House Tour: Spring Break in Palm Beach


Another day, another Spring Break trip we aren’t on… But super talented architect Mark Finlay is solving that for us!! 



Nothing–and we do mean nothing–says “Spring Break” quite like yellow-and-white stripes by a pool. It’s quintessential Spring Break chic and we are here for it!!



See? Isn’t it the best?



We have to say, though, we’d be pretty happy to spend Spring Break inside this gorgeous Palm Beach home too.



Cooking in this chic, built-in kitchen



Dining with our family in style,



Crossing the hall after dinner…



For an aperitif in the library



And, of course, curling up in bed after a long day shopping. Or on the beach. Either way. It’s your Spring Break. You choose!



But we all know that Spring Break is better when we share it with friends, 



Which is what makes this pair of twin bedrooms so incredibly appropriate. We’re pretty sure this house is Palm Beach perfection. And we’re so happy we got to visit it with you today!

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We love seeing you here!


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The Architecture of Mark Finlay

Mark Finlay White House with double front porches

Some people have a way with words. 

Mark Finlay beach house

Some people have a way with wood. 

Mark Finlay White House with black shutters

In his book Country Houses, Mark Finlay proves he has a way with both. 

Mark Finlay entrance with bamboo umbrella stand and seagrass runner

The country house is a bit of a dream for most of us. A quiet spot, away from it all, where we can relax, rest, recharge and come back home feeling revived and renewed. 

 entrance with wood beams

There are gardens, sure. Horses, of course. 

entrance with chandelier

But that’s just the beginning. Because the quintessential dream country house is as spectacular inside as it is outside. 

blue and white living room Mark Finlay

A pinch of old world charm, a dash of clean modernity and a hint of something rustic combine to make the penultimate country house. 

Mark P. Finlay living room

Finlay takes his country homes to the next level with enviable architectural details at every turn. 

Mark P. Finlay living room

Bright light and warm sunshine beckon you outside, 

Mark P. Finlay

While a mudroom with space for it all greets you with organization and simplicity on the way back in. 

Mark P. Finlay

What’s better than the house? Quite possibly the stable, of course. 

Mark P. Finlay book

This was just a fabulous sneak peek but, for more enviable country houses (without any of the maintenance!), escape with Country Houses: The Architecture of Mark Finlay

Thanks so much for stopping by Design Chic today! We always love seeing you here! 

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InGoodTaste:Mark Finlay

1ingt mark finlay

It’s basically a holiday where we are this week: the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament! The first over-500 pound fish was caught today, raking in the $433,500. Hemingway would be proud. My son is in heaven watching these giant fish come in and get weighed. I’m more considering what I would do with the prize money!


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