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There’s nothing sweeter than a pop of pink… And we’re so lucky to have one of our sweetest blog friends, Albertina from Mimosa Lane, here today to share with us her favorite pretty pinks for every room. Albertina’s blog is as amazing and lovely as she is, and, besides, what’s better than starting every day with a little mimosa? Not much that we can think of! We still, years later, can’t get over the insane transformation that Albertina created in a closet she redid from top to bottom when we participated in The One Room Challenge together. And that, friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy her pretty pinks and then go visit her at her online home. Thanks for sharing with us today, Albertina! It’s always, always a pleasure!

[elephant print | champagne flutes | flamingo napkin rings | bar stool | faux peonies | Table lamp | pink acrylic console | small inlay chest | wire chair ]
I’m so excited to be here over at Design Chic, one of my favorite blogs, to be sharing with you some pink inspiration for your home. Beth and Kristy are such a fabulous design duo.  Their blog is always filled with wonderful design inspiration and sources and I love that we have done The One Room Challenge together.  I’m really honored to be on their blog today. So let me tell you about these pretty pink beauties I rounded up for you today-
With the elephant print you get a lot of statement in just one piece. It is large (22″x24″), has a great price and I think would look amazing in a playroom or girl’s room.  The flutes with the pink stem are beautiful and are just $72 for 6. The flamingo napkin rings are exactly what would make your table setting memorable for your guests.  I love this acapulco-esque bar chair….how fun! The peony faux flower arrangement is sensational, and that pink table lamp is so cute.  I have been dying over this pink acrylic console table for a while now and think it would modernize any space.  The small chest of drawers is so feminine and just plain pretty.  And this wire chair has so much character.
I think adding pink to a home softens the space and makes it inviting.  I hope you are adding some pink to your homes.
Beth and Kristy, thank you for having me!!  I’m so excited to be here.

2PicMonkey Collage

One Room Challenge Reveal!


Now… On to the One Room Challenge the brainchild of the fabulous Linda from Calling it Home.  And as a reminder, here is our progress:  Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4,  and Week 5.


 Hey? Remember this?


 The linoleum and laminate and 1950s appliances?


One Room Challenge Week 5


Week five. And we’re starting to forget what the old, green, linoleum-filled, windowless kitchen looked like. But, at the same time, we’re starting to question whether this one is ever going to come together! (This is Danny… he has basically lived here these past five weeks, so we thought he may as well be in the pictures!) 


We’re thrilled with the cabinets, the knobs, the windows, the floors… But, as you may notice, there is a lack of loveliness in that soffit that needs to be addressed, and, yes, we still have the wrong sinks and counters. Sigh. We are assured that they are going to be changed. Here’s hoping it’s by next week!


One Room Challenge: Week 4



All good things must come to an end. And, in this case, the good thing coming to an end was our slow, steady, seamless progress on our One Room Challenge kitchen. To the untrained eye, this bright, shiny stainless sink may look like huge progress.



 And the marble these sinks are encased within might look like serious serious progress. And they would have been. If they were ours.


One Room Challenge Week 3




Happy Wednesday, friends! And welcome to week three of the One Room Challenge, started by Linda of Calling it Home! We realized that last week we forgot to show you the brand new, sparkling clean ceilings of our kitchen renovation. Aren’t they pretty?


This week, our molding and window molding are in place, and we’re testing baseboards! What do you think?  


One Room Challenge: Week 2



Welcome to week 2 of the One-Room Challenge! A.K.A Demo, sawdust up to your ears, and, ultimately, a big sigh of linoleum-free relief! Here’ s a recap of the “before” of our stunner of a kitchen and Week ONE if you missed it.


And… Yay! Demo and subfloor! It’s actually kind of shocking how quick it was to completely take this place apart. A bunch of men, a bunch of hammers, and the job gets done!


Design Chic

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Design Chic

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