In Good Taste: Tim Barber, Ltd.

Tim Barber, Ltd living room
Reath Design | Photography by Laure Joliet


When it comes to interiors, we all know that the fundamentals, the place where it all begins, set the tone for an entire house. Tim Barber, Ltd Architecture creates stunning spaces that feel like home.


Tim Barber, Ltd kitchen
Reath Design | Photography by Laure Joliet


Beautiful cabinetry can make or break a kitchen


Tim Barber, Ltd kitchen with beams
Kishani Perera Interior Design | Roger Davies Photography


Every tiny decision goes far beyond simple storage and, instead, dictates the feel of the heart of the home, 


Tim Barber, Ltd kitchen with dining table
Artistic Designs for Living | Photography by Laura Hull


And window placement is, to us, one of the most paramount parts of any home’s overall look. 


Tim Barber, Ltd poolroom
Interior Design: Carla McMorran | Karyn Millet Photography


A simple game room becomes a luxurious retreat with the right architectural details,


Tim Barber, Ltd laundry room
Artistic Designs for Living | Photography by Laura Hull


And a lovely Dutch door finishes a beyond charming laundry room in ultimate style.


Tim Barber, Ltd bathroom
Artistic Designs for Living | Photography by Laura Hull


A powder room becomes a haven, 


Kishani Perera Interior Design | Roger Davies Photography


And a laundry room transforms into a getaway with the addition of the right architectural details. 


Tim Barber, Ltd bathroom
Photography by Joe Schmelzer


Have you ever seen a sink quite so stunning? We love how the tile complements it!


Tim Barber, Ltd exterior white clapboard house
Lucas Studio   |  Roger Davies Photography


If architectural design is important in interiors, when it comes to exteriors, it’s paramount. 


Tim Barber, Ltd white clapboard house
Artistic Designs for Living | Photography by Laura Hull


The right architect can create exactly the kind of home that becomes a family retreat and safe haven for generations to come. That’s why we think the work of Tim Barber, Ltd. is always in good taste


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In Good Taste: JSE Design


We don’t know about you, but we always like starting the week with a little good taste. On that end, JSE Interior Design absolutely delivers. We are loving the sleek color palettes and modern vibe of these stunning rooms–with pops of color in all the right places and the perfect dash of metallic chic. Whatever your design goals, you’ll find the inspiration to get your week started on the right foot!












This custom Alex Turco Geode wall with brass accents is too beautiful for words!





The perfect place to spend a summer’s day… Or maybe all of them! We hope you’ve enjoyed this gorgeous work as much as we have.

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In Good Taste: Tracy Morris Design

Greg Powers Photography


Tracy Morris Design knows the importance of a first impression. And, as you can see, is masterful at making a grand one. A free-hanging staircase is, to us, one of the most stunning welcomes a home can offer, and this one is positively swoon-worthy.


Angie Seckinger Photography

From searing focal points, 



To organic elements,



Antique accents, 



To modern style, these designers leave their signature mark in every single room they bring to life. 


Greg Powers Photography


With a distinctive crispness but also a sense of history, of place,


Greg Power Photography


And a knack for everything in its place,



These designers create spaces suited for entertaining, for relaxing–and everything in between.



From the smallest members of the family,


Angie Seckinger Photography


To the sunniest spots on the property, every space that Tracy Morris Design creates is in good taste! Which is your favorite? 

We discovered Tracy Morris’s stunning work on–where else?–Instagram, and adore her as much her fabulous designs! Check her out in her chic glory on Instagram


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In Good Taste: Bill Ingram Architect

Bill Ingram Architect shingled house


Like great writers, musicians, composers and artists, so many great architects have such a flair that their work is immediately identifiable. Bill Ingram is one of those rare architects whose work varies to suit the needs of a client but still maintains that signature flair that is all his own.


Bill Ingram Architect wall of windows


Bill Ingram Architect curb appeal double louvered doors


Bill Ingram Architect house and garden


Bill Ingram Architect curb appeal

Bill Ingram Architect entrance foyer


Luker Photography


Luker Photography


Bill Ingram Architect duck prints in bathroom
Luker Photography


Bill Ingram Architect entry



Looking at these fabulous photos, we think you’ll agree that Bill Ingram ‘s work is in good taste.


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In Good Taste: C. Brandon Ingram Design

C. Brandon Ingram curb appeal with climbing vines
Peachtree Circle


No matter how old we grow, the promise of a secret garden still thrills us. And, with a gorgeous gate and pathway like this, it’s really no wonder.


C. Brandon Ingram curb appeal with boxwoods on either side of walkway
Peachtree Circle


With classic designs,


C. Brandon Ingram covered patio with wicker furniture
Interior Design by Don Easterling and Nina Nash – Peachtree Circle


Bright, airy spaces,


C. Brandon Ingram covered porch with fireplace
Interior Design by Don Easterling and Nina Nash – Peachtree Circle


Inviting porches,


Courtney Giles design kitchen with lanterns over island
Courtney Giles Interiors – Dover


And enviable kitchens,


 Courtney Giles laundry room
Courtney Giles Interiors – Dover


C. Brandon Ingram Design creates homes so stunning, so livable and so well-planned, that we’re always excited to see what they’re going to come up with next.


