In Good Taste: Tracy Hardenburg Design

Good morning, chic readers! We hope your 2018 is off to a fabulous start. It still feels weird to say 2018, doesn’t it?

The good news is that, no matter what else 2018 holds, we can guarantee it will be full of good taste–beginning with the fabulous Tracy Hardenburg.

Each room is completely unique, family friendly, and in the case of this charming keeping room, super comfortable.

Hardenburg’s unique touches–like this amazing chalkboard–add so much personality.

We are loving the deep, dark navy blue of these cabinets,

And the built-in bunk room gets a grown-up twist with chic colors and awesome accents.

A pretty bedroom gets a modern touch with a few key updates to old favorites.

Aren’t these chairs the absolute cutest? We think these should be one of our New Year’s Resolutions!

A pair of oversized chaises makes for the perfect spot to cuddle up with a good book, a glass of wine and sweet conversation before bed.

When it comes to decor, we can’t forget the great outdoors. An old staple–wicker–takes on a new vibe with an updated shape.

Neutrals provide a beautiful backdrop on this stunning patio with bright blooms providing a splash of fun color. 

Could anything be more delightful than a day spent lounging by the pool? We’re expecting snow today, but, hey, girls can dream, right? It will be summer again before we know it..

Wishing you sunny skies today and a great start on all your resolutions! Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!

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In Good Taste: Suzanne Kasler


When it comes to good taste, there’s no one that has it knocked quite like Suzanne Kasler


Always the epitome of grace, elegance and style, Kasler’s homes have a sense of purpose about them. They tell a story. 


Never too stuffy, but always refined, these are the rooms that we go back to again and again to study and learn and fall in love with something new at every turn.


We love the feeling of a room being collected, of it coming together over time, and, though we are sure that there has been a time Kasler purchased everything in a room at once, her rooms always have that collected feeling.


But, at the same time, they never take themselves too seriously. A throw for a chilly day, a whimsical painting… 


Abstract art is always the right choice for infusing a room–even a otherwise staid one–with humor and whimsy. (We spy our FAVORITE tray from Anna by RabLabs on the coffee table!


Kasler knows that, when it comes to doing neutrals well, texture is the name of the game. Each of these is more luscious than the next.


Bright, light and with the perfect, unexpected palette. 


This room is almost too good! Perfection in every single way! Have you ever, ever seen windows and doors quite this amazing?


The beauty is so often in the details, as with this chic vignette. But Kasler never over accessorizes, which, in our New Year, clutter-free state of mind we really appreciate!

Even the ceiling is a work of art! Dining rooms can sometimes feel a little too stiff and heavy. The color play in this room keeps it from feeling too formal.


Who needs an island when you can gather family around a real dining table? Lovely!


We love all of Suzanne Kasler’s rooms. Really, we do. But the bedrooms?


They are positively dreamy. They actually make you want to curl up and go to sleep. It’s genius.


This dressing area is so feminine and delicate, with the right amount of glamour to make getting ready as much fun as the event itself!


This is the kind of outdoor space that has us dreaming of getting outside. With a fireplace that lovely you can do just that, no matter the weather. 

We hope that, no matter the weather where you are, your 2017 is off to a fabulous start!

In Good Taste:J ulia Buckingham


Interior designer, mother, wife, trendsetter and Material Girl, (well, one of the authors of the Material Girls blog!) Julia Buckingham is one of those talented women that makes it all look easy!


And, as is clear from these fabulous photos, she makes it all look better too!


House Tour: Fisher Street Interiors


 Doing house tours each week is always one of our favorite things! But it takes on a whole different feeling and meaning when the house is one that you know very, very well!


My friend Kate grew up here, so I spent a significant amount of time in this house. It was gorgeous before, always one of my favorites, but with a new owner and in the hands of the very talented ladies of Fisher Street Interiors it has taken on a new persona for a new owner. There used to be a piano in the corner of this living room. I spent a lot of time playing “Heart and Soul” on it!


Alys Beach House Tour


It may be back-to-school time, but we all need to gear up for one big, last beach weekend: Labor Day! 


 We couldn’t think of a better way to do that then by touring this fabulous Alys Beach House! This fresh and open living room is a great start!


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