House Tour: The Enchanted (Second) Home

palmetto Bluff white clapboard house with dormers
Photos by John O’Hagan Photography


Good morning, chic readers! We love her and we’re sure you do too… Tina of the breathtaking blog, The Enchanted Home, is known for her great taste, her penchant for blue and white and her superb hostessing skills. (If you don’t follow her, don’t wait another minute!)


Palmetto Bluff living room from Tina of The Enchanted Home


Today, we are so thrilled to be teaming up with Southern Home Magazine to share Tina’s (enchanted!) South Carolina home with all of you!    


Palmetto Bluff dining room from Tina of The Enchanted Home


In 2017, when Slightly South of Simple, the first book in my Peachtree Bluff Series, released, Tina hosted a party at her beyond fabulous Long Island home with dear, darling mutual blog friends. We all started our blogs at the same time, about a decade ago, and to finally be in the same place at the same time was a dream!


Palmetto Bluff kitchen of Tina of The Enchanted Home


It was almost as dreamy as the party that Tina threw for all of us, in fact… Let’s just say that the only thing that could possibly wow as much as Tina’s homes are her hostessing skills. 


Palmetto Bluff bedroom of Tina of The Enchanted Home


While the overall feels of the homes in South Carolina and New York are a little different, they both have that signature Tina touch that makes them stunning, special and warm all at once–just like the woman who designed their every detail!


Palmetto Bluff bathroom of Tina of The Enchanted Home


And they both contain plenty of the blue and white that she has become known for and that her store practically can’t keep in stock!


Palmetto Bluff porch of Tina of The Enchanted Home


We have had the pleasure of sitting around Tina’s glamorous dining room table. And now we’d like nothing more than to sip champagne on her laid-back porch. What is your favorite space in this perfect Southern home?


Thank you to Southern Home for allowing us to feature! And kudos to John O’Hagan Photography for displaying this stunning home in style!


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Things We Love: Diane James Home

 Diane James Home flowers

It would really be more appropriate to title this post “Things and People We Love.” Because as much as we love the beautiful shop, Diane James Home, and The Buzz Blog that is connected to it, we love it’s owners and authors, twins Carolyn and Cynthia, even more!  

 Diane James Home flowers

They were some of our very first blog friends when we started Design Chic, have been an endless source of support and inspiration, and even brought gorgeous blue hydrangeas for everyone at the beyond beautiful blogger luncheon our fabulous friend Tina from The Enchanted Home hosted for the launch of my novel Slightly South of Simple last year. (If you’ve read it, you’ll get why those flowers were so important!)

 Diane James Home flowers

You know we love flowers. Love and adore them and can’t get enough of them. And we know that you do too. 

 Diane James Home flowers

But, sometimes it has been freezing cold for what seems like forever (like now!), or you’re allergic to flowers or you hate the mess the make or you can’t keep them alive for longer than a half hour… 

 Diane James Home flowers

But that’s where sweet Cynthia and Carolyn and their beautiful line for Diane James Home come in. 

 Diane James Home flowers

Because they have an endless variety of gorgeous blooms that won’t die, won’t need watering… And here’s the clincher: They look exactly like the real thing. 

It’s quite astonishing, actually. 

 Diane James Home flowers

Their new Spring Watercolors Collection might be their most beautiful yet. And we don’t know about you, but, if we are going to make it until spring actually arrives, we are going to need some beautiful blooms in our lives!  

 Diane James Home flowers

Not only are they stunning for your own home–indoors or out–but Diane James Home florals make the perfect gift. We’re loving them for the upcoming wedding season. Because, honestly, the bride is probably getting tired of dinner plates. 

 Diane James Home flowers

From topiaries to bouquets, greenery to orchids that you don’t have to get that ice cube trick right to keep alive, these ladies have it all. (And, yes, you can have it delivered! We know. Life is good!)

 Diane James Home flowers

And, did we mention? They’re gorgeous twins! We don’t know about you, but these beautiful blooms have made us feel oh so inspired. What about you? 

For more about our fabulous friends, follow them over at The Buzz Blog and on Instagram at @diane_james_home

Thanks so much for stopping by today, chic readers!

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Thank you to the amazing DD’s Cottage and Design for sharing this stunning photo! If you don’t follow DD, check her out on Instagram @ddscottageanddesign or on her fabulous blog!









In Good Taste: Verandah House

Verandah House sunroom

Good morning, chic readers! You know how we love the thrill of finding new designers we love. And do we ever have some fabulous talent to share with you today!

Verandah House

When we stumbled across the good taste of Verandah House Interiors, it was a love at first sight kind of thing. 

Verandah House living room

This Australian duo designs houses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne and more–and we want to go visit! Business trip, right?

Verandah House dining room

Jess and Judy say:

 “Our design aesthetic is very much the new American classic look, adding a modern sense of luxury that is fresh, stylish and timeless. Its important to us that our work doesn’t fit one style, we try to give each client a unique look and tailor our designs and finishes to suit the way our clients love to live, a casual sensibility.”

Verandah House

From beautifully accessorized vignettes, 

To beautifully uncluttered bookcases,

Verandah House

To coastal homes with just the right amount of flair, 

Verandah House bookcase

We think this dynamic duo is embodying their mission at every turn!

Verandah House kitchen

The perfect spot for entertaining friends!

