Creating a Dream Home–Down to the Last Detail

What do you think of when you hear the term “dream home?”

For us, so many different things come to mind. 

We could dream of a tiny farm cottage with a picket fence and trailing ivy…

Or a sprawling country estate with horses and plenty of room for beautiful gardens

A quaint ski chalet…

Or a cedar shake New England home with plenty of room for visiting guests. 

For us, a dream home could be anything, really, where we are surrounded by things we love–and people we love, of course. 

No matter how you define “dream home,” we feel pretty sure that this qualifies as one. 

The Fox Group.  has created an enviable space with so many stunning details it would be impossible to pick a favorite–

And we would could look at these photos a thousand times and still find something new to delight and inspire. 

From open shelving on a very luxe level,

To extraordinary hardware, 

Marble as far as the eye can see, 

To a workspace for everyone in the family, 

Each perfectly orchestrated area of this family house makes it feel like home. 

We think it would be nearly impossible to pick a favorite room, a favorite detail. But if we had to, we think the bathroom in this dream home might take the cake! 

What is your idea of a dream home? Is is luxurious, modern and spacious like this or something a little simpler? We’d love to know! 

We hope you had an amazing weekend and are so grateful that you stopped by Design Chic to spend a bit of your Monday with us. We always love it when you do! 




Closet Goals!

white shiplap in organized closets
Timothy Bryant Architect via Dering Hall


It’s the thing that every woman has dreamed of since she was a little girl…


Hayburn and Co

Or, well, wait. Maybe little girls are supposed to dream about their wedding days. But, one peek at these, and the classic wedding dream might easily change to the classic closet dream. After all, what’s one day walking down the aisle compared to a lifetime of practically unlimited storage for your stilettos? 

Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors

In this regard, we think Carrie Bradshaw had it right: Forget the diamond. Show us the closet!

SB Long Interiors

While we love the look of open closets where everything is right in view, we think closets with doors might be more realistic for people like us who aren’t one hundred percent sure we could keep all of our things open-shelf ready at all times.

Jessica Bradley Interiors

Especially if the closet area doubles as a hallway on the way to a truly luxurious bath.

One Kings Lane


We’re in the midst of adding what we hope will be some totally luscious closets in Beaufort. Old homes are great, but they aren’t big on storage space. 

One Kings Lane


All we can say is that, if the end result is half as fabulous as any of these, we’ll be happy!

Hayburn and Co.

And, really, girls shouldn’t be the ones to have all the fun. The guys deserve a perfectly organized area all their own too.

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

They may be made for storage, but that doesn’t mean that closets can’t be beautifully accessorized as well. A place to sit down and ponder the perfect look is always welcome in a fabulous closet!

Hats, ties, PJs and even a vintage suitcase. There’s room for it all in this beautiful closet! What’s on your closet wish list?

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