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Organization with Humphrey Munson
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Organization with Humphrey Munson

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Under the Southern Sky




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Things We Love: Humphrey Munson for Every Room


We have the best news! You know we are big, huge fans of Humphrey Munson Handmade Kitchens. (I mean… the built-in kennels? Too cute!)



And while they have always been a go-to for fabulous kitchen organization and inspiration, Humphrey Munson isn’t just for the heart of the home!



Mudrooms with panache,



Laundry rooms with style,



And butler’s pantries with staying power



Are all a part of Humphrey Munson‘s chicly stylish storage.



Back door drop stations for keeping everything in its place,



Pantries that make it easy to stay organized,



And beautifully designed and implemented storage that keeps essentials squarely within view,



Become essential parts of a home’s overall style, design scheme and chic look. We can’t get enough of Humphrey Munson in any room in the house!


Paul Craig Photography


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Things We Love: Organization with Humphrey Munson

Classic Oak - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson


Oh, to have a perfectly organized kitchen… It is one of our ultimate dreams.


Classic Oak - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson


Humphrey Munson Kitchen Design has made that dream a reality for many a homeowner. (And Paul Craig Photography has captured each gorgeous moment.)


Classic Oak - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson


From spices all in straight rows,


Half Windsor - H|M Design Notes - Humphrey Munson Blog


To china seamlessly stacked,


Classic Oak - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson


Glasses perfectly displayed,


Berkeley Oak - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson Blog


To a coffee bar that could rival any Starbuck’s,


Berkeley Oak - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson Blog


The heart of the home has never looked so good!


Classic Oak - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson


If this isn’t a chef’s dream, we don’t know what is!



A place for everything and everything in its place is taken to an entirely new level in a Humphrey Munson kitchen.



These designers take advantage of every ounce of vertical space, and a darling library ladder is the ideal organized kitchen accessory.



Rows of glass jars might just be our love language,


Goose Iron - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson Blog


While gleaming copper cookware is jewelry for the kitchen.


Goose Iron - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson Blog


Breakfast soars to beautiful new heights,

Weybridge Project - Humphrey Munson


And aprons have a home of their own in a Humphrey Munson kitchen. These lovely, organized rooms have us dreaming of a perfectly organized home. We’re looking a second time for more inspiration! Join us, won’t you?


Paul Craig Photography


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Organizing Your Kitchen with Humphrey Munson

Berkeley Oak - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson Blog


Back-to-school time (even if it’s just virtual!) always gets us in an organization mood.


Cuffs - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson Blog


Don’t get us wrong: There is nothing sweeter than the off-schedule, laid-back, lazy days of summer.


Weybridge Project - Humphrey Munson


But when the time comes, we’re usually ready for a little structure–and our houses are too!


Farthing - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson Blog


Humphrey Munson is giving us all the inspiration we need today to empty those drawers, clear out the pantry, and finally toss the Tupperware and water bottles whose tops have seemed to disappear…


Longford Pantry, Felsted - Humphrey Munson


Because there’s no doubt that an uncluttered space feels like a giant exhale.


Longford Pantry, Felsted - Humphrey Munson


After a summer of sandy feet,


Farthing - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson Blog


And beach bags by the door,


Humphrey Munson Kitchen design with organizing storage


We’re craving the structure and simplicity of an on-schedule home with everything in its place.


Georgian Glazed Screens - Georgian Hunting Lodge - organizing Humphrey Munson Blog


The heart of the home is always the best place to start–


Georgian Glazed Screens - Georgian Hunting Lodge - Humphrey Munson Blog


Or maybe the butler’s pantry if we had one like this!


Farthing - Design Notes - Humphrey Munson Blog


From a chic spot for meal planning,

To a casual space for family lounging, Humphrey Munson kitchens can do absolutely no wrong. We hope these gorgeous inspiration kitchens have motivated you to live your best kitchen life like they have us!

Paul Craig Photography


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In Good Taste: Humphrey Munson Handmade Kitchens


Pasta. Pottery. Presents.



Everything is better when it’s handmade. 



Including the most important–and often most used–room in the house. 



The kitchen, of course. 



These Humphrey Munson kitchens take “custom” to the next level, employing only the finest hard woods, natural stones and high end appliances in their stunning spaces. And it goes without saying that every member of the team is masterful.



The result? A truly bespoke kitchen that focuses on meeting every single need, from storage with style and stability, 



To a practical and beautiful pantry where everything is right at eye level. 



Food storage has never ever looked this good. 



From butler’s pantries that wow, 



To china storage that keeps everything right where you can see it,



Every facet of the Humphrey Munson experience is well thought out and fabulously functional. (Ladders are one of our favorite accessories!)



Beautiful mudrooms where everything has a place might very well be one of the foundations for a neat and tidy kitchen–and entire house, really.



And each ounce of cabinetry and woodwork–whether it’s in the light and bright of the kitchen or dark of the back hallway, is utter perfection. Do you love these handmade spaces as much as we do?


Paul Craig Photography


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