In Good Taste: Gather Projects

gather Projects steel Dutch door  

Y’all probably know that we love a good story. Whether it’s in a book, a magazine, on TV or–very, very best of all–in real life, story is what makes the world go round. 

  gather projects living room  

So, when we came across the exceptionally good taste of Gather Projects, we, of course, wanted to know their story. And it’s a great one. 

  gather projects dining room with hanging pendants  

Fallon and Chris–wife and husband and self-proclaimed best friends–decided to start a business that would incorporate his love of building, her vision and BIG dreams and allow their four precious boys to be a part of the fun. 

  Gather projects kitchen  

The result is family-friendly, super chic spaces that trend toward modern while still maintaining all the warmth and personality that make a house feel like home.

  Gather Projects kitchen with brass hardware  

Striking the balance between modern and homey can be a difficult task.

  kitchen with brass hardware and library lights  

By incorporating warm, rustic elements like wooden beams and reclaimed floors, Gather Projects is able to do just that.

  laundry room with black hardware  

From black and white that wows,

  laundry room with shiplap  

To gray that keeps everything in its place,

  Gather Projects bathroom  

To sparkling white that creates a respite for parents, 

  Gather Projects black and white tile bathroom  

Everyone and everything has its space in a Gather Projects home. 

  Gather Projects laundry room with vintage lockers  

Personalized touches like vintage lockers

  Gather Projects bunk room with built-in beds  

And custom bunk beds…


Create spaces that are fun and functional for every household–even ones with four boys, years to grow and so many stories yet to tell. 

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Happy June 1, everyone! May day is great. But June day? (We know that’s not a real term. But it should be. Right?) Even better! 


School is out, pools are open, the sun is shining. The beginning of summer is stretched out before us, three glorious months in the sand… 


And we think you’ll agree: This beach house is just the kind of place we’d like to spend a good portion of those summer days!


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Black and White

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It is, inarguably, one of the most classic color combinations. 

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