In Good Taste: Les Ensembliers Design

dining room Les Ensembliers

Good morning, lovely Design Chicers! We hope you are staying warm and cozy if you’re one of our friends affected by the storm. 

Palm Beach kitchen Les Ensembliers

The good news is that good taste, like that of Les Ensembliers Design, prevails no matter the weather!

Palm Beach Dining room -Les Ensembliers

These designers utilize classic favorites like black and white flooring and blue and white porcelain, to make homes come to life. 

Palm Beach porch -Les Ensembliers

And can create an outdoor oasis every bit as beautiful as its indoor counterpart.

Corsica living room -Les Ensembliers

You know how we love versatility in a designer and this group has mastered that art! 

Corsica bedroom -Les Ensembliers

Light, bright and coolly casual, 

Corsica swimming pool -Les Ensembliers

Their talent really shines in these less traditional spaces as well. We can’t wait for this kind of weather!

ski house bedroom -Les Ensembliers

Everything about this twin bedroom is perfection! This looks like a great place to wait out a storm!

closet -Les Ensembliers

A closet that is beautiful enough to integrate seamlessly into the room? Sign us up! This cozy space makes use of every inch!

blue and white living room -Les Ensembliers

From an ode to classic blue and white…

gray and white wallpaper -Les Ensembliers living room

To the wonderfully abstract, these designers know how to mix and match to make everything fabulous.

closet -Les Ensembliers

Statement lighting in the closet?

closet -Les Ensembliers

But of course! Eclectic, fun and always fresh, we couldn’t be more thrilled with these lovely looks from Les Ensembliers. Are you dreaming of sprucing your space for spring?

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