Verandah House kitchen

Bright, white kitchens that feel clean and crisp,

And swoon-worthy outdoor spaces are examples of these designers’ flawless style. 

If you want to create gorgeous rooms like Verandah House, check out their fabulous online course! (You’ll want to watch the video just to hear their lovely Aussie accents!)

Which is your favorite Verandah House space?

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What your favorite bloggers are saying about The Secret to Southern Charm:

From fab Tina at The Enchanted Home

The Secret to Southern Charm beach book

“5. CALLING ALL READERS. I am so thrilled for the amazing success my fellow blogger and friend, Kristy Harvey is having with her wonderful books, and with good reason. She has captivated so many with her wonderful, heart warming, funny stories (all that take place in the south is an extra bonus) and knows how to really engage her reader, her books are the kind you don’t want to close.

 You know those kind of books that you wish you could literally jump into and become a part of the story ? Think Nicholas Sparks meets Elin Hinderbrand….yes they are that good. I can hardly wait to delve into her newest, The Secret to Southern Charm. I just know her books are headed to the big screen one day:) Click here to preorder yours” — Tina, The Enchanted Home








The Decorated Home – Living with Style and Joy

Meg Braff - The Decorated Home

Good morning, lovelies! I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for making the Slightly South of Simple launch week more amazing than I even could have hoped for. I am so, so grateful to each and every one of your for buying books, coming to events, helping me spread the word and being all around fabulous.With two and a half more weeks on this first leg of tour, I hope to see you at an event in the future if I haven’t yet!Meg Braff - The Decorated Home

Want to hear something fun? Right down the street from my launch party at the gorgeous Society Social showroom in NYC, the fabulous Meg Braff was launching The Decorated Home Living with Style and Joy.

Meg Braff - The Decorated Home

She was so sweet to send us an early copy of this incredible coffee table book, and, as you can see for yourself, it is more than amazing!

green kitchen meg braff

Each page was more beautiful than the last. 

Meg Braff Coastal Living House Bedroom

From beautiful bedrooms…

Meg Braff - The Decorated Home

To pretty patterns, 

Meg Braff - The Decorated Home

Soothing blues…

Meg Braff - The Decorated Home

And calming color schemes, this book couldn’t get lovelier. 

Meg Braff - The Decorated Home

But the best part? Why, the cover of course! We couldn’t wait to get this baby on our table. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of summer to your coffee table! 

the enchanted home

One of the highlights of the past few weeks of book tour was this magical day in honor of Slightly South of Simple at the unfathomably beautiful home of our friend Tina from The Enchanted Home with some of our very favorite blogger friends, You May Be Wandering, PVE Design, The Relished Roost, Diane James Home, Pretty Pink Tulips, Preppy Empty Nester and Jeanne McKay Hartmann! From the flowers to the out of this world food to the beautiful gifts from everyone, this was the perfect way to celebrate the start of the book tour. We can’t thank you enough, ladies, for all of the support–and Tina for opening up your stunning home!

“I highly recommend Slightly South of Simple to the reader who appreciates the charm of Southern Literature. It’s one of the best.”

Katie, Preppy Empty Nester

Blue and White with The Enchanted Home

Oh, oh, oh, how we love having guest posts from our favorite bloggers on Fridays! Aren’t they simply wonderful? Today, you are in for another treat… A musing from our talented, amazing, fabulous, always stylish friend Tina from the The Enchanted Home. We feel a special kinship with Tina because we started our blogs about the same time, and it has been so fun to see what amazing heights hers has risen to at her skilled hand. She is truly a tastemaker, and blue and white is her signature color! Colors? Well, we think when a combination is this timeless it simply must go together. We think our friend Tina would agree! Check out her blue and white here and then go visit her stunning blog and store immediately!

Hi there, so happy to be over at one of my favorite blogs on all things beautiful, Design Chic. Today I am here as a guest to talk about a color or two and it might not be much of a surprise to most of you that I have chosen to talk about my favorite color combination in the entire world… and white🙂

I live eat and breath it and just can’t imagine my life and home without it! 

I love it in my home but it shows itself quite beautifully in some other unexpected ways. It is a classic that will never ever go out of style, a truly timeless color combination that surprisingly works with literally just about every color. So today, is an homage to all things blue and white, how about you? Are you a member of the blue and white fan club? Even if you aren’t you might be after reading this post……

blue and white

Always have blue and white on my kitchen island filled with some kind of flowering plant, makes me happy to walk into it every morning:)

blue and white living room

Blue and white is fabulous in well…..just about everything!

blue and white porch

And of course outside there is a healthy dose of blue and white as well

blue and white dining room

Blue and white makes one heck of a theme for a party


 blue and white flowers

A stunning white arrangement in blue and white is always a winner in my book

blue and white chinoiserie pumpkin

This vignette on my hallway chest features the most beautiful blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins from Karolyn of The Relished Roost

blue and white porch

Another blue and white setup outside towards the end of summer, added some purple for a dash of color

blue and white mantel in living room

I love adding various sized blue and white jars for my mantle and adding seasonal flowers

blue and white dining room

So does this post have you craving a bit of blue and white of your very own ? Thank you for stopping in and to Kristy and Beth for asking me to come over, always a pleasure to visit their fabulous site and be a part of what is happening in their world. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and end to your week!