10 Favorite White Houses in Wood and Brick

Paul Bates Architect


Good morning, chic readers! We’re so glad that you’re here today and hope that you are able to find little spots of joy each day during this difficult time. 

Paul Bates Architect


We love coming here each day and being with you, hearing from you and maintaining this small piece of normalcy in our days and weeks.


Grand impression curb appeal white house from Stephen Fuller Architect
Stephen Fuller Architect Barbara Westbrook Interior Design| Emily Followill


You know how much we love getting your emails and questions to help guide our content. Recently, a reader emailed us that he and his were wife were having a debate over the new home they were building. 


White House wood Andrew J. Howard
Andrew J. Howard


White wood


Shelley Johnstone Design


Or white brick?



We must say that, living in a white clapboard house, we are a little partial to wood. It is pretty much our favorite exterior style.


white brick house Shelley Johnstone
Shelley Johnstone


But, if we’re being totally honest… It requires a certain level of maintenance. Granted, it’s 120 years old and stands up to wind and saltwater 365 days a year, so, all things considered, it isn’t so bad! 


white brick house Studio McGee
Studio McGee


And, of course, undeniable curb appeal. 


When it comes to the issue of wood vs. bricks, we can’t say that there’s a clear winner… But, the good news is, you can’t really go wrong! Which would you choose?

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love seeing you here–especially now! If there’s something you’d like to see, something that would make you smile during this tough time, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re here for you!

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White House, Big Charm

Tim Barber, Ltd


Good morning, chic readers! We hope you are having a wonderful day and that, if you are in the path of Irma, you are staying safe. And friends affected by Hurricane Harvey, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you rebuild. 

Donald Lococo Architect curb appeal
Donald Lococo Architect| John Cole Photography


All of this crazy weather really has us thinking lately about how important our homes are to us. These stunning white houses are full of charm and character. They are welcoming spaces that we are certain beckon their owners home each night. While we focus a lot on interiors, on how our favorite cozy chair and that painting we couldn’t take our eyes off of make us feel a certain way, the exteriors of our house can–and should–do that exact same thing. 

Paul Bates Architects


If a home should be anything at all, we think it should be welcoming. Window boxes and a trellis covered in vines are two of the best ways we can think of to take a home’s exterior from plain to positively darling. It’s simple touches like this that make a home feel loved and lived in. And don’t our special spaces deserve to be cared for? 

Shelley Johnstone white brick house
Shelley Johnstone Design



Landscaping is obviously one of the most important ways to make your home feel unique. While we love flowers and big blooms, there’s something stately about a classic cluster of Boxwoods flanking the front door. Well-maintained foliage always contributes something special to a home’s exterior and gives the sense that there is a staid, lovely interior beyond the front door.

studio McGee white brick house
Studio McGee| Lucy Call Photography


We are suckers for black and white, but a splash of color is always welcome. A bluefront doors adds an undeniably charming feel to this impeccably manicured lot.


There’s no doubt about it: Adding exterior color increases curb appeal. Plus, it’s easy to tell visitors that yours is the house with the blue door! Porches add character in droves and make for great porch sitting, especially during the cool fall months. 


What are your favorite ways to add character to a home’s exterior? Do you have any home improvement projects on your wish list?

Thank you so much for stopping by today. We always love seeing you!

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