C. Brandon Ingram curb appeal White House with green shutters


Their exteriors absolutely wow.


C. Brandon Ingram curb appeal White House white shutters


From grand and gorgeous,


C. Brandon Ingram curb appeal Southern Living house
Oak Leaf Cottage


To quaint and charming,


C. Brandon Ingram curb appeal flower boxes


The work of these architects is always in good taste. Stop back by tomorrow for a truly spectacular C. Brandon Ingram house tour that you won’t want to miss!



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In Good Taste: Toledo Geller


Good morning, readers! Ready for a bright spot in your day? We know we are!



To that end, Toledo Geller absolutely delivers! Curl up with a good book in this gorgeous family room,



Sip your morning coffee surrounded by chic stripes,



Or have an evening cocktail with friends (via FaceTime!) among the flowers,



Bright whites



Soothing blues,



And perfect layers,



Create unforgettable spaces that wow. Doesn’t this eat-in kitchen remind you of the chicest cafe? (Who needs to leave home?)



A charming, cozy and perfectly appointed kitchen, 



An adorable homework nook with plenty of storage,


Jacob Snavely Photography

And astonishingly beautiful exteriors are all hallmarks of Toledo Geller’s good taste. What’s your favorite space?


We hope Design Chic is a bright spot in your day during this difficult time. We love seeing you here!


We’re offering up our favorite quarantine design tips over on Patti Callahan Henry‘s blog to start her Stay at Home Book Tour! Check it out!

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In Good Taste: Heidi Caillier

Heidi Caillier gray kitchen


Good morning, chic readers! I am celebrating today because my sixth book, FEELS LIKE FALLING (Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books), releases exactly three months from today! (More on that–and a fun offer–below.)


Heidi Caillier gray kitchen with brass hardware


I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Tuesdays. As a kid, that was because new episodes of Full House came out on Tuesdays and Mom let me stay up until 8:30 to watch, which was a big deal!



Now, it’s because Tuesday always means featuring a new or favorite designer in all his or her glory. (And new books always release on Tuesdays, too, so that’s fun.)


Heidi Caillier green cabinets with brass hardware


Today we are so excited to showcase the gorgeous taste of Heidi Caillier.


Heidi Caillier green cabinets with brass hardware


With this designer, every little space is a chance to look–and then look again–to capture and take in each tiny detail that combines to form a spectacular whole. 


Heidi Caillier green cabinets with brass hardware


We love her use of color in the kitchen,


Heidi Caillier turquoise cabinets with brass hardware


How cozy and warm it makes the spaces. 


Heidi Caillier white cabinets with brass hardware


But, then again, you know we’ll never turn away a white kitchen! Especially when it has gorgeous brass accents!



What do you notice first in this room? For us, the chairs jumped out with that fabulous fabric, and we would have sworn they were our favorite element. But then that coffee table is a true work of art… And the pillows… And the details in that lamp… It’s one of those instances we just had to keep looking to take it all in!


bathroom with green cabinets


So many special elements combine here to create a perfect bathroom that is far from boring and becomes a true experience. Which is your favorite space?


Haris Kenjar Photography

Like I said above, FEELS LIKE FALLING releases in three short months! This is when the fun really begins. I’ll be announcing the official tour dates next week, but, for now, I have a little surprise for you! Everyone who preorders FEELS LIKE FALLING today, January 28, and emails me their receipt and address to [email protected]com gets a FREE copy of THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF PARADISE. It’s as easy as that! 

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In Good Taste: Ham Interiors

Ham Interiors entry with Blue door

A Carolina blue door and a black lab? There’s really no better entrance if you ask us. (Although, in Henley-on-Thames, where this gorgeous door resides, we’re pretty sure it isn’t called Carolina blue.) Ham Interiors, our big time design love this week, combines classic sensibilities with stunning architecture for spaces with purpose, with style and, most important of all, with that certain undefinable something that makes a house feel like a home. Leave your wellies by the door, brew a cup of hot tea and take a peek at these cozy, livable houses that are so unforgettably chic you’ll undoubtably find yourself daydreaming about a few little changes for you own home. Enjoy!

Ham Interiors entrance


Ham Interiors  kitchen with large black island


Ham Interiors  kitchen with blue and white china


Ham Interiors  kitchen with blue lanterns


Ham Interiors potting shed


Ham Interiors kitchen with orange range


Ham Interiors  living room with pier mirror


Ham Interiors bathroom with audobon print


Hám Interior Design entry


Ham Interiors  closet


Ham Interiors  closet


Hám Interior Design bedroom

We hope you loved the good taste of Ham Interiors as much as we do and that it brightened your day!

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love seeing you here!

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