours away and thinking Wait. Do I have too much quinoa or do I need more quinoa? And then I buy the quinoa and then I get home and I already have four bags and how on earth are the three of us going to eat that much quinoa? That stuff expands. But these shelves are goals if ever there were goals. No food hoarding in this kitchen.



I am, fortunately, a bit of a bathroom minimalist already, so that’s slightly less of a challenge. Even still, a vanity with lots of storage is part of the plan for my post-Florence bathroom. 



We’ve always thought that freestanding tubs look minimalist. Mine arrived a couple days ago. It is absolutely gorgeous. And 1400 pounds. There will be a crane involved. Don’t worry. I’ll post a video on Instagram! (@kristywharvey)



Baskets everywhere are the absolute best for storing until you can get to things so they don’t become clutter. 



And who really needs all that stuff on the nightstand collecting dust? Well, I mean, I have a pile of books the size of a small SUV, but I am reading those. So they aren’t collecting dust. They’re necessary.



Are you a fan of the streamlined and chic look? Or are you in the more is more camp? They certainly both have their merits, and we adore them both!

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We love seeing you here!

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In Good Taste: Marianne Simon Design

Marianne Simon Design entrance hall

Marianne Simon Design


The Holy City got a little chicer last August.


Marianne Simon Design office


The über-talented Marianne Simon expanded her Seattle firm to Charleston, SC, and all we know is that these two cities are very lucky.


Marianne Simon Design kitchen


Since 2005, Marianne and her team have been spreading design love throughout the country. 


Marianne Simon Design kitchen


From new construction to total renovations, this firm has handled it all–and earned plenty of accolades while doing so. 


Marianne Simon Design kitchen


Marianne’s eye for timeless style, 


Marianne Simon Design bathroom


Combined with touches of the new and the unexpected, 


Marianne Simon Design bathroom


Helps her create homes that are showstopping and unforgettable. 


Marianne Simon Design bathroom


With the right mix of luxe and laid-back, 


Marianne Simon Design bathroom


Not a single detail is overlooked. 


Marianne Simon Design bathroom


Not even the view. 


Marianne Simon Design bathroom


We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what this talented designer does next. And, as Southerners, are looking forward to seeing a few old Charleston gems come back to life under her care. 

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love it when you stop by!

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In Good Taste: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography

Chad James Group – Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
We’ve said it before, and we’ll probably say it again: Fabulous furnishings are nothing without stunning photography. Perfectly filled bookcases look off balance, ideally proportioned chairs look too small… The list goes on and on and on. But, in the hands of a skilled professional, each room looks just as chicly amazing as it does in real life–and in the mind of the designer who dreamed it.   
Austin Bean Design


This is undoubtedly a tricky space to style. We never would have put this together, but it’s fabulous!

Alyssa Rosenheck Photography living-room
Katie Gibson Interiors – Alyssa Rosenheck Photography


The femininity of the furnishings pair beautifully with more masculine dark wood and horns. Perfect for every member of the family!

kitchen Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
Redo Homes – Alyssa Rosenheck Photography


Gold and silver mix so well in this kitchen. This is statement lighting at its finest. And that range hood? So good!

Alyssa Rosenheck Photography living room
Redo Homes – Alyssa Rosenheck Photography


A shock of blue lacquer is fabulous against this neutral backdrop.

Kitchen Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
Castle Homes – Alyssa Rosenheck Photography


All white is just right in this luxe kitchen.

kitchen Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
Redo Home – Alyssa Rosenheck Photography


And wow…

 Alyssa Rosenheck Photography kitchen
Redo Home – Alyssa Rosenheck Photography


We love everything about this kitchen! Isn’t that tiny desk the best use of space? And the wine becomes a decoration. So lovely!



bedroom. Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
The Iron Gate – Alyssa Rosenheck Photography


We would never have thought to put a pendant in a bedroom, but it works so well in this spot. It’s cozy and charming.

 Alyssa Rosenheck Photography bedroom
Redo Home


What a fun way to learn your numbers! This bedroom is too, too adorable!

bathroom Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
Redo Home –


This soaking tub pairs extraordinarily with these beautiful rugs.

The juxtaposition of the raw wood ceiling with the crystal chandelier is gorgeous. The entire space makes a one-of-a-kind statement.

And, thanks to the lens of Alyssa Roseheck Photography that captured it all so well, we are sure you agree. We hope your day is wonderful! 

The Peachtree Bluff Series

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In Good Taste: Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors living roomGood morning, chic readers! We hope your Tuesday is off to a terrific start. If not, all of that is about to change! Chic, clean interiors with just the right amount of personality are hallmarks of this talented designer’s style. Take a break, take a peek, and let us know which space of Amber Interiors Design Studio is your favorite!

Amber Interiors living room


Amber interiors window seat


Amber Interiors kitchen


kitchen with beams amber interiors



Amber Interiors dining room


dining room



Amer Interiors attic bedroom


amber interiors playroom


amber interiors bathroom


Amber Interiors bathroom
Tessa Neustadt Photography

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There might not be anyone in the world who loves her hometown quite as much as I do. All the amazing people of Salisbury, NC were so supportive and encouraging when I was growing up and continue to be so now. I am so proud and honored that my books, THE SECRET TO SOUTHERN CHARM and SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE, were #1 and #3 on Rowan County’s 2018 BESTSELLER LIST. Thank you, thank you to Wendy Persse and everyone at South Main Book Company for handselling my stories all year long—and to all the readers everywhere who allow me to keep doing what I love year after year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Salisbury and Rowan County! There really is no place like home!



Bathroom Organizing in the New Year

bathroom organizing
Jackson & Leroy


Happy New Year, sweet friends!  Bathrooms are perhaps the most utilitarian rooms in the house
bathroom organizing
Geizler Architects


But that doesn’t mean they can’t also be the most beautiful
bathroom organizing
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Jeff Herr Photography


After all, the room we spend a good portion of the moments right before waking and sleeping should be somewhere we feel relaxed, invigorated and totally calm.

bathroom organizing
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles – Jean Allsopp Photography


We’ll admit that we can get pretty excited over any element in the bathroom.

bathroom organizing
Robin Burnett Design Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Sinks that look as much like jewelry as somewhere to wash your hands are always welcome in one of our rooms.

bathroom organzing
Sam Allen Interiors


And — it is the new year after all — if it is gorgeously, fantastically organized then we really can’t stop dreaming of it!

bathroom organizing
Sage Design


(See all those glass canisters… That’s what we’re talking about!)

bathroom organizing
Ayssa Rosenheck Photograph


When space allows, decorative details that make the bath feel as accessorized and beautiful as the rest of the house are a must! This beautiful lamp and silver tray are inspiring us!

bathroom organizing
Domino – Melanie Acevedo Photography


Speaking of… Of all the elements that combine to make a gorgeous bathroom, the bathtub is by far our favorite!

bathroom organizing
Alyssa Rosenheck Photography


Tub or no tub, big bath or tiny, one, simple thing that we can all do to make our baths feel light, luscious and beautifully designed is keep a tiny (or big!) vase full of fresh stems right on the vanity. 

What a wonderful way to start the day!
Wishing you a day full of beautiful things!

peachtree bluff series - Kristy Woodson Harvey

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