House Tour:Cape Cod


If you’re Wednesday is feeling a little bit blah, liven it up with this fabulous Cape Cod by Julie Stein. It is warm, welcoming and has a view so spectacular it’s sure to chase those winter blues away!


House Tour: Sea Island


I’m busy packing today. But not for this gorgeous Sea Island home designed by Mary-Bryan Peyer. (If you missed yesterday, check out more of her good taste.)


Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 6.36.22 PM

We are excited to share an amazing house designed by the fabulous Studio MRS.  This Hawaiian beauty is charm personified! 


House Tour: Hastings House

We would venture to say that New Zealand is on the top of a good many people’s travel bucket list.  After seeing these images from New Zealand Magazine we understand perfectly!
If you’re trying to curb your urge to visit there, we strongly recommend that you close your browser right now.
Because this beautiful, fun and perfectly styled home isn’t going to squelch your craving one bit.
Laid-back, old school details make this just the kind of place that we would like to stay awhile — and the his and hers robes don’t hurt either!
Floor-to-ceiling windows everywhere you look…
And the wood paneling give this cottage charm in droves.
And the modern convenience combined with rustic details give this home the perfect vacation feel.
What a fabulous nook for reading or napping!
Oh. Wait. Did we forget to mention the beyond spectacular Waiheke Island views?
We certainly wouldn’t mind that seaside view when we’re brushing our teeth,
That wonderfully crunchy gravel path to the water,
Or a cabana for lounging until late in the evening.
But, with a view like this one, why would anyone really want to go anywhere else? (These shutters close and the benches double as extra guest beds!)
So, yup. That turquoise water seals the deal. New Zealand is still strongly on our bucket list. And we think Waiheke Island in particular is certainly a place worth visiting.

Bruno the cat most certainly agrees — though he’s quite a bit less taken with the water.

Thanks for putting us on your travel bucket list today! We hope wherever you are is beautiful — and, speaking of, we’re going to be beautiful in a few more days. Thanks for bearing with us during our remodel!

Source: Hastings House Waiheke Island

Source: Tessa Chrisp Photography


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