Things We Love: Westchester Style


Good morning, chic readers! Take a break from the holiday chaos and tour this gorgeous Westchester home with all the traditional trappings the make a house so special and the modern touches that bring it right into today. 



Cullman Kravis has created an elegant, one-of-a-kind home that is perfect for everything from entertaining to family and beyond. 



The incredible lighting is one of the true statements of this stunning home. It combines the glamour of the intricate moldings with the modernity of the furnishings. 



Extra large rooms can often present a bit of a design challenge–but not for Cullman Kravis. The pool table is absolute perfection!



Book case goals. Enough said. 



The sunroom is always our favorite space. Bright and beautiful even on the coldest winter days. We love how the table legs pay homage to the outdoors–and how the sofa legs have a style all their own.  



Mixing materials in the kitchen is always welcome. 



A sitting room in the bedroom–especially one with a view–is such a chic luxury. 



Beautiful blues combine in style to make a chic spot for one of the family’s younger members.



But, back porch, we think we may love you best of all. The striped awning and black and white touches add tons of personality–and cap off a truly exceptional home. 


Thank you so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We love spending the holidays with you!



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House Tour: Atlanta Townhouse Perfect for Entertaining

When Thanksgiving rolls around, we always think of Atlanta. Growing up, we used to head to Atlanta every Thanksgiving, spend the blessed turkey day itself with my aunt (Mom’s sister), uncle and cousins and then brave the crowds at Lenox and Phipps on Black Friday to get all our Christmas shopping done in one, fell swoop. 

We’re not sure we have that kind of shopping stamina these days–although there was that fateful Thanksgiving night/Black Friday morning at midnight that Dad and I braved the line out the door at midnight at Walmart to get that one Christmas gift that little Will was wanting most, since it was coming in on the Black Friday truck and would surely be gone by the morning. 

It was probably my most selfless parenting moment. And it hasn’t happened since. 

This year, Florence has us out of our house and in a rental for Thanksgiving and the foreseeable future beyond. 

While we are going to miss the holiday at home so much, it will be fun to be at my childhood home, surrounded by our large extended family, to celebrate one of my very favorite holidays. 

There is, as always, so much to be thankful for!

This stunning Atlanta townhouse, designed by Melanie Turner, is another perfect spot for hosting one of the best celebrations of the year. 

With soothing and beautiful bedrooms perfect for gifts, 

A stunning bathroom for relaxing when it’s all over, 

Perfect finishes everywhere you look, 

And beautiful views to boot, 

This is the kind of home that is perfect for savoring every day, all year long–and remembering what you’re truly grateful for. 

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day! We always love it when you stop by!

Melanie Turner Interiors

Photographed by Mali Azima

Atlanta Homes Magazine

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Things We Love: Steel Doors in Design

steel entrance doors
Architectural Digest


Doors and windows are one of those things that are so crucial to the feel of a house but are quite often overlooked.

steel doors
Beth Webb


Sometimes, we can go through them and look out of them many, many times a day and never give them a second thought.

steel Door
Architectural Digest


When they’re as fabulous as these steel doors, though, the panes in your home become something truly  

steel door
Architectural Digest


We usually think of steel as adding an industrial touch, but when used the right way, these steel doors and windows add an antiqued, lived-in feel to a home.

steel doors and windows
Architectural Digest


They are sleek, clean and uncluttered,

steel doors in game room with wood beams
Ohara Davies-Gaetano


while still maintaining an undeniable charm.     

steel doors
Tom Arban PhotographyAnne Decker Architect


They add that all-important touch of black that every room needs,

steel doors in living room
McGill Design Group


somehow seem to make the light pouring in seem even brighter,
steel door living room
McGill Design Group


and make a statement all their own, no window treatment required.

porch steel doors
Architectural Digest


  Talk about intensifying the view!

steel doors on porch

Lucas Eilers

We could stare out any of these doors and windows all day long.

We hope your Thursday has room for a little daydreaming, whatever window you’re looking out. Thanks for stopping by!


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In Good Taste: Foley & Cox Interiors


We tend to think of snow and white when Christmastime comes around. But, we have to admit, that this wide expanse of blue is just the sort of thing we could get used to celebrating. No matter what the backdrop, the good taste of the fabulous Foley & Cox will fill your day with inspiration. 


Inspiration is something we could use a little bit of right about now. Usually, we’re pretty much ready for the holidays by this point. We get most of our shopping done by Thanksgiving.


This year, I have done basically no shopping for anyone. (Including myself. I generally end up sneaking a few things for myself in there while I’m shopping for others, so that’s really saying something.)


On the bright side, my little guy has only asked Santa for one thing, and I know EXACTLY what it is!!


That’s cause for celebration, right? Because there is nothing worse than when their little hearts are just pining away for something, and they keep telling every mall/dentist office/dock/toy store Santa that they want it and you have no idea what they’re talking about and neither does Google.


When Google doesn’t know, you’re toast.


But, joyfully, the one special toy has been ordered, and I love shopping for surprises. Five-year-olds are fun to shop for. If only everyone else could be so easy!


And, with twelve days until our first celebration, I got the wild hair to decorate the kids’ table for our first family Christmas celebration. I’ll be posting on Instagram this afternoon when I finish messing with it. 


Let’s just say that Meri Meri did not sponsor the table, but they really could have. Santa Party Poppers, reindeer cups, Nutcracker plates, the most adorable placecards ever… Really, it’s just more fun to decorate the kids’ table! 


I suspect that it will also be more fun than I’m thinking to do the rest of my Christmas shopping as well. I’m just going to click through one of our latest and greatest gift guides and call it a day!


Or, well, actually…


If the owner of this beauty would like to whisk us off to Paris for the weekend, we think we could easily finish our shopping there. (Or just snag one of these cashmere throws!) We have to say that, of all the good taste of Foley & Cox, we think this might be our very favorite! 

Have you finished your shopping yet? Either way, we hope your holiday season has been merry and bright so far!

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House Tour: Strand Beach House


Good morning, friends! It’s Valentine’s Day central over at our house. Heart plates and love napkins, conversation heart straws and s’more mix for school…


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