Things We Love: The Power of Pairs

the power of pairs twin beds
Kenson Interiors | Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles | Jeff Herr Photography


We all know the saying that good things come in threes–but we’d make the argument that some pretty great things come in twos too!


the power of pairs blue and white urns
Beth Webb Interiors | Emily Followill Photography


Gorgeous blue and white vases,


Serene Phoebe Howard design house tour living room the power of pairs
Phoebe HowardEmily Followill Photography– Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Fabulous built-in bookcases,


the power of pairs demilune console from mark d sikes
Mark D. Sikes


Beautiful demilune tables, 


the power of pairs copper pendants in Amber Interiors Kitchen
Amber Interiors | Tessa Neustadt Photography


And pretty pendant lights,


the power of pairs in bathroom by Bria Hammel
Bria Hammel Interiors | Spacecrafting Photography


Are all better when they come in twos!


Mark D. Sikes


We adore a pair of chairs for a good cup of coffee,


Mark D. Sikes


And a long conversation.


Beth Webb | Emily Followill Photographer


And a pair of urns finishes a patio in style.


the power of pairs hammocks over pool
The Design Atelier | Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles | Emily Followill | Styling: Eleanor Roper


But our favorite pair of them all? These beyond gorgeous hammocks. Talk about a vacation spot!

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House Tour: Carolina Cottage

Janie Molster Designs

Good morning, chic readers! We don’t know how the weather is where you are, but the past couple days here have been warm, sunny and absolutely gorgeous! We are having major Spring fever, savoring every second outside–and hoping that that groundhog was wrong and this warm weather is here to stay.

Whether you’re really having summer weather or just dreaming about us, take a little mini-vacation with us today to this beyond fabulous Carolina cottage designed by Janie Molster.

There is nothing like beach cottage, with all those historic touches, to take us back to beach trips of our childhoods.

The thing we love most about this home is how Molster mixes those sweet, nostalgic touches–like wood paneling–with bright updated style.

This island is the perfect spot for sandy feet and pimento cheese sandwiches!

Fresh watermelon and strawberries from a roadside stand become accessories in this kitchen. 

Exposed beams and painted floors lend a classic look, 

While bright linens lend fun, fresh vacation-worthy appeal. 

All I can say is that I wish I had seen this earlier… We had so many pairs of red Keds! What a fun way to incorporate them into the style.

Bold red and pretty marble update this bath, while hexagonal tile remains a throwback to a simpler time that’s still completely on trend.

Nothing says “beach retreat” like a fabulous kids’ room!

Beach towel goals!! We can’t decide which is cuter, the towels or the basket!

At the beach, driftwood really is the best accessory!

This utterly charming, classic exterior ties it all together–and, y’all, that view. This looks like the kind of place that has made a thousand memories and will make a thousand more. Thanks for touring with us today! We hope you love this Carolina cottage as much as we do!

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!



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In Good Taste: Kelly Nutt Interior Design

Kelly Nutt

Happy Tuesday, chic readers! We are so excited to share the good taste of Kelly Nutt with you today! Crisp, clean interiors with just the right amount of personality are hallmarks of this talented designer’s style. Take a break, take a peek, and let us know which space is your favorite!

Kelly Nutt


Kelly Nutt


Kelly Nutt


Kelly Nutt

Kelly Nutt



Kelly Nutt


Kelly Nutt

Thank you so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!



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In Good Taste: Les Ensembliers Design

dining room Les Ensembliers

Good morning, lovely Design Chicers! We hope you are staying warm and cozy if you’re one of our friends affected by the storm. 

Palm Beach kitchen Les Ensembliers

The good news is that good taste, like that of Les Ensembliers Design, prevails no matter the weather!

Palm Beach Dining room -Les Ensembliers

These designers utilize classic favorites like black and white flooring and blue and white porcelain, to make homes come to life. 

Palm Beach porch -Les Ensembliers

And can create an outdoor oasis every bit as beautiful as its indoor counterpart.

Corsica living room -Les Ensembliers

You know how we love versatility in a designer and this group has mastered that art! 

Corsica bedroom -Les Ensembliers

Light, bright and coolly casual, 

Corsica swimming pool -Les Ensembliers

Their talent really shines in these less traditional spaces as well. We can’t wait for this kind of weather!

ski house bedroom -Les Ensembliers

Everything about this twin bedroom is perfection! This looks like a great place to wait out a storm!

closet -Les Ensembliers

A closet that is beautiful enough to integrate seamlessly into the room? Sign us up! This cozy space makes use of every inch!

blue and white living room -Les Ensembliers

From an ode to classic blue and white…

gray and white wallpaper -Les Ensembliers living room

To the wonderfully abstract, these designers know how to mix and match to make everything fabulous.

closet -Les Ensembliers

Statement lighting in the closet?

closet -Les Ensembliers

But of course! Eclectic, fun and always fresh, we couldn’t be more thrilled with these lovely looks from Les Ensembliers. Are you dreaming of sprucing your space for spring?

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In Good Taste:Leigh Giles


It’s hard to believe but school is over in THREE DAYS! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Because out-of-school-time means it’s beach time!


I used to be the girl who changed bathing suits eleven times a day (that’s not an exaggeration) because she couldn’t stand the sand, so I’m not sure when exactly I started to love it so much. But, however it happened, all we know is that we’re ready for summer to start in earnest!


While we are packing our bags and heading to North Carolina’s coast, Leigh Giles, fabulous designer and fellow Tarheel, will be packing her bags and leaving her Virginia home to head to one of our favorite spots in North Carolina’s mountains: Blowing Rock.


While we’re baking in the sun, she’ll be nice and cool. We might have to go say hi to her when we need a break from the heat!


And, we know that, no matter what else Leigh is doing, she will be choreographing interiors with a touch of tradition, loads of style…


And a helping heaping of the fine art that she enjoys employing so much.


New York-educated and Atlanta-trained, Leigh’s classic designs caught our eye right off the bat.


Blue and white never goes out of style, and a bookcase full feels welcoming and warm.


Leigh also tackles the new and modern with particular skill, making spaces feel fresh, open and up to date.


Unexpected touches–like lamps on the island!–set this designer’s work apart from the pack.


You know we’re huge fans of twin beds in guest rooms. This one feels positively decadent.


Full bedskirts and splurge-worthy linens create rooms that feel homey. These guests might want to stay a little too long!


This room is perfect for coming home to after a long day.


A small settee or loveseat at the end of a bed is one of our favorite touches. 


Black and white make a bold porch statement against a lush green backdrop.


This pool house is the kind of place that could make us ditch our beach plans and stay home all summer long! Are you getting ready for summer? Do you have any fun plans?