In Good Taste: Tracy Hardenburg Design

Good morning, chic readers! We hope your 2018 is off to a fabulous start. It still feels weird to say 2018, doesn’t it?

The good news is that, no matter what else 2018 holds, we can guarantee it will be full of good taste–beginning with the fabulous Tracy Hardenburg.

Each room is completely unique, family friendly, and in the case of this charming keeping room, super comfortable.

Hardenburg’s unique touches–like this amazing chalkboard–add so much personality.

We are loving the deep, dark navy blue of these cabinets,

And the built-in bunk room gets a grown-up twist with chic colors and awesome accents.

A pretty bedroom gets a modern touch with a few key updates to old favorites.

Aren’t these chairs the absolute cutest? We think these should be one of our New Year’s Resolutions!

A pair of oversized chaises makes for the perfect spot to cuddle up with a good book, a glass of wine and sweet conversation before bed.

When it comes to decor, we can’t forget the great outdoors. An old staple–wicker–takes on a new vibe with an updated shape.

Neutrals provide a beautiful backdrop on this stunning patio with bright blooms providing a splash of fun color. 

Could anything be more delightful than a day spent lounging by the pool? We’re expecting snow today, but, hey, girls can dream, right? It will be summer again before we know it..

Wishing you sunny skies today and a great start on all your resolutions! Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!

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Things We Love: An Organized Kitchen!

Steven Gambrel via AD


Oh, yes. We had to start sometime, didn’t we? With the organization posts? Because what is 2017 if not the perfect year to create a home that you absolutely love?

Carolyne Roehm via OKL


For us, that love starts with our cabinets. Every year. Well, not every year. Some years it’s our drawers. Or the pantry. But you get the idea.



This year, for me, it was the vitamin cabinet. Because I have every vitamin or supplement known to man. I’m just not great at following through with taking the entire bottle… But I’m better than my husband. Literally every new year he buys a 30-day supply of a swanky men’s multi at Whole Foods. And, every year, I chunk the expired bottle–with about 27 pills left in it. So now that’s done. Shew.


At our house, this year, the number was three. Three big, black contractor bags full of things that had to be thrown out and taken to the street. Nothing will make you vow to buy less stuff than seeing three bags of it on your sidewalk for 48 entire hours because you forgot that there was no trash pick up on Monday since it’s was NYD observed.

Skurman Architect


After the vitamin cabinet, it was the pantry. This is little Will’s favorite area to help with, so that’s kind of nice. He gets sidetracked pretty quickly by some old fruit snacks or something that he’s begging me to let him eat, but, until then, he’s really good at helping me line up all the glass jars just so. They all match, and it is my favorite thing to peek inside that perfectly organized pantry and see all of those clean, lined up glass jars. Sometimes I walk in there and look at them when I’m stressed. True story.

Studio Dearborn


We actually use all of our spices, marinades etc. By “we” I, of course, mean my husband. I get on a cooking kick around January 3 and by about January 5 I’ve remembered how much I hate to cook and the job is turned over to him again. In fairness, he loves it. And if we have mustard, pickles and some nearly expired cumin in the house he somehow turns it into a magically delicious meal. Which is good because, incongruously, though I don’t do the cooking, I do the grocery shopping.

Artichoke, ltd


I love it because when I get home I get to spend time in my glorious pantry putting all the food away.

Artichoke, Ltd


Since I’m not the cook, it would follow that the knives aren’t really my deal either. We didn’t even have to register for them because hubby had ALL the knives. We keep ours in a block way back on the counter away from little hands. You know, just in case. This would be a major hazard in our house, but it looks fabulous!

Artichoke, Ltd.


Dishes and serve ware are another area in which we pared down as much as possible this year.



You can just only eat and serve off of so many things, even if, like us, you’re a big fan of having parties. 

de Giulio Design


Once you become acquainted with the things you use over and over again–and, more importantly, the things you don’t–this is an easier task. Still hard, because, you know, everything is suddenly full of memories. But easier when your cabinets look all streamlined and clean and nothing is flying out at you when you open the door.

de Giulio Design


Now this is pot storage. We love this and want it immediately. 

Studio Dearborn


Still on my list (and in my Joss & Main cart): getting those pull out sliders for all of my cabinets.

Studio Dearborn


It is amazing how things just get lost forever in the back of those deep cabinets. Sliders make them so, so functional. I can’t wait to get mine!

Betty Lou Phillips Interior Design


Do you go on a decluttering binge at the beginning of the new year? Or are you one of those people who is so disciplined you don’t even have any clutter?

de Giulio Design

If you’re the latter, we are so jealous. Share your secrets with us! If you could use a little organization in your life tell us: where are you starting this year?

Thanks so much for stopping by today! We always love seeing you!

Top Ten Posts of 2015

Happy New Year, readers! We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your amazing support and encouragement over the past year. We love getting to know each and every one of you and can’t thank you enough for letting us be a part of your lives. It is a true pleasure! This year has been especially wonderful for me with the release of my first novel, and you can’t imagine how grateful I am to each of you who were so supportive. It was a dream come true, and would not have been nearly as successful without the support of all of our incredible blog friends. To celebrate a fabulous 2016 ahead, we thought we would share our top posts of the year. Happy reading! And, even moreso, best wishes for a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!

Dear Carolina Launch Day




The Houses of Dear Carolina




Closet Organization: Part Two

Andrew J. Howard Design

You don’t have to have hundreds of pairs of shoes appreciate a good closet–and the beautiful wood in this one.

Howard Slatkin’s Closet via Fifth Avenue Style


In fact, we’d venture to say that even Howard Slatkin’s impeccably designed and sophisticated closet would look bad if it was a jumbled mess with clothes and shoes scattered all around the floor.


Tim Barber, Ltd

On the flip side, even a small closet can look fabulous with the right lights and the proper organization.


Austin Patterson Disston Architects

But, then again, everything tucked away behind those mirrored doors is a great option too.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

A clean, organized closet is the best way to start the day, if you ask us. Flipping on the light to reveal rows of immaculately organized items that are a cinch to find makes it easier to see what’s there, to get dressed, and sets the tone for a calming and wonderful day ahead.

Whether your closet is spacious enough to hold furniture or barely big enough to eek out space for all your clothes, there’s no question that an organized closet is a great way to start the day — and the new year!

Are you feeling more organized in 2015?


Closet Organization: Part One

closet litchfield design
William Litchfield 

 Oh, New Year’s… Champagne… confetti… closet cleaning…


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