House Tour: Strand Beach Beauty

Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors living room

It’s summer, and that can only mean one thing: Time for a trip to the beach! This Strand Beach Beauty by the fabulous Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors is about as gorgeous as a beach house can get. It’s the kind of place that is elegant and beautiful but somehow still feels like it won’t be terribly disturbed by sandy feet. If you ask us, that’s how all beach houses should be! But don’t take our word for it. Take a tour of this stunning space. The photos are a vacation in and of themselves! 

Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors dining room


Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors living room


Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors dining


Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors office


Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors kitchen


Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors dining


Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors coral


Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors - wood Beas


Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors bedroom


Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors bathroom


We hope you enjoyed this beach house as much as we did! Wishing you a wonderful day!

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What South Shore Decorating is Saying about Slightly South of Simple:

“It is the first book in her Peachtree Bluff series, and is the perfect summer read (or anytime read, really). It is southern fiction and women’s fiction at its best. It features four unique and complex strong female characters – a mother and her three daughters – and the various people in their lives. There is drama, romance, scandal, love, and plenty of design in this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it”. —Stacy Curran, South Shore Decorating

If you’ve read Slightly South of Simple I’d love it if you’d consider leaving your own review on Amazon! Thank you so much for all of your support!

*Photo by Lindsay Corrigan

Christmas Chic with Stacy Curran

Are you ready to start thinking about the holidays? We know we are! And our fabulous, talented and oh-so-awesome friend Stacy Curran from the ever-inspiring South Shore Decorating is here today to help us get in the Christmas spirit! We adore Stacy’s witty blog, her funny stories and eagerly await her flawless taste. She seriously picks the best stuff, so it’s no surprise that she has a thriving e-design business. Take a peek at her Christmas inspiration and then go sign up for her email list! You’ll be so excited to see her name in your inbox! 
Hi everyone! First, thank you Kristy and Beth for having me today – I’m thrilled to be guest posting.  I’m also really excited to be talking about Christmas decorating. I held back until now and saved it for this guest post. So here we go….
What do you do if you are like me and are not really such a fan of red? It can be tough during the holidays when everything available seems to be red and maroon.  If you like things more neutral, or have colors in your home that clash with reds, here is a solution, and what I do.
I use lots and lots of silver and gold, and very little color. Here, there is a bit of gray and green, but really those trees could all be metallic if you didn’t want any color:


The trick with this tablescape is to vary the heights, but make it symmetrical. I did tall in the center and on the ends, with lower all around the center. The lack of color is made up for by the glitter:


Design Chic

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Design Chic

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