Greek Revival Home of Landscape Designer Jon Carloftis

Before you even walk through the front door of a landscape designer’s home, you can probably guess that you’re in for a treat.

Symmetry, scale and a keen eye for detail are, after all, a part of a landscape designer‘s day to day routine.

So maybe we weren’t surprised, per se, when we first got a peek inside Jon Carloftis’s stunning home. But we were delighted all the same!

It’s one of those places that seems effortlessly thrown together yet perfectly choreographed.

Each and every moment is perfectly collected and completely refined but nothing seems overly planned,

As though the bulk was planned but some of the details came together of their own accord.

In fact, we’d say, these interiors are a bit like the perfect garden.

Because, in our homes, our gardens and our lives, sometimes the most beautiful moments are the surprises, the things that weren’t ever a part of the plan to begin with.

A fresh wood pile ready for the fire is a charming reminder of the outdoors.

You really can’t ever have too many silver treasures–especially julep cups, which have so many uses!

A blend of masculine and feminine elements in this room make it cozy and just a hint rustic.

Maybe this is an author’s perspective, but you can really never have too many books. And a landscape designer’s home must have plants! They’re the perfect combination.

Few home styles are as classic and traditional as a beautiful Greek Revival

The peerless landscape surrounding this home is the icing on the cake! What is your favorite part of this fabulous Greek Revival?

What Splendid Sass had to Say about Slightly South of Simple: (That is a LOT of good alliteration!)

“I have just finished Slightly South of Simple by Kristy Woodson Harvey. As with the other two books Kristy wrote, Dear Carolina and Lies and Other Acts of Love, I fell in love with this book. Kristy is a great Southern author, writing about strong women and their love and support for each other. Family is at the forefront of each book… creating a storyline that makes this book one of the best I have read.”
Teresa, Splendid Sass

Four Poster Beds Add Style to Any Bedroom

Architectural Digest photo: Peter Estersohn

Good morning, chic readers! We hope you had a terrific weekend and are ready to start a wonderful week ahead. We don’t know about you, but we love Valentine’s Day. Or not even really the day so much as the whole Valentine’s season. 

Four poster beds in guest room
Cottages and Gardens Magazine

All the red and pink and gold glitter hearts and chocolate and wine everywhere. Everything for Valentine’s Day is so cute and chic and stylish now. This bedding is the perfect Valentine’s Day red…

four poster beds in Hamptons Cottage
Hamptons Cottages & Gardens

And this one is the perfect Valentine’s Day pink! We still remember being kids and and coming home with a huge bag full of paper Valentine’s sporting sappy sayings, some with candy, some with other Valentine’s trinkets. You never knew what you were going to find. It was wonderful!

bedroom by Tara Shaw
Tara Shaw via Milieu Magazine 

What’s even better is the fabulous four poster beds. We don’t think many things add a sense of presence in a room quite like a substantial bed.

French Provencial bedroom
Architectural Digest

 French provincial four poster beds add old world elegance to a bedroom’s decor.

black and white bedroom
New England Home Magazine

Black with a touch of gold is an ever-elegant combination that adds so much style to a bedroom.

Architectural Digest 

A beautiful four-poster like this fills up a larger bedroom with taller ceilings and accentuates the graceful roofline. It’s perfection! The pair of chests is perfectly proportioned too.

blue and white bedroom
McCann Design Group 

The four poster bed is incredibly versatile and, in a dark shade like this, is great for a boy’s bedroom–from toddler to teen and beyond.

green and white bedroom
Jenny Wolf Design 

Far from basic, four poster beds come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials to suit any bedroom space. We love everything about this beautiful bedroom!

Are you a fan of four poster beds? Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day, no matter what you’re doing!


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