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Good morning, our wonderful friends! We are counting down the days until the family gathers and we are surrounded by people we love.Until then, it’s time to get cooking!  When it comes to cooking and prepping and organizing, few things are as useful as a beautiful kitchen island.




It’s where we’ll prepare Christmas Eve dinner, our traditional “Company Chicken,” brown rice (the kind with the butter and consumme, not the healthy kind), biscuits, marinated asparagus and yummy rocky road fudge.

It’s where we’ll prep breakfast casseroles to pop in the fridge for cooking Christmas morning.

It’s where we’ll decorate gingerbread houses that are far from masterpieces but full of memories.

It’s where we’ll sit and have a morning cup of coffee when Santa arrives far too early…


And where we’ll finish off Christmas Day with a heaping helping of whatever leftovers we can find.

Shop Terrain

Maybe most fun of all, the island is where we’ll create cookies for Christmas Eve and beyond.

Simply Suzanne’s

They won’t look at beautiful as these. No doubt about that.

Simply Suzanne’s


But there comes a time when we all have to realize that, sometimes, looking good isn’t the most important thing. To that end I had the pleasure of visiting Your Carolina yesterday to talk about creating a wonderful kids’ table for the holidays. We had the best time! Take a peek!


If you are searching for the products you saw Kristy show on TV today, scroll and click through the images below

Wooden Palate


Rectangle Cut/Chop Block

My husband is the foodie/chef in our house. Thank goodness. The day I nearly had a mental breakdown when he added salt to a recipe that I had been slaving over all day long marked the end of my cooking career. Salt. A little pinch of salt. But it wasn’t in the recipe, and, as such, I declared it ruined. From that day on, I hung up the “a good wife should cook for her husband” hat, sat back, relaxed and watched the magic in the kitchen happen. (I’m in charge of smoothies, green juice and kale chips.)

Round Cut/Chop Block

In addition to being a fabulous cook, my husband is also the world’s worst person to buy gifts for. The WORST. So, when one of these pieces from The Wooden Palate caught my eye the other day, I literally stopped in my tracks and did a little happy dance. Well, okay… I probably didn’t dance. But I was super excited.


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