Chevron and Herringbone Hardwood Floors

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


Good morning, chic readers! We hope you are safe and well today. We love being with you now more than ever and hope that these posts add a bright spot to your day. We know they add one to ours! Today, we are showcasing one of our most favorite flooring choices: chevron and herringbone floors!


The Fox Group kitchen with herringbone floors and brass pendant lights and pizza oven
The Fox Group


What is the key difference between chevron and herringbone? 

If you want to spot the difference between chevron and herringbone, chevron planks meet in perfect points like a long string of arrows, whereas herringbone planks appear slightly staggered.





We absolutely adore hardwood floors whatever way they come. They’re low maintenance, easy to clean and great for allergies and households with pets. (And kids… Especially during quarantine! Hello, crumbs, paint spills and pencil shavings.)


Devol kitchens herring bone floors and pendant lights
deVol Kitchens


A fun chevron or herringbone pattern ups the wow factor and instantly sets a room–and a home–apart from the crowd. And, like a good little black dress, stain color, plank width and amount of finish can dress them up or down.


Minnie Peters herringbone floors in mudroom with shuttered doors
Minnie Peters


We’re huge fans of the depth and dimension that natural variations in the timber bring to this beyond gorgeous mudroom.


light herringbone floors from The Fox Group in white kitchen
The Fox Group


Pattern brings the grain, texture and integrity of a wood floor to the forefront in the loveliest way. 


Manhattan Herringbone Collection – Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


It instantly adds a feeling of depth, age and history to a home–which isn’t surprising since these floors have been used since the 16th century! (If you were wondering if patterned hardwoods were trendy, you can tuck that thought away!)


Chevron in entry
Picture Frame Chevron Floor – Carlisle Traditional Collection


And these light blonde floors from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, have us positively swooning. They are the perfect touch for any season, but give us that happy summer feeling.


Carlisle Traditional Collection


Chevron floors from Carlisle’s Traditional Collection are perfection in a floor and have us rethinking the flooring choices for our addition. 


Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


A wider plank and a less “finished” look creates a charming, casual feel that lends vacation vibes wherever you are. We love this herringbone from Carlisle for a beach house! (It just moved to the top of our wish list!)


Parquet Hickory – Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


A chic touch in this retail store, these beautiful commercial wood floors are versatile, hardy and statement-making wherever they go!
Are you a fan of chevron and herringbone flooring?

If so, don’t miss the chance to peruse Carlisle’s stunning wood flooring collections that can be crafted into either chevron or herringbone patterns, and will bring that instant wow factor
we’re all looking for!




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A Few More Favorite Picks:



Things We Love: Herringbone Floors

Amy Morris Interiors


Good morning, chic readers! We hope you are having a terrific almost-Friday. We are in the mood today to discuss fabulous flooring in all its forms!

The Fox Group


From a statement rug to a chic slate, seagrass carpet to sumptuous wool, flooring can instantly affect the feel of a space. I think we can agree this one is luxurious to say the least!

The Fox Grou[

We love all sorts of flooring to bring pizazz to a room, but, right now, we are really into herringbone floors.


DeVol Kitchens


A fun twist on an old favorite, herringbone adds interest to the floor without being too busy. By themselves or with a rug over top, they are so chic!

gray kitchen with herringbone floors
Jute Home


In a single color, they are beautiful, but different stains lend a totally different look.

gray kitchen with herringbone floors
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


This blend of shades is like the perfect highlights: multidimensional and very natural looking. We love how easy hardwoods are to clean in the kitchen. Functional and beautiful is the ideal combination!


Lighter stains feel urban and modern, in keeping with the trendy tone of this kitchen,

herringbone floors in Allison Cayne's Dining room
One Kings Lane


While darker stains are more refined, elegant and formal. Isn’t this gallery wall too fabulous? The mixture is wonderfully imperfect.

dressing room with herringbone floors
One Kings Lane


We aren’t sure which part of this closet we like best. The black, white and gold is such a beautiful color combination.

Jenkins Interiors


This washed look in the bathroom contributes to the overall spa-like feel of this stunning bathroom. It is so streamlined and lovely, exactly the kind of place we’d like to start and end our day.

Are you a fan of herringbone floors? Or do you prefer your hardwoods in a regular pattern?

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We love it when you stop by!


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Refresh Your Room with Oriental Rugs!

Kate Marker Interiors |Builder: Grand Traditions Home | Photo: Stoffer Interior Photography


In our lives and in our homes, the best things in life are quite often the ones that stand the test of time. 

Studio McGee


When it comes to flooring, we think that nothing can make a huge statement quite like a fabulous rug. And, when it comes to rugs, a beautiful Oriental or Persian rug, like those from Fine Rug Collection are the perfect foundation.

Studio McGee


The classic color tones and unique patterns in these beautiful rugs are immediately eye catching and help anchor a room.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


When in doubt, we adore a neutral rug with a beautiful pattern. This rug makes the lady’s dressing room in the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles showhouse. (Well, in fairness, the rest of the room isn’t so bad either!)

href=””>Kate Marker Interiors |Builder: Grand Traditions Home | Photo: Stoffer Interior Photography


The color palette of this beautiful study is calm, soothing and very restful. The bleached rug is a wonderful complement to the tones of the wood and furniture. 

Studio McGee

We know many, many designers that advise to start with the floor when designing a room and then plan the rest of the room around the colors on the floor. We love how this rug becomes the pop of color in an otherwise neutral office space.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


An antique in every room is a great rule to live by, but that can be a little tricky in the kitchen. Why not try an antique rug?

Historical Concepts


Antique rugs, like wine, to us, only get better with time. We love them best when they are very warm and even a little bit threadbare, when the vibrant colors have faded a bit.

Carpenter & Macneille Architects


A lovely rug is a great way to make an entrance–even at the back door. 

Carpenter & Macneille Architects


And a stunning mat-sized rug is the ideal complement to this unbelievable wooden tub. It tops off the British Colonial feel in style! 

Are you a fan of Oriental rugs? Do you have any in your house? Do you prefer them fresh, bright and new or with a little age on them? Visit our friends at Fine Rug Collection for our favorite Orientals, Persians and more modern rugs as well.

Thanks so much for stopping by Design Chic today. See you tomorrow!


More about my new book, SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE

Also, if you want to know a little more about my new novel, SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE (Simon & Schuster, April 25, 2017) take a peek at the video below! (It’s only like 90 seconds. No major commitments here!)

Crazy for Hardwood Floors!

Karr Bick
Karr Bick


Old and distressed… New and shiny… Buffed and polished… Worn and dim…

Myra Hoefer

We think hardwood floors are fabulous any way. But, while spic and span is nice, our very favorite way for our hardwood floors to be is just a tiny bit sand-gritty. We love that subtle reminder that, yes, summer is here, and, oh yes, we’re living it up! (And, yellow? Always a wonderful touch!) Cover them up? Why would we? Floors this gorgeous stand all on their own! And can add so much character to a room, even when the other elements are sparkling and new!

Tolder Geller

And, even though we think a gorgeous hardwood can stand all on its own, we adore a natural fiber rug on top too! Plus it’s great for making breakfast barefooted on chilly mornings.

Marie Flanigan living room
Marie Flanigan


This dark stain adds a sophisticated touch. Paired with that brass, it’s perfection! 

Kate Marker Interiors kitchen with beams and brass hardware
Kate Marker InteriorsStoffer Photography



Against the bright, white paint and finishes in this kitchen, these dark floors are a dramatically different touch. 


We hope you had an amazing 4th of July holiday and a fabulous week to come. Thanks, as always, for making Design Chic a part of your day! 


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