You’re Invited: Classic, Elegant Entertaining

You're Invited:  Classic, Elegant Entertaining by Stephanie Booth Shafran


You’re invited… Those might just be two of the most evocative words in the English language and can be met with all sorts of emotions.


You're Invited:  Classic, Elegant Entertaining by Stephanie Booth Shafran


But, one thing’s for sure: If Stephanie Booth Shafran is behind that invitation, you’re in for a treat!  Her brand-new book, You’re Invited: Classic, Elegant Entertaining, is the book for your coffee table right now, filled with too-gorgeous-for-words images, 


You're Invited:  Classic, Elegant Entertaining by Stephanie Booth Shafran


Tons of practical tips, and all the inspiration you need for throwing any soiree from big to small.



You're Invited:  Classic, Elegant Entertaining by Stephanie Booth Shafran


Curl up with this stunning book on any regular day for a feeling that something extraordinary has just come your way.


You're Invited:  Classic, Elegant Entertaining by Stephanie Booth Shafran


Even if you aren’t planning a party, you’ll feel like you’ve been to one. (But if you aren’t planning one, we have to ask… Why on earth not? Make up a reason to celebrate and get to it!). Shafran lives between New York, LA and Sun Valley, and, growing up in LA, her parents were always hosting some sort of event. So you could say her passion for parties is a bit of an inherited trait. 


You're Invited:  Classic, Elegant Entertaining by Stephanie Booth Shafran


“Entertaining is my form of creativity,” Shafran said. Pick up a copy of You’re Invited, and it’s sure to become yours too!


Images courtesy of Rizzoli

I had the great pleasure of making my New York TV debut week before last–and I was so thrilled to include You’re Invited as one of my favorite ways to spruce your space for spring! Check it out!

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day! We always love seeing you here!








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Blue and White with The Enchanted Home

Oh, oh, oh, how we love having guest posts from our favorite bloggers on Fridays! Aren’t they simply wonderful? Today, you are in for another treat… A musing from our talented, amazing, fabulous, always stylish friend Tina from the The Enchanted Home. We feel a special kinship with Tina because we started our blogs about the same time, and it has been so fun to see what amazing heights hers has risen to at her skilled hand. She is truly a tastemaker, and blue and white is her signature color! Colors? Well, we think when a combination is this timeless it simply must go together. We think our friend Tina would agree! Check out her blue and white here and then go visit her stunning blog and store immediately!

Hi there, so happy to be over at one of my favorite blogs on all things beautiful, Design Chic. Today I am here as a guest to talk about a color or two and it might not be much of a surprise to most of you that I have chosen to talk about my favorite color combination in the entire world… and white🙂

I live eat and breath it and just can’t imagine my life and home without it! 

I love it in my home but it shows itself quite beautifully in some other unexpected ways. It is a classic that will never ever go out of style, a truly timeless color combination that surprisingly works with literally just about every color. So today, is an homage to all things blue and white, how about you? Are you a member of the blue and white fan club? Even if you aren’t you might be after reading this post……

blue and white

Always have blue and white on my kitchen island filled with some kind of flowering plant, makes me happy to walk into it every morning:)

blue and white living room

Blue and white is fabulous in well…..just about everything!

blue and white porch

And of course outside there is a healthy dose of blue and white as well

blue and white dining room

Blue and white makes one heck of a theme for a party


 blue and white flowers

A stunning white arrangement in blue and white is always a winner in my book

blue and white chinoiserie pumpkin

This vignette on my hallway chest features the most beautiful blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins from Karolyn of The Relished Roost

blue and white porch

Another blue and white setup outside towards the end of summer, added some purple for a dash of color

blue and white mantel in living room

I love adding various sized blue and white jars for my mantle and adding seasonal flowers

blue and white dining room

So does this post have you craving a bit of blue and white of your very own ? Thank you for stopping in and to Kristy and Beth for asking me to come over, always a pleasure to visit their fabulous site and be a part of what is happening in their world. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and end to your week!