Exclusive Peek Inside a Lake Martin, Alabama Home by Susan Ferrier


Good morning, chic readers! Do we ever have a treat for you today. We are so excited to give you a first look at a stunning Lake Martin, Alabama home, designed by Susan Ferrier, one of the leading interior design talents in the southeast and beyond, and David Baker of Tippet Sease Baker Architecture, featured in this month’s Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.




Elizabeth Ralls, editor in chief of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, describes how this duo “thoughtfully designed each room in the house based on its relationship with the surrounding lake” to create a getaway that was the perfect fit for the magazine’s May issue, whose theme was “the intersection of cozy, contemporary design with escapist appeal.”



While the interiors are stunning, the setting is equally as impressive. The home is surrounded by the lake on three sides, and, Ferrier said, “the effect is a total immersion of the nature and the lake throughout the interiors.”



The juxtaposition of luxe and low-key, dark and light, texture and a touch of whimsy, create a getaway that is, in the words of Ralls, “decidedly glam.” Ralls said that Ferrier’s “best-of-both-world’s mentality” created a space that was also clean and soothing.



Like the other homes in this issue, this Alabama getaway proves that, “destination design doesn’t have to be cliché,” said Ralls. 



This home is absolutely anything but. It is an inviting gathering space that is also very much of the moment, and, as Ralls said, “genuinely exudes that sense of warmth and hospitality that Southerners are widely known for.”

For Ferrier, “This was always a story about the best way for a family to be together on this beautiful point that reaches into the lake.” And that shows at every turn.



“It’s the perfect summer home,” Ferrier said. “The goal was for the water to be the last thing you see right before you shut your eyes at the end of a fun day on the water or for a well-deserved afternoon nap.”



What could possibly be better than that? 



The latest issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, which Susan Ferrier calls, “a leader in the design community,” hits stands (and mailboxes!) today. For more on this stunning Alabama home, visit Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Photos by: Erica George Dines




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House Tour:Lee Kleinhelter Home


We talk a lot on Design Chic about combining the old with the new. Grandmother’s silver on your tulip table, fun buffet lamps on an antique buffet, a new, shiny bar cart filled with Grandfather’s decanters. There are so many fantastic ways to incorporate the old with the new on the inside. But, on the outside? It’s harder to pull off. Perhaps that’s why we’re so enchanted with Kevin and Lee Kleinhelter’s gorgeous Atlanta home. (We’ve talked about Lee’s Good Taste before.) It’s streamlined and modern but still feels familiar. 


And, inside, it gets even better.


House Tour:Greek Revival


Back to school is still one of my favorite times of the year. Maybe it was because I always loved school. From preschool right on up to grad school, I was always excited to buy new school supplies, get back on a schedule, learn something new. I think it’s safe to say that my child is taking after me on that point. (Except that he didn’t want to pick out his own back-to-school clothes. He actually may not even be mine…)


House Tour:Brookhaven Cottage

Brookhaven house tour

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Happy Wednesday, wonderful readers! We are officially on beach time now and loving every minute of it. Well, except for the unpacking. All the unpacking… I hate packing. So much. I hate unpacking even more. Probably mostly because of the harsh reality that I will have forgotten something crucial. Like how I have three eyelash curlers but not a single pair of my son’s tennis shoes. (I’m currently FaceTiming with my husband who, when I answered, said: “I’m just calling for the list of things you forgot.” #truelove.)

Anyway… This fabulous Brookhaven Cottage, owned by Meg and Scott Harrington, is much more together than I am, thankfully. The entryway in this amazing home is like a sneak peek of what is to come. The on-trend agate lamp and sea glass beads juxtapose perfectly with the antique mirror and painting. The rest of the house is just as awesome. But don’t take our word for it! See for yourself!


House Tour:Sea Island


Sea Island Cottage

Good morning, friends! Welcome to Sea Island, Georgia! Yes. It’s just as beautiful as it sounds.


House Tour: Coastal Blend


 Oh my goodness, it’s warming up! We never thought we’d see the day. But Spring hasn’t forgotten us after all. We thought we’d celebrate with a fabulous house tour from one of our faves: Atlanta Homes. This “coastal blend” is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside! It’s just the kind of place we’d like to spend the summer. But, since we aren’t there quite yet, we think we’ll just spend today touring instead. We hope you enjoy this amazing cottage!